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No more bullshit, protests have started.




Thousands of coronavirus protesters oppose restrictions in Germany, UK, Paris

Thousands of anti-coronavirus protesters have taken to the streets in a number of countries to oppose pandemic restrictions and question the truth of the virus.

Berlin police disbanded a mass protest in the German capital against coronavirus curbs after marchers failed to keep their distance and wear masks as instructed.

The protest came as infections rise across Europe and as public frustration at measures to contain the virus grows in some quarters.

Similar events took place in Paris, London and elsewhere on Saturday, drawing crowds in the hundreds.

The Berlin rally included far-right groups and members identifying with the US-based right-wing conspiracy movement QAnon.

Participants waved imperialist flags and held signs supporting Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Speakers included the anti-vaccine campaigner Robert F Kennedy Jnr, the nephew of assassinated president John F Kennedy.

The London crowd gathered in Trafalgar Square calling for the end of what they called “COVID hoax” measures.

“Unfortunately, we have no other option,” Berlin police said on Twitter, adding people had failed to comply with the safety conditions of the march.

Protesters were dispersing peacefully although there were some pockets of disturbance, such as a construction container fire and blocked roads, police said.

About 3000 officers had been deployed to control crowds estimated at 18,000.

Police had been preparing for possible violence as activists opposed to measures to contain the virus urged social media followers across Europe to arm themselves and gather in Berlin.

Earlier this week the city banned the protest but a German regional court overnight gave the final go-ahead by overruling the earlier decision.

Until now Germany has managed the coronavirus crisis better than many of its European counterparts, with rigorous testing helping to hold down infections and deaths.

But new daily infections have accelerated in recent weeks, as in much of the world.


  1. Do you get the feeling the lefties are slowly losing their control of the narrative here? The spread of the Chinese virus is not the end of the world as they might have expected us to believe. If Cindy can put Auckland into lockdown because of a cluster of 4 was discovered, why would they lift it when there is a growing number of new case being announced daily. Either they panicked the first time, or they are in panic mode now. Let the virus run it’s course, protect the elderly and infirm and expose everyone else. The economy cannot survive these knee jerk reactions from a government that hasn’t got a clue how to be proactive. They have been reactive daily. The internal polling must be telling them something is wrong.



  2. I think if asked most the older citizens among us would be happy to take our chances with the virus and get on with our lives. Living in a lockdown situation is detrimental to mental health which can be far worse than a lot of physical health issues in many cases. Honestly would you wish to live under lockdown not seeing anyone apart from phone calls or zoom? Let the ones who are so elderly or infirm and wish to lock down, go right ahead, for goodness sake let the rest of us get on with our lives.



  3. From tomorrow in Auckland, cinemas and concerts can have up to 100 people, churches however are limited to 10 people. It would appear our dear leader can not bear the thought of anyone worshipping a power greater then her



    • …..”churches however are limited to 10 people”……

      Have a look at the age of the average congregation. Most churches are best likened to holding pens for the undertakers.

      Religious bullshit may provide comfort for the geriatrics but one attendee with Covid would likely wipe out hundreds of the deluded.



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