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Sticking up for Reality over Political Correctness

by David Evans

Political correctness is the scourge of the post-modern western world.

Something is “politically correct” (PC) if the only reason to say it is to seek political favor, to avoid public disgrace and dishonor, or for self- advancement by virtue of going along to get along. Political correctness is intrinsically in conflict with reality. If something is true, it is merely “correct.”

Effectively, something is politically incorrect if it is a truth the left finds too painful to acknowledge.

Political correctness is a fantasy world of beliefs that help the new left get what it wants.

The media lies to us every single day. Not out of incompetence, but out of ideology and the financial rewards it brings their politically-correct allies. The media deliberately withhold facts from us. They systematically deceive us. They placate us and confuse us with spin. They represent their views as centrist and mainstream, even when though they are divorced from both reality and public opinion.

The media rarely lie outright, but rather they lie by omission. They routinely omit any aspect of reality that would puncture the make-believe world of PC fantasies they they would have us believe in. They have effectively duped the western population, or at least its ruling class, by refusing to report inconvenient facts and events.

Several hundred years ago in Europe, the Church had a monopoly on distributing high quality information — from the pulpit. Then along came the printing press, which broke the monopoly. The Reformation and the Enlightenment followed, which reduced the power of the Church. The last few decades have seen the media with a monopoly on distributing information. But now the Internet has come along. Is history repeating?

The media have become political campaigners, and hardly bother to disguise it any more. A tiny and ever more ferocious “leftist” establishment is ramming its views down everybody’s throats, in disregard of the facts or even what used to be considered “left.” The new left set down the acceptable limits of speech and thought, then rigorously police them through their effective ownership of the mass media.

The media trains politicians to tell trendy PC lies, by simply ignoring politicians unless they say something that supports the PC narrative. Except, of course, that a politician who says something non-PC is sometimes made to look foolish and punished with bad publicity. Politicians are desperate for good media coverage, and even the majority of so-called conservatives politicians have been trained to appear PC. The media never gives anyone arguing against PC a fair hearing, always ignoring them or portraying them in the worst possible light.

The opinion-forming organs of our society — the bureaucracy, academia, and the media — are now captured by the global elite and their gullible PC minions. They are killing our successful society. Rival civilizations can hardly believe their luck.

In Soviet Europe people who believed the state broadcasters were considered a special kind of stupid. There was a huge hunger for truth, but most people checked out mentally because they were offered only lies. The same is increasingly happening today, in the West. It is said that the photocopier eventually brought down the Soviets — today we have the Internet.


  1. Good article but is has been centuries – not decades as stated – the media has passed on their lies and people have fallen for the propaganda.

    First time I heard that Rank Xerox broke down the Soviet Union !!

    The USSR leadership ensured cheap vodka was readily available.
    The current lot want to do this with what is appropriately named Dope.
    Machiavellian Chloe to the fore.

    The media filth are your diametrically opposed enemy.
    It is not some German fella in a trench or a North Vietnamese in what we would see as black pajamas
    It is the unseen enemy within using their ‘tools of state’ such as Blue Blob Stasi and Media filth.

    Freedom of the Press.
    Never has an oxymoron been bettered !
    They pass on the messages as told by their masters .
    While the other leg of lies (its a centipede) Hollyweird, promotes journos as goodies.
    So much crap. Many are buried in it.

    It takes energy to seek and find the truth.
    Most do not bother; they soak in the crap from Herald, TVscum and so on.
    I suspect the Irish Tart at Stuffed pushed the envelope too far recently and became laughing stock.
    People will forget by next year.

    From above.
    ‘The media trains politicians to tell trendy PC lies, by simply ignoring politicians unless they say something that supports the PC narrative. ‘
    So true.
    The media are ranked above Politicians now which is why they called out the US election 5 Nov 2020.
    It was pre-set.

    Don’t fear a Russian or North Vietnamese when you let the true enemy into your home, daily.



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