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No One Does Hate Quite Like a Leftie




This will never see the light of day unless we give Joe what he wants.

OTTUMWA, IA (AP) – During a recent political rally in Iowa, former Vice President and current Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden promised to give America the “cure for cancer”, but vowed that the only way he would release it was if the country acquiesced to his demand to be made President.

“I promise you if I’m elected president, we’re going to cure cancer,” Biden told supporters at a rally in Ottumwa. “But if I’m not elected, then all your loved ones who have cancer will die from it.

Is that really what you want to have happen? Do you really hate the people closest to you that much? Does your puny little vote mean so much to you that you would trade human lives for it rather than give it to me? Are you some sort of monster? Do you kick puppies for fun, too? Think it over carefully, people. The deaths of millions would be on your head. Make the right choice. Make the smart choice. Vote Biden, 2020. That way nobody has to die.”

At a hastily-called press conference, President Trump said that the Biden “hostage situation” was “a national security issue” and that all options were “on the table.”

“Obviously,” said Trump, “our goal here is to free the cancer cure with as little collateral damage as possible, but America has a policy of not negotiating with terrorists. If we can get it out with a few smoke bombs and a SWAT team, we’ll do that. If it takes a tactical nuclear strike… well, we’ll probably ‘miss’ and hit Irans uranium enrichment facility, that way we’ll have plausible deniability. Nevertheless, the forces of good will prevail. Stay strong, little cancer cure! We’re coming for you!”

Asked to provide proof that the cancer cure was still alive, an embarrassed Biden admitted he couldn’t, since nobody makes print editions of newspapers anymore to use as evidence that the picture was taken on today’s date.

We thought little short arse Ronny was bad enough when he told some meeting to vote for him because he had gotten taxpayer money for them.

The left really are desperate to get back control of the taxpayers trough.


  1. That should be enough to stop anyone voting for him. What a despicable thing to say. Just like Hilary he will do anything to get votes. As if he could come up with a cure for cancer because he is president. Disgusting b of a man. Groping liar Biden should be his name.



    • Only the latter half, as far as I can tell. Joe Biden did say, quoting from an article on it:

      I’ve worked so hard in my career, that I promise you, if I’m elected president you’re gonna see single most important thing that changes America, we’re gonna cure cancer

      See more here.



      • Yes, he did say he was going to cure cancer if elected president.

        It’s a stupid claim to make, hence the piss-take on the article above.

        It’s interesting the press never take Biden to account for his boorish claims. For example, in the 2012 presidential election he claimed in front of a mostly black audience that Romney was “going to put you’ll back in chains”. The press’ reaction: tumbleweeds.



  2. Biden like the other dem candidates are just a bunch of parasites and p c halfwits , i just hope there are enough people left in america to see through the B S and ensure that these idiots are dispatched to another planet



  3. By curing cancer is he suggesting he is going to fix socialism after all im sure socialism has killed more people than cancer, is more pervasis than cancer and will destroy more than just your body
    So what is AOC going to use as an election bribe now Biden has taken the loony mantle off her for a moment, the mind boggles at just how far down the rabbit hole these clowns are willing to go for power



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