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Some of you may have wondered why I don’t have any link buttons to social media. Here’s why.
The tech giants, including Facebook, Twitter, Google-YouTube and Wikipedia have all stepped up their harassment of conservative publishers since the 2016 US election.
I could see that our freedom to go about our daily lives without the intrusion of the left were being threatened.
Since that dumb Aussie took out the Moslems in Christchurch, we have had our freedoms curtailed even further.
Well it’s up to us to make sure they do not get away with it.
I do not use Google for my search engine. Now I use duckduckgo.
I do not use Facebook.
I do not use Instagram.
I do not use Twitter.

I do use YouTtube, and Gmail.

It is now a violation of Facebook policy to speak positively anywhere about people they don’t like.
Facebook bans most of the people who helped get Trump elected.
It is now a violation of Facebook’s policies to speak positively anywhere in public about people Facebook doesn’t like.
Facebook has permanently BANNED Infowars
For unspecified “hate speech”. They don’t even tell us what the offending posts are.
This sets a chilling precedent for free speech.
To all other conservative news outlets – you are next.

Given all the above about Facebook, why would you still use them?

This is a great billboard. Not because of the copy, or the design, but because of the placement. It was put up right next to Google headquarters which gave DuckDuckGo a lot of free publicity. Think the entire campaign cost just $5,000 and gave the company a lot of valuable publicity.
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  1. Thats a good thing. Youse will have to find some other way of spreading this blog to others. It’s not going so well . oh dear never mind, try harder next time.



    • The more you post, the higher the Alexa rating goes up, I think. So there are still things you can do to help, despite the Editors policies. ;).



  2. I’m hip!

    I also do not use (in fact have never used) Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

    I don’t, not just because I’m lazy but I have no wish to know what others are doing 24hrs a day, to know even if they are thinking and would be very surprised if anyone, anywhere was interested in what I was doing or thinking – ever.

    This includes on blogs like this one but if you’re reading this you’re just unlucky I guess.

    I also use DuckDuckGo as my go-to search engine and avoid Google.

    While I agree the social media and Google are dishonest and left-wing dominated, as are many, many other “information” sites as long as a few such as the new “You Stupid Boy” remain that allow some to butt the brick wall, all is not lost.

    As for the mad, murdering Ocker, I don’t think he changed anything.

    The scum were going to start restricting freedom of thought and expression anyway, that is the only way they can get their message across without the message’s dishonesty and stupidity being highlighted and ridiculed.

    The murdering bastard just gave them an excuse to be a bit more brazen about it.

    WE (both of us who are genuinely right wing whether liberal or conservative) must keep fighting.

    Right must continue to equal correct!



    • They have been let loose somehow.
      The cats are out the bag.
      facebook, twitter, pin, Email, Share, on the side of the page.

      I have also have Chrome set up.

      I have a face book account, sort of only used once, many many years ago, but not officially closed down. Have found it can allow me access when I want to see something or research. My own account is inactive.

      Never used any of the other systems.

      If links are made to Watson, Info wars, Alex Jones, Milo, etc… and the posts and commentators talk them up, may be these sly linkages will take themselves away? 😉



  3. I dropped FB back in 2012 or so. Never used the other ones. These days it reeks of Big Brother. Even employers will use social media to spy on staff. I can communicate via private email and that’s good enough for me.



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