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New James Bond movie: Named No Time to Die, plot, release date and stars revealed

The new James Bond film finally has a title – No Time to Die – and an April 2020 release date, producers have announced.

“Daniel Craig returns as James Bond, 007 in… NO TIME TO DIE. Out in the UK on 3 April 2020 and 8 April 2020 in the US,” according to a brief posting on the official 007 Twitter account on Tuesday.

Filming for the new movie, previously known only as Bond 25, got under way in Jamaica in April when producers announced that Oscar winner Rami Malek will play the villain in the latest entry in lucrative British spy franchise.

Craig confirmed in 2017 that he would return for a fifth time as secret agent 007.

Producers said on Tuesday the new film would see Bond enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica after leaving active service before an old friend, Felix Leiter, from the CIA turns up asking for help.

Bond embarks on a mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist, which puts him on the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology, they added.

Release date revealed

No Time to Die was initially expected to arrive in movie theatres in November 2019 but that date was pushed back to 2020 after Britain’s Danny Boyle pulled out as director and was replaced by American Cary Joji Fukunaga.

The film is also being shot in London, Italy and Norway and actors reprising their roles will include Ralph Fiennes as M, Naomie Harris as Moneypenny and Ben Whishaw as Q.

The Bond franchise is one of the movie world’s most lucrative with 2015’s Spectre raking in $US880 million at the box office worldwide while Skyfall in 2012 grossed more than $US1 billion globally.


  1. Female Black Bond has been confirmed – they’re going woke (and broke soon afterwards)

    The mental illness in Hollywood continues. Here is the announcement for a black female 007 replacement in the latest installment. The actress Lashana Lynch was seen previously in the other temple of wokeness the female Capt Marvel movie. I predict:
    -Bond fans will stay away
    – Rotten Tomato film critics will rave about the “freshness” of the approach
    – Rotton Tomato fan reviews will toilet the movie

    She won’t be called “Bond”, but she will assume the 007 designation. Effectively killing off the concept of Bond. This is the modus operandi of the degenerates in Hollywood – as they strive to cover up their pedophilia and sexual abuse with ever more ridiculous woke virtue-signalling.

    It’s now accepted canon in Hollywood that having lost the 2016 election to Trump, Hollywood has to “do their bit” by brainwashing us stupid sheeple with (not really) subliminal messaging about the evils of toxic masculinity in every movie rolled out. Males have to be made to look stupid, women have to replace males in major franchises, we all have to be shown through the power of Hollywood what is right. They think (exactly as Goebbels taught them) that if you repeat a lie often enough it is accepted by the masses.

    In the same vein, Universal will be doing their bit by eventually releasing soon “The Hunt” a movie normalising the global elites hunting down Trump supporters – I shit you not!

    The culture war is real. The NWO and the leftists knows it’s losing and they’re going for broke – I wonder why gun control is so popular with the political elites on the left???



    • The really sad thing about the “replacement” strategy of Hollywood is that it cements the opposite narrative to what they want. To me it shows that women do not have the star power to establish a character-driven franchise in their own right, currently it seems undeniable that women can only headline once the heavy-lifting has been done by a male star.

      I long for the days when women were able to do it for themselves. Ripley in the Alien franchise will always be one of my favourites, Sigourney Weaver was feminine, smart, sassy, ballsy and indomitable – her flaws endeared us to her. Her fear was real, she was brave in a way that only a person can be when they’re faced with the truly terrifying. She wasn’t a Mary Sue the way that modern female heroes are. Ripley’s affection for Hicks was real and did not diminish Ripley’s star power.

      Similarly with Sarah Connor in Terminator, while not the lead, she was strong, determined and charismatic in the face of impossible opposition as well as feminine.

      Feminism and particularly the toxic feminisim of Hollywood has ironically diminished women and tokenised their presence in movies. Female stars have no credibility in their delivery because character, story, believability has all be sacrificed on the alter of identity politics.

      Socialism is truly a cancer.



  2. Love a good Bond. Daniel Craig ticks all the boxes. Best contender since Shaun Connery. Why the Hollywood woke believe they must ruin the entertainment value of block busters with feminist or racist tokenism is ridiculous – Movies are escapism and become block busters because enormous numbers spend money to enjoy the spectacle on the big screen. Not everything has to be made sense of or be equal to everyone. Sigh!



  3. I’ve noticed on the Netflix movies and series I’ve been watching lately that the characters are very inclusive. Starting watching the new Star Trek and there is a strong black woman, two homos, a ditzy but clever red haired overweight woman and an alpha male captain to name but a few. What pisses me off is the sci fi parts are good but too much emphasis is put on the characters and their woke personalities. I gave up after 5 episodes and starting watching a series from 2005 called Black Books. Very unwoke and quirky funny British humour.



  4. They have already announced that they are replacing Daniel Craig (Who is ‘stale and pale’ apparently) with Lashana Lynch.
    RIP the Bond franchise- Personally I was hoping that Idris Elba might replace him, I couldn’t give a flying hoot about skin colour he would have made an awesome 007…



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