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Womens refuge representative on the AM show this morning having a go at Steve Hansen for saying family violence is a gender issue.

When asked why it wasn’t a Maori issue when over 50% of women in refuge homes were come from Maori homes, she refused to admit this fact was right. If she can say it is gender issue because men do most of the violence, the surely she can admit that its a Maori issue because most of this family violence is done by Maori.

It’s not racist to admit the truth.

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  1. And some of the reporting has anti-violence activists painting him as having no clue, despite him being a policeman and seeing it frontline. Stuff actually reports well on the issue compared to the other propaganda arms for a change.

    The reality is he is right.

    It’s not a gender thing, it’s a New Zealand problem.

    So when you look at this particular case, rather than asking the question ‘why has rugby brought Sev in and looked after him?’, the question I’d ask is ‘what would happen if we didn’t?’

    Instead, he pointed the finger at poor parenting as the reason it was a society-wide issue in New Zealand.

    It will never improve while the woke left and their agencies that refuse to speak the truth tries to control the narrative and conceal the real reasons these things happen.



  2. I haven’t been able to find the website with the meta analysis of domestic violence (that is a study of the studies into domestic violence). I did find this one however (a study):

    Physical Aggression in Unmarried Relationships: The Roles of Commitment and Constraints

    We next tested whether there were differences between men and women in reports of aggression in the past, in the last 12 months, or not at all. There were no significant gender differences in terms of prevalence.


    It’s a shame I cannot seem to find this meta-study as it blows the whole male initiated violence claim out of the water. Plus, the hyperbole fails to explain domestic violence amongst lesbian couples, e.g,. https://mainweb-v.musc.edu/vawprevention/lesbianrx/factsheet.shtml

    (There’s too much noise from propaganda sites to find what I’m after…and constraints on my patience to find it).



  3. I’ll add something I found strange.

    Working in a rather down-market pub many years ago I observed many times women deliberately antagonising their men.

    These men were rough, often gang members and regularly resorted to sorting their differences with fisticuffs.

    The women would, when not fighting among themselves, bait their men to the point where self control became difficult.

    Sometime the men lashed out but most often they stopped any communication with those women – often for weeks. They were literally pushed aside.

    When this happened in the pub the women regularly went back to fighting with each other.

    I banned at least three women for every man.

    The pub was a drinking hole for both Mongrel Mob and Black Power (among others).

    The strange thing was that the men happily drunk side by side, admittedly ignoring each other, if there were no women present.

    I’m sure there was domestic violence in most of my customers’ households. I’m also sure I know who initiated that violence.

    ’twasn’t the fellows!



    • If many of my self-defence books are right (the ones on how to avoid being in a fight in the first place), most pub fights are initiated by women. These women get their ‘kicks’ from having men fight over them; they have a ‘boyfriend’ but will flirt with some bar patron to make the ‘boyfriend’ jealous and attack.

      IOW, be really careful in a bar if a woman comes onto you.



  4. That interview was a text book exercise in just trying to stay on message even when the statistics presented completely contradict some of the things you are saying.
    She was completely out of here depth if you ask me.



  5. I have never encountered domestic violence personally, but I have been hit by two men.

    One was a gang prospect in a bar who was trying to get another woman down to a bike gang pad and I intervened. I said something like, that I liked the bikes but didn’t think much of the people that rode them. Anyhow the wanker didn’t know that I knew his superiors from way back and I stayed and drank with them, so he would have felt like a plonker. I got a black eye. It was only one punch.

    The second one was a similar type, who went on about what scum men were who hit women and he had been hitting on me and I wanted to put him in his place and so provoked him into hitting me. I don’t recall any damage, nor did I lay charges because I already had my satisfaction and he never hit on me again lol.

    I was much younger then, but it was a way of controlling the narrative. I am nearly 60 now, first of those would have been in my 20’s and the second in my 30’s. But I had my liquor shop in my 50’s and I swear that being able to approach things with that attitude of getting in first,held me in good stead.

    It makes me sound like a feral lol.



  6. I had a situation many moons ago.
    When I was 17 I was dating a girl of 15 who went off and got lovebites from another guy.
    It was all an attempt to ‘get more attention’.
    I did go and give the guy a whooping. The one and only time.
    I have not been manipulated with that nonsense ever again.
    He did nothing wrong as she had lied to him.

    Within 2 months more I worked out she was a dangerous person so ended it.
    I still got on with her mother and stayed in touch over the years.
    As my uncle used to say about some women:
    “There’s 15 gallons of crazy sloshing about in that head. Don’t drink any of it.”
    Still true all these years later.
    Oddly enough, his granddaughter, my cousin’s daughter, has 15 gallons of cray cray. Real nuts and a manipulator despite her parents and grandparents being damn fine people.

    15 years later this schooldays GF was married but turned up at my house -in a different city – and said she was separated and came in. We did the business and so on. What ya gonna do?
    3 days later her husband turned up.
    They had not separated.
    He blocked out the sun at 20 stone.
    Fortunately her mother had worked out what his wife/her daughter was up to so I managed a safe offload. This could have turned out worse.

    Eight years later she tried it again by calling me first. I called her mother and said ‘put a stop to this’.
    A dangerous person who would set others off to cover for her own shortfalls. That was just my exposure. One wonders how many people she has goaded into fights over the years.
    Her behaviour won’t show up in any statistics.



    • No, I don’t think anyone is saying that or at least I’m not.

      It just means women have their own agency; they’re not automatically in the right (or wrong). Women can be brilliant, they can be evil and they can be everything in between.



  7. When I was growing up my mother, all 5’1″ of her, would nut off and bash the shit out of my gentle giant father, who never once lifted a hand to her. In later years she’d nut off and bash the crap out of my stepfather, who also never once raised a hand against her.

    Just sayin’.



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