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Not ‘climate change,’But arson.




Not ‘climate change,’ arson: 267 people charged with starting bushfires in NSW alone

UPDATED figures from 183, now 267 people charged with starting bushfires in NSW alone.

Serial arsonists will face the full force of the law after NSW Police announced a crackdown on fire bugs in the wake of investigations which showed 716 fires this season did not occur naturally.

Of that number it is unclear how many were the work of arsonists and what was the result of negligent behaviour. Dedicated investigators will now trawl through evidence to separate the two.

“It is unfathomable that anyone would deliberately light a fire in these conditions, but sadly this season they have had to deal with 267 reckless people for bushfire-related offences.

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  1. “It is unfathomable that anyone would deliberately light a fire in these conditions,”

    Not unfathomable at all to anyone who has been paying attention. Muslim Imams in Australia have been videoed (now conveniently deleted) exhorting their followers to “set fires and burn the infidel.”



    • you quote
      “It is unfathomable that anyone would deliberately light a fire in these conditions,”

      Fu*ked in the head people don’t realise how many Fu*ked the head people are out there

      In other words these are immune to identifying their own lot.

      There are screw ups who will do this – arson- for a variety of reasons.
      does it matter what the reasons are.
      It happens.
      Recognise it.

      Putting kids in cotton wool is child abuse.
      It delays development and the ability to understand human nature.
      Nature has its harsh side.
      That is reality.

      Pretending it is not there means you end up with people who start out saying ‘it is unfathomable’
      It is only unfathomable when you are cushioned from reality and all ‘news’ is filtered.
      Eg with White Island eruption last month NZ news was lagging 30 to 40 hours behind the UK and Australia as they decided what they would tell people.
      They filtered it to determine what to tell people.
      It was not ‘news’…. it was controlled propaganda.
      Who was in bed with media filth on the fake story front last December.
      Oh, right, the NZ cops again, faking it furiously.

      Within Australia there is similar filtering.
      They simply did not bother to filter ‘news’ out in Australia re White Island/Fukery as anyone to blame would be NZers.
      So they passed it on in real time.
      Locally they are filtering it although from a conversation last week local Australian people are questioning the Red Cross in AU…something that did not happen with the Christchurch earthquake(s) and Haiti earthquake(s) 10 years ago .. and should have.

      People who lived through WW1, the depression, and WW2 in mostly 30 shitty years probably would have liked some cotton wool against reality but they faced up to it, as harsh at times as it was.

      Now we have people unable to analyse the world around them because of insulation by parents, schools, and especially the lying media filth not telling it how it is.

      So, Alice, I agree with you.



  2. Anyone deliberatly lighting fires in these conditions should be charged with attempted murder, and if anyone dies as a result, then murder.



  3. Tie them up to a tree in front of the fire, when caught.
    You may escape when the fire burns through the rope, when it arrives, but you had better run fast!



  4. I posted the other day, and fits in here.
    To consider that this is just one area.

    Bendigo Crime Investigation Unit detectives are appealing for public information following an ongoing series of grass fires in the Bendigo region.
    The fires are most commonly ignited on Fridays just before midnight.
    The incidents under investigation are:

    • Midland Highway, Burnewang on 8 November 2019 about 11.20pm
    • Elmore-Barnadown Rd, Goornong on 8 November 2019 just before midnight
    • Elmore-Barnadown Rd, Avonmore on 22 November 2019 about 11:30pm
    • English’s Bridge Rd, Myola on 22 November 2019 about 11.38pm
    • Elmore-Barnadown Rd, Avonmore on 29 November 2019 about 11.25pm
    • Elmore-Barnadown Rd, Goornong on 29 November 2019 about 11.26pm
    • Elmore-Barnadown Road, Goornong on 13 December 2019 about 3.25pm
    • Elmore-Barnadown Rd, Goornong on 13 December 2019 about 3.29pm
    • McManus Rd, Colbinabbin on 13 December 2019 about 3.47pm
    • Midland Highway, Girgarre East on 13 December 2019 about 3.58pm
    • Midland Highway, Carag Carag on 13 December 2019 about 10.29pm
    • Midland Highway, Corop on 13 December 2019 about 10.43pm
    • Midland Highway, Burnewang on 13 December 2019 about 10.46pm
    • Midland Highway, Elmore on 13 December 2019 about 10.46pm
    • Northern Highway, Runnymede on 13 December 2019 about 10.51pm
    • Northern Highway, Toolleen on 13 December 2019 about 11.10pm
    • Axedale-Toolleen Rd, Axedale on 13 December 2019 about 11.42pm
    • Elmore-Barnadown Rd, Goornong on 17 January 2020 about 11.34pm
    • Plant Rd, Fosterville on 18 January 2020 about 7.46am


    One wonders if his name is “Climate Change” who follows a doomsday ideology.



    • Well I hope those ones are dragged into Court and are proved to be guilty. Then they go after the money –who was paying them.



  5. So something to do with “forest management” though it seems that they are choking on saying that.

    ‘Increases in fuel reduction will be required to counteract increasing risk that is likely to arise from climate change,’ it said.
    So something to do with “fuel reduction” hmm

    ~Air quality has either cancelled or postponed critical hazard reduction burns
    ~Areas near the Grose Valley fire had reduced burnoffs due to air quality concerns
    ~Unpredictable weather can make controlling the smoke direction difficult


    Another “Royal Commission of Inquiry”, file it away, then follow some whatever “virtue signal” flavour of the month.



    • In respect of those who cause fires such as these, there is another aspect to be considered. It is not unknown for young (usually males’ in their mid-20’s) volunteer firefighters, to deliberately set fires such as these , to get the buzz of rescuing people. Although it seems unlikely, there is enough well documented research on the subject to prove that it is in fact a cause of a lot of fires, even in little old New Zealand. On that basis, it is reasonable to assume that a few of the Australian fires would also have been deliberately lit by such individuals.



  6. Its not unfathomable!
    People have been lighting fires on purpose (arson) for a hundred years.
    Also some may have been started by campers etc.



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