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A Project Veritas-leaked Facebook conference call shows CEO Mark Zuckerberg seemingly violating his own platform’s current rules, saying he didn’t understand the long-term effects of “modifying people’s DNA and RNA,” in reference to the COVID-19 vaccine.

And then they do this

Australian MP Craig Kelly has been suspended from Facebook following posts touting the benefits of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19.

Kelly, an outspoken member of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party, received a one week suspension of his Facebook account after a series of posts that violated the social media giant’s community standards, reported the Guardian.

“I strongly object to the ban, there are absolutely no grounds whatsoever,” Kelly said of the ban to the Guardian Australia. “The points are a legitimate point of view. I’m not posting my opinions, I’m posting the opinions of medical experts.”

According to the Guardian, the three posts in question were in relation to “unproven claims about hydroxychloroquine by professor Dolores Cahill”; a second post shared by Kelly was a profile of a professor advocating for the use of ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19; the third involved claims from a pathologist that masks for children were ”useless.”

These views, Kelly suggested — whether right or wrong — were topics worthy of discussion.

Facebook responded to news of Kelly’s suspension through a spokesperson, saying that the platform doesn’t “allow anyone to share misinformation about COVID-19 that could lead to imminent physical harm.”

“We have clear policies against this type of content and will remove it when we become aware of it,” the spokesperson added.

The seven day suspension comes just a week after a rift between Kelly and Prime Minister Morrison, with Morrison directing Kelly to stick to the official health advice provided by the government.

“I agreed to support the government’s vaccine rollout which has been endorsed by medical experts,” Kelly said, following a meeting with the prime minister.

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  1. When it alters your DNA and RNA.
    Why would you especially after bugger all trials and they have to indemnify the manufacturer!
    Strange that there is two new strains, but the old vaccine still works!
    Do these governments know something, they are not telling us?
    Is it part of the great reset of the world?
    India said no thank you after they would not do any testing on Indians.
    They have stuck with Ivermetcin at $2.65 a dose!
    They have done no testing on maoris and pacific islanders.
    But they want them to roll up!
    There is a big advantage of been at the back of the queue, from what I can see!



  2. This isn’t particularly relevant to the article, I know, but please bear with me.

    ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ isn’t actually a human being is it? It is a humanoid robot. It never ages, its flawless hair is stitched on and never moves and it hardly ever changes its facial expressions other than two or three well-used simulations. Somehow it has managed to build an empire which literally controls the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Even its names ‘Mark’ and ‘Zuckerberg’ are a clever satire (its users are literally a mountain of marks and suckers)!



  3. I commented yesterday and will repeat today that I am very cautious about telling Jabcinda and her motley crew to stick their vaccine where the monkey stuffs his nuts for fear of government compulsion.
    I’ll be smiling sweetly while lying through my teeth and saying oh thank you but I’ve already been done and I was very brave but didn’t get a lollipop.



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