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Globalists had to figure out a way to carry out a mass slaughter on a planetary scale without alerting the masses to what they were doing. See below for the

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  1. When the Pfizer jab for children was approved by the FDA or CDA or whatever in the USA a few days back, in my opinion that was “the last straw”.

    And now this:
    Tromethamine added to Pfizer jab for Children
    I’m not a great fan of “Infowars”, and the headline is a bit extreme:
    FDA Documents Show Pfizer Secretly Added Heart Attack Drug to Children’s COVID Vaccines
    2Nov 11, 2021 94,679 views
    Here are some of the listed side-effects of tromethamine:
    Tromethamine Side Effects
    Medically reviewed by Drugs.com. Last updated on Apr 5, 2021.
    For the Consumer
    Applies to tromethamine: parenteral injection
    Side effects include:
    Adverse effects may include respiratory depression, local irritation, tissue inflammation, injection site infection, febrile response, chemical phlebitis, venospasm, hypervolemia, IV thrombosis, extravasation (with possible necrosis and sloughing of tissues), transient decreases in blood glucose concentrations, hypoglycemia, and hepatocellular necrosis with infusion via low-lying umbilical venous catheters. (See Warnings under Cautions.)

    There’s more, listed under the section for proffessionals, including:
    Frequency not reported: Chemical phlebitis, venospasms[Ref]
    Frequency not reported: Extravasation tissue damage and sloughing[Ref]
    Frequency not reported: Transient depression of blood glucose[Ref]
    Frequency not reported: Hepatocellular necrosis[Ref]

    Talk about “Big Pharma” being totally out of control in the USA. And our governmnent following along like a little puppy dog.



    • MBS42

      Agree the headline is a bit misleading. Tromethamine is drug that is meant to help avoid heart attacks but has all those side effects. So Pfizer is adding it to the kids jab because they know the jab will potentially have serious heart issues for the kids and they are trying to minimize those effects. Evil bas..ds !!



  2. Cherry picked from the article “Exposed: Klaus Schwab’s School For Covid Dictators, Plan for ‘Great Reset’ (Videos)”

    The main goal of the WEF’s activities, Wolff believes, is to facilitate and further high-level cooperation between big business and national governments, something which we are already seeing take place. Viviane Fischer, another participant in the Corona Committee podcast, points out that the British-based company Serco processes migrants for the British government and also manages prisons around the world, among its many other activities. The pharmaceutical industry’s international reach is also considerable: Wolff mentions that Global Leaders alumnus Bill Gates, for example, had long been doing business with Pfizer, one of the main producers of the controversial mRNA anti-Covid vaccines, through his Foundation’s public health initiatives in Africa since long before the pandemic began. Perhaps not coincidentally, Gates has become one of the foremost champions of lockdowns and the Covid vaccines since they became available, and The Wall Street Journal has reported that his Foundation had made approximately $200 billion in “social benefits” from distributing vaccines before the pandemic had even begun. One can only imagine what its vaccine profits are today.

    The best way to combat their designs, Wolff says, is simply to educate people about what is happening, and for them to realize that the narrative of the “super-dangerous virus” is a lie that has been designed to manipulate them into accepting things that run contrary to their own interests. If even 10% of ordinary citizens become aware of this and decide to take action, it could thwart the elite’s plans and perhaps open a window for ordinary citizens to take back control over their own destinies.




    • A good article, even mention of Ardern, as a “young leader”.
      Who else in New Zealand, in Health, in Academia, and with continous influence from other “peers”

      The last paragraph to look, observe, learn, reason, educate, and then;-

      If even 10% of ordinary citizens become aware of this and decide to take action, it could thwart the elite’s plans and perhaps open a window for ordinary citizens to take back control over their own destinies.

      Hopefully more.



  3. Tightening the noose, as we can see by the Lithuania pipeline,
    Step by step we are relentlessly following.
    I have posted the last link last month, to how Lithuania lives have been changed.

    The template of perfection is Lithuania which introduced the QR vaccine passports in April this year.

    The Freedom ID is available to Lithuanians who are able to present a vaccination certificate in October this year.

    Thousands of Anti-Vax Protesters Block Parliament in Lithuania in August.
    So now you can see that it has to be major relentless on going protests, as Lithuania’ government ruthlessly continued.

    22 people died after Covid vaccination in Lithuania — report. Population is 2.8 million
    All blurred with 5,500 side effects, but just what?

    Now life for an un-vaccinated Lithuanian family
    I have posted his blog before.

    The NZ government will soon have it set up that no one will want anything to do with an unvaxxed, not because of infection, but the personal fines, the gaol procedure, and the police will be unleashed with no need for “search warrants” where they may suspect a breach of health regulation.
    So it no home business of hair dresser, or sneaking to home.

    Already in some small towns I know, police have warned business’s for breaches of so far our light restrictions, but soon the police will be on full enforcement when before they just gave warning. …. a fine, law-war-fare most business just can not afford.
    Digital Banking , and now fines can be lifted out of your account.

    Many further controls will surge into place, Free Speech Laws, Social Media Controls Censorship.
    The government in Lithuania as shown above, took about 6 months to gets its ducks in a row.
    NZ is setting it up the same; then the trap will be sprung with almost 2 years to run to the next election.



    • Just a quick vid of the changes of family life in Lithuania from the same guy who wrote up on the last link above.

      Life under the EU’s first strictly-enforced Covid Pass regime covering all society: Lithuania.
      Without a Pass, you’re banned: shopping, work, eating out…
      This is the future facing countries that impose a Covid Pass: EU, US, UK,Australia,Canada…
      Is this the world you want?

      1 minute 33 sec

      As in the article above, the Lithuania government was inept, made mistakes, but it has proven relentless in going down this path.
      Nor should we under estimate Ardern, as she knows it is in the bag, opposition & all ! ! !
      We are the ones who need to set up Plan B. or C or D. and work to Freedom.
      Do not comply, sand in the gear box and more.



    • It has got to the stage now, that if you want to know if anything is true, just google it, and if fact checkers say it’s false, then it has a very high probability of being true.

      A couple of days ago I searched for a minor but unique aspect related to vaccine deaths in Kenya and India caused by new Tetanus injections, that have several added ingredients, and that have caused sterility and vaccine injuries. Even on DuckDuckGo I had to wade through several pages of search results, all fact checking sites to get to the articles from the respective country health authorities in those countries and the raw data and stats.

      By the time I got to the raw data, I had already reached the conclusion that my hunch was correct due to the sheer amount of fact checking sites getting in the way, and the raw data from the relevant health authorities simply confirmed it.

      I have been observing since the beginning of last year fact checkers releasing ‘fact checking’ on issues that have not yet reached the public domain. One of those ‘fact checks’ released by the MSM here in NZ about Covid-19, well before Covid-19 become the dominant news centrepiece. That threw up multiple red flags for me that the entire Covid-19 was a manufactured event, as all three points in that fact checking article were scientifically false. But obviously hoping to make it a ‘truth’ by pee-empting the actual truth.

      Fact checking to the rest of the world, also happened with the PM’s office sexual predator incident some time back. The more responsible media here was all over the PM about it, who acted defensively and was the ‘last person in the country’ to acknowledge ongoing complaints including in the media, that had been going on for months.

      I don’t think anyone can doubt that the PM was complicit in the coverup, and those girls did not get a fair hearing and in fact were subject to a beat up in the media.

      However switching to international search engine locations, and there were pages and pages of continuous search engine results all with the same word for word story wherein the PM was painted as lily white and the ‘victim’ in all this, a ‘victim’ of a coverup. The PM was quoted that she would not rest until the perpetrators and predators were caught and brought to justice, and justice obtained for complainants. These were statements that she did not make to the NZ public, and she did anything but bring justice.

      We all know how that incident turned out.



      • I have found the same Dylan. The noticeable increase in fact checking sites of various names. I only use Google for non contentious stuff and mainly use Duckduckgo. Reading some of the fact check articles is just like reading the Herald or stuff, full of misinformation.



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