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Universities declare white people can now apply for black scholarships because race, just like gender, is a “social construct”

Ethan Huff writes;

People of European descent who live in the United States could soon have the opportunity to experience the same special treatment by society as their “minority” counterparts – and they have left-wing college and university professors to thank for it!

According to the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU), there’s no good reason why every human being on earth shouldn’t have the right to self-identify as a black person if he or she so chooses – and yes, this includes hyper-marginalized white people who aren’t normally included in the “equality” mix.

In its official “position statement, the UCU contends that women should be allowed to self-identify as “men,” just like men should be allowed to self-identify as “women.” The same apparently goes for people who choose to self-identify as some other race or skin color.

“Our rules commit us to ending all forms of discrimination, bigotry, and stereotyping,” the statement reads, adding that “UCU has a long history of enabling members to self-identify whether that is being black, disabled, LGBT+ or women.”

So, there you have it, folks. It is now 100 percent within the realm of possibility for you to become something you’re not simply by declaring it. And if people have a problem with your new identity, then just chalk it up to “hate” and “intolerance” because you’re ebony now, which to leftists means you’re always a victim.

Likely none of this would even be happening were it not for the infamous Rachel Dolezal circus, in which Dolezal, a white woman, paraded herself around as a black woman and even got hired on at the NAACP.

Who will leftists decide to hate once all white people self-identify as black?

One wonders how white-hating professors like Josie Gonsalves are going to fare having to treat white people who self-identify as black in the same dignified and respectful way that they treat actual black people.

Will professors who openly disrespect white people in front of their students finally be held accountable for “hate speech,” seeing as how some white people now identify as black? Disrespecting a white person who thinks he’s black is a type of racism, and possibly even borders on slavery.

White people everywhere would do best to collectively self-identify as black in order to claim access to scholarships, job opportunities, and other perks that are normally only offered to actual black people. Perhaps this is how whites, especially those living in the West, can finally climb out of second-class status and be treated equal alongside their non-white counterparts.

By self-identifying as black, the average white person’s life will suddenly matter in the eyes of leftists, many of whom believe that having white skin automatically makes a person evil.

Since only black lives matter to leftists, in other words, self-identifying as black while white will help to neutralize the threat of leftist aggression throughout society. However, Democrats will no longer have their preferred scapegoat as a result, which means they’re going to have to find another group to demonize for political gain.

“If people have the right to make up weird stuff about themselves, then other people have the right to point out reality to them,” wrote one commenter at the Daily Mail Online about how political correctness is finally coming full-circle. “It’s how the world works.”

“Does this then put the kybosh on ‘cultural appropriation’ since if I’m ‘identifying’ as a Mexican, then I can go ahead and wear a sombrero to a fancy dress party?” joked another. “Seriously, there is not a single sane person outside of a university campus who thinks things like this.”

Can you seriously believe our universities will follow in this?. There should be NO scholarships, job opportunities, and other perks that are normally only offered to  people because of their skin colour.

Imagine the outrage from the lefties if just one university mentioned this.


  1. My older brother used to say that everyone in NZ should register as a Maori, whether or not they had Maori blood. My wife and his wife are about 1/8 th Maori even though you wouldn’t know it. My 3 kids, his 3 kids and our respective children and grandchildren all have Maori blood, and probably most Kiwis can point to having Maori association somewhere in there genialogy (whakapapa 😉 )
    So let’s all register on the Maori Electoral Roll so that “We are all One”.
    Wouldn’t that really fuck up the bureaucrats. 😆 😆



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