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Nude Nut as Leader




No thanks. He’s no different in his covid thinking than Cindy or Seymour.

We are really very poorly served by all the Politicians at the moment. It is going to be difficult to decide who to vote for.

Saw an interview with Matt King last week. Now he is someone I could get behind and support.

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  1. Even if the nats pulled their shit together and done everything right between now and election i still couldnt vote for them as “nude nut” just oozes wokeness and fakeness, he gives me the same vibe as jacinda just hollow and saying what they think we want to hear.

    NZs had enough of being run by rich elites or chip wrapping crazy socialists, give us someone genuine, an everday kiwi thats in touch with reality and the people not these delussional tosspots we are constantly given as our only option.



      • A leader with real life experience, personal integrity, competency, economic backbone, without a hidden political agenda to ram down our throats. Someone who can implement the practicalities and remove stifling red tape so kiwis can live as they wish, the egalitarian society NZ was first envisaged as. That’s why we all got on small ships or planes to make NZ our home.

        How about Matt King for leader?



    • SB, to me Nude Nut has absolutely no idea what the normal man in the street and what the normal aged person in this country needs to survive in todays world. Many comment that he has to tackle the centre ground to make any headway. Well for Nude Nut’s information, the ordinary man and the ordinary aged person are the centre ground. I am one of them and he is a long way off the mark at this point, as he has not captured me.

      Maori and COVID as Luxon says at Nationals recent Retreat, are what he and National are going to work on. Really, is this what the average Joe want’s or is it a stable, harmonious country where all share the wealth, prosperity, growth and happiness this country should be striving for.

      And Saggy, you are right, at this point, I have no better idea, it doesn’t seem Luxon has either.



      • With respect dear friend, I beg to differ.
        Elections are normally ‘all about the economy stupid’
        This one is going to be about freedom.
        Big brother (sister) interference in our lives.
        wear your mask, get your jab, don’t fly/travel, no tearooms/concerts/restaurants unless we say
        no room at the inn for citizens returning to ‘safe haven’, families blown apart by loss/grief/distance/ideology, stay home, don’t talk to neighbours, lockdowns, jab the kids, masks in schools, can’t visit mum/dad in rest homes, Christmas/funeral/wedding* (not hers, don’t care)cancelled, physical and mental health ignored,
        spin, spin, spin

        Does Luxon get that?

        *not hers, don’t care



          • I wrote to Luxon pleading with him to accept a small delegation of the Beehive protestors and listen to what they had to say. Agreeing was optional, but listening was critical.
            He did not respond, but allowed the press to film him saying he was “frankly disgusted with those anti-vaxxers”
            Misunderstands the issues
            Misunderstands the strength of feeling
            Misunderstands the numbers of disillusioned voters
            If Luxon doesn’t smarten up he’ll get his face washed by Brian Tamaki



      • Chuck, id rather vote for cindy and let her continue to fuck the country then vote for nats and they continue to fuck the country just betterer.

        Tbh id protest vote to minor party just as a fark you to the rest, i have hope that a new party will emerge perhaps vff might get their shit together? Hell id vote for god bothering tamaki before any of the scum currently in govt.

        Mr bird i suggest you clean the blue pooze (youre a major nats arse licker) from your rose tinted glasses and realize your hero luxon is just a bald male jacinda. And like jacinda fans it will take you 3 or 4yrs of him being leader to realise hes fucking useless and suckered you in.



        • I can see those on the right not supporting National. Many are not happy with the mandates including me. If that is the case it would make sense to vote Act. If you think things are bad now they will be a lot worse under a Labour and Greens government. A protest vote will help get such a government in.



  2. Luxon & his deputy visited the Wairarapa two weeks ago. So far the only complimentary thing I’ve heard about him from my mainly cocky mates is that he wants to dilute the effects of “Three Waters”.

    Nothing else. He’s a waste of space.



  3. The best leaders often don’t want to. Bridges, OConnor, King seem fine to me. Who’d want to take on power at the moment with the economy heading into a ditch. Luxon is a plastic Ken Doll with his plastic Karen Doll deputy leader. They play well on the TV, so long as you keep the sound off, is all. No depth.



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