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Luxon: Waitangi Tribunal comments from coalition parties ‘ill considered’

From RNZ

Comments from ACT and NZ First ministers about the Waitangi Tribunal were “ill considered” and “that message will be underscored” to them, Prime Minister Christopher Luxon says.

Resources and Regional Development Minister Shane Jones’ comments to Radio Waatea this week attacked the Tribunal after it summonsed Children’s Minister Karen Chhour for an urgent hearing over the government’s plan to repeal section 7AA of the Oranga Tamariki Act.

He had said the tribunal “has no business running its operation like some sort of star chamber, delivering peremptory summons for ministers to rock up and be either cross-examined or grilled”.

Jones said the tribunal was interfering in democracy, and noted a review of the tribunal would begin soon – as promised in the NZ First coalition agreement with National.

ACT leader and Regulations Minister David Seymour also hit back at the tribunal’s summons, saying they were “buying a fight with someone of much greater mana” and suggested “perhaps they should be wound up for their own good”.

Luxon has been overseas this week on a trade delegation to Southeast Asia. Questioned on the final day of the trip in Manila about those remarks by his coalition partners, he said they were “ill considered” on both counts.

“I think those comments are ill considered, I mean we expect all ministers to actually exercise good judgement I think in their communications on matters like this,” Luxon said about Jones’ statements.

“What we need to be focused on is many commentators and others and we certainly have it in our coalition agreement is to look at the future role of the Waitangi Tribunal going forward and that’s something that should happen in a very proper and considered process. So I think the comments are ill considered.”

Asked about Seymour, his response was much the same.

“Well, again, those comments are ill considered. And I expect my ministers to actually exercise good judgement on communications of that nature.

“What I would say to you is there is no doubt about it, we are focused on making sure that going forward in a post-treaty settlements world what is the future role and scope and purpose of the Waitangi Tribunal. That needs some thinking. We will work that through in a very proper and comprehensive way in government.”

He suggested both Jones and Seymour would be given that directive in no uncertain terms.

“Well, I haven’t had a chance to talk to them, but that message will be underscored to the ministers. Yep.”

He said he was unsure if Attorney-General Judith Collins had spoken to them, but “those remarks, as I said, I think are ill considered, I think ministers need to exercise good judgement”.

Lawyer and constitutional expert Graeme Edgeler told Morning Report the Tribunal was slightly different from a court so the rules barring MPs from criticism of courts and judges likely did not apply, even if they were “probably unwise”.

“I think if you’re reading the Cabinet Manual about what ministers are supposed to do, I think you’ll get the sense that ministers should possibly be reticent here but whether there’s been an exact breach … maybe not.”

He agreed there was a danger such comments could stray close to the line of undermining a part of judicial system.

“It’s a particular risk for ministers rather than members of Parliament because the Crown is one of the parties before this tribunal, which is similar to courts particularly when it tends to be the Crown is prosecuting a case, or something like that.”

“You should be careful … it was a little intemperate and on reflection, you know, maybe use slightly different words.”

He noted the Tribunal normally does not need to summons people to give evidence because that can normally be provided in writing, so if the chief executive could not answer the questions and the minister was refusing to provide the information, this was the next step.

“This is very much what the tribunal does do.”


  1. “He said he was unsure if Attorney-General Judith Collins had spoken to them, but “those remarks, as I said, I think are ill considered, I think ministers need to exercise good judgement”.”

    What Luxon seemingly does not understand is that his “Ministers” did exercise good Judgement by speaking up. It is long overdue that someone from any Government, stood up against this Kangaroo Court and for ordinary New Zealanders. It is obvious in this matter, Luxon won’t.

    “Well, again, those comments are ill considered.” Only in Luxons bald head are the Ministers comments “ill considered”, in mine, an ordinary Voter and Taxpayer who pays Luxons not small salary, the Ministers comments are not “ill considered”, they are right on the mark.

    Luxon it seems fails in a number of things.

    1. He does not have the Balls to support his Ministers like a good Manager or PM should.
    2. He has not read the room, as most New Zealanders would consider the Waitangi Tribunal a Kangaroo Court siding with the claimant in almost every respect.
    3. The Waitangi Tribunal is trying to increase its’ powers by stealth and needs to be put back in it’s box and its’ powers upgraded to reflect current and future needs, but preferably scrapped.
    4. Luxon seems to be in awe of what he considers a Judicial Body (the Waitangi Tribunal) and is in fear of criticising anything associated with the “Judiciary” even though the Waitangi Tribunal can not make a binding ruling directly over you or me.



  2. Exactly AH.
    It is a true struggle for power with this group attaining too much authority .Their aim is to take over and dictate to the rest of us that are not special people.
    This body has also cost us far too much.
    They should be done away with.



  3. “Our government”, haaaaaaahhhaaaaa, The voice of the people is not being heard with all the changes to NZ made without our input. NN needs to stop indulging the radicals.

    Agree with you AH, time the special people are put on a short lead. They do not rule this country and need to be reminded of that.



  4. As usual the WEF moron, Nudenut luxflaker, thinks he reports to the media.

    Not the people of NZ; for whom 38% -just over one third- voted for his party 6 months ago.
    This number is not increasing by the way.

    The MSM are the enemy of the people .They have demonstrated this countless times in years gone by.
    The WEF is the enemy of good and decency.
    Former notional party minister finlayson, waitangi wanker, is the enemy of the people of NZ. He is a warped poof with anything but ‘gay’ feelings towards normal people.

    the Moron supports all of these but not the people who voted for him.
    Nor does the bald bitch support his own notional party MPs or the Ministers sworn in last year.
    Christopher Mark Luxon is not fit for purpose as a representative PM.

    Ironically, adern was a far better representative for the WEF than luxon was, has been, or ever will be.



  5. As I said last night, on this issue, bully NN suffers from a huge dose of “small man complex”. Does Tama Potaka have him under the thumb?

    I like this from howitis above “As usual the WEF moron, Nudenut luxflaker, thinks he reports to the media.”

    Someone in the National caucus needs to start doing the numbers



      • Yes.
        The top three at notional
        nudenut, the English Literature grad Finance minister, and smokers anonymous graduate from the Hutt are a massive roadblock to success.
        They are classic 1975 Values party candidates.

        Few in Notional have been anything but a disappointment
        Reti feeble,
        Stanford yet to show any courage;
        Mark Mitchell remains the mouthy disappointment he was ever going to be
        Matt Doocey just MK Ultra Weird.
        Melissa lee scored a big hit 5 years ago in ousting Clare Curran but this was a one off. She has generally been off par.

        The only one to impress me from there in the last two years, in opposition and in government is Simeon Brown.

        The choices are not good.



        • Well put.

          I too initially held Reti in high regard yet his willingness to fall in behind the Mad Queen & the podium of truth over the jab & the mandates spoke volumes on his actual incompetence.

          Mark Mitchell is a disappointment as is Melissa Lee & Bishop is showing his true colours which were better hidden.

          Simeon Brown held promise but has refused to advance on his promise to abolish Nanny Labour’s unwanted speed restrictions in the Wairarapa so he can go whistle.

          As usual, about the only good thing that can be said of National is that it’s not Labour.



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