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NZ a trial run for lefties to win?




Candace Owens: Dems Are Using Coronavirus To Force Socialism on America and ‘Rig The Election’

Baxter Dmitry:

Democrats are using the coronavirus to rig the election, according to Candace Owens who warns the left crashed the economy, putting “a ton of people” out of work and forcing millions of voters to rely on “the Left’s Socialist system.”

They’re relying on stimulus checks. And, that means they’re going to be more inclined to vote for someone who has more Socialist perspective,” warns Candace Owens, who also pointed out mail-in voting allows for “a ton of rigging.”

Coronavirus is the greatest rigging of an American election that has ever taken place— and we are all unwitting participants,” Owens declared in a tweet of video from her interview with The Daily Caller.

Owens argued that the Left is using the pandemic to hide both their true policies and presidential candidate while preventing President Donald Trump from holding campaign events to tout his policies.

In addition, the Left is using the coronavirus to push for mail-in voting, “which allows for tons of rigging,” Owens said:

This is the greatest rigging of an American election that we are all playing a part in right now.

“We don’t see the candidates, right. The candidates are not allowed to travel. They can’t talk about their policies. Who knows? They’re already saying now at The New York Times that there might not be a debate.

“The Left is completely hiding their campaign. That is their strategy: ‘We’re going to hide Joe Biden so you never have to meet him. And, at the same time, we’re going to tell the current president that he can’t he can’t travel – but, if he does any events, if he has a room full of people, that it’s all dangerous and against safety measures and it’s not right.’

“Then, you have them talking about mail-in voting, which we know is corrupt. We know it’s corruptible. We know that it allows for tons of rigging.”

Another way the Left is seeking to rig the election is by shutting down the U.S. economy, thus making Americans dependent on Socialist policies, Owens said:

“Now, they’ve crashed the economy and forced a ton of people that maybe would have considered some conservative voting, it they had a job, their lives were together.

“Well, now they’re relying of the Left’s Socialist system. They’re relying on stimulus checks. And, that means they’re going to be more inclined to vote for someone who has more Socialist perspective.

“They’re not allowed to work, right? So that naturally puts them out of the category of voting that they maybe would’ve been in if things had been normal, right?

“So, we see all this stuff happening and we’re supposed to think that November is not being impacted by all of this.

“Of course it is.”

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  1. I have thought for some time this whole episode has been to defeat Trump because the left can’t win on there socialist policies.

    If Biden won the rioting would magically end and the virus would be controlled.

    Unfortunately NZ is being sucked in as well.The UN will be proud of us.



  2. Candace is a very intelligent, caring and thoughtful woman.
    Not to mention beautiful. Nothing like the freak show that is Ardern.



  3. I would like to think most regular contributors to YSB are aware of this by August 2020.

    If you are going to tell a lie, make it a whopper.
    So big, people are in fear.

    A bad cold that kills maybe 0.2 % of the people it infects.
    Who knows.
    Well W.H.O . does not know (or may know but would never tell the truth)

    Hard to measure as so many people have caught this bug and their immune system parks it up.
    More than 15+ times the number of people alleged to have contracted the ‘disease’ don’t even know they have it.
    There is no proper assessment scheme anywhere to to assess its impact on the society.

    I posted back in March or April
    The way to know the real numbers is to test a sample of about 5000 people in NZ
    Mix of gender, geographic, age, race mix, etc.
    Then test (properly) this sample every 2 weeks.
    This way you trace its impact and spread on the community.
    No country is doing this despite the economic chaos so you know it is bullshit.

    It is a control and wrecking mechanism.
    Quite cunning really if you think about it.
    Evil nonetheless.



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