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NZ Message To WHO, Fuck Off!




New Zealand Government will inform WHO it does not agree to International Health Regulations amendments

The newly sworn-in New Zealand government intends not to be pushed around by UN resolutions or by the World Health Organisation anymore.

According to a coalition agreement with New Zealand First, the new government will undertake a “National Interest Test” before accepting any agreements from the United Nations or the World Health Organisation’s proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations.

To this aim, the New Zealand Cabinet must “reserve against” proposed amendments to International Health Regulations by 1 December 2023.

On Friday, centre-right National signed coalition agreements with libertarian ACT New Zealand and populist New Zealand First allowing the three parties to form a government, bringing an end to six years of left-wing governments in New Zealand.

Yesterday, New Zealand Governor-General Cindy Kiro, who represents British monarch King Charles III as head of state, swore National Party leader Christopher Luxon in as New Zealand’s 42nd prime minister along with ministers of his cabinet at Government House in Wellington. Parliament is expected to sit next week and begin working on new policies.

On the day they were signed, Friday, the incoming government released its coalition agreements which outlined a number of policy plans.  You can read the coalition agreement between the New Zealand National Party and ACT New Zealand HERE, and between New Zealand National Party and New Zealand First HERE.

According to the coalition agreement with New Zealand First, one of the most urgent issues the new government must address is that the Cabinet will tell officials not to agree to any policy changes suggested by the World Health Organisation (“WHO”). The coalition agreement states:

Strengthening Democracy and Freedoms

Ensure a ‘National Interest Test’ is undertaken before New Zealand accepts any agreements from the UN and its agencies that limit national decision-making and reconfirm that New Zealand’s domestic law holds primacy over any international agreements.

As part of the above, by 1 December 2023 reserve against proposed amendments to WHO health regulations to allow the incoming government to consider these against a “National Interest Test.”


  1. Things got so bad over the 6 years of rule by the tyrannical smelly shitbag Ardern that reading that article has even myself a person that has damn near lost all hope of a good outcome by NZ politicians sees reason for subdued celebration, time will tell.



  2. From Ed’s Post:

    “Ensure a ‘National Interest Test’ is undertaken before New Zealand accepts any agreements from the UN and its agencies that limit national decision-making and reconfirm that New Zealand’s domestic law holds primacy over any international agreements.”

    On that basis then, the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, signed by the devious Peter Sharples and sanctioned by the equally devious and slippery, John Key and National in 2010, should be gone today.

    I guess I should not hold my breath, as to me, this UNDRIP Agreement does not meet the “National Interest Test”, whatever the wording and meaning of that is.



        • Well said.
          11 hour day
          6 days a week
          Reeducation classes in capitalism 2 hours daily.
          -A good burst of nose candy for breakfast in honor of ‘begone dear leader’ and to make them operate feverishly
          -A Square meal at lunch
          -Gruel for evening dinner to remind them of what they wanted for US

          A personal pager supplied that sends an hourly message from 7.00am to 9.00pm daily
          “you are piece of shit; amend your ways”



  3. Note carefully.
    It doesn’t say rescind, reject, no don’t bother, just says National Interest Test.
    Whats the Definition of national Interest Test?

    So please explain what that is in real terms.

    Is it a fuck off?
    Is it well we will think about it until the WEF types have convinced everyone they need to to accept it?

    Is it more work need by Pharma or some other bunch of cunts to convince the population?

    Is it well you can no longer travel the world ot have any money until you agree?

    We will put up trade sanctions until you roll over?

    any other wat around the block?

    Are the National Catholic Party going to Defend our Freeland, NZ, even if they do know the words in Te Reo?

    Not good enough.



      • We pay them how much a year?
        They knew about this for months and they could have got their heads around it.
        I’m not interested in their weasel words and ifs, buts and maybes.

        If the timetable was that tight they should have got their shit together but no, they have said to the numpties its gotta stop but they still haven’t spelled out what a National Interest test Is.

        Because there lies the truth. Cindy, I remind you, along with most of these clowns including Nude Nut and Seymour told us the National Interest test was that you all need multiple jabs.

        So excuse me for questioning the slippery bastards but I ain’t going to stop.

        And just to piss yaalll of go here and read what was said before the election and by whom. compare that to what ya getting.




        • I’m with you on this one V2. The ‘National Interest Test’ is too broad a statement to inspire confidence that the NWO fans have got the message.

          Watch the bastards like a hawk. National & ACT never wanted this so they’ll do their best to slime around the problem as they see it.



  4. There seems to be 2 parts the WHO may be looking for support, or is it being more cunning.
    One is the well known binding WHO Global Pandemic Treaty
    The other seems to be WHO Amendments to the 2005 agreement.

    ….. The IHR are an instrument of international law that is legally-binding on 196 State Parties, including the 194 WHO Member States.
    The IHR, in their version adopted in 2005, have been amended twice – in 2014 and 2022 (the most-recent amendments will come into force in May 2024). ….


    A number of good articles here from Rhoda Wilson from 2 countries rejecting WHO.

    From a comment of an Estonian showing also the Estonia political turmoil.

    ….. What seems to have happened is a savvy fraction of populist parliamentarians found a loophole, a precipitous moment in time and space, and took it upon themselves to write this “letter of rejection” claiming there was no legal basis for Estonia handing over decision-making in this question to the EU commission in the first place. …..

    Also a good comment inquiring further

    ….. Well done Slovakia for rejecting the Treaty; but what’s their position regarding the International Health Regulations Amendments which I understand are even more lethal than the treaty..
    I understand objections must be lodged within a certain time frame- supposed to be 4 months : are they going to do that . …..


    Iceland has started to debate about WHO connections

    …… In early October, a conference titled ‘Let the Science Speak ‘ was held in Reykjavik, Iceland.
    Speakers at the conference talked about covid injection harms and the World Health Organisation’s power grab.
    Sasha Latypova was one of the six speakers at the event. …..


    I thought there were a couple of other countries, also rejecting the WHO but it seems I am wrong.

    So it is a start for NZ, just a hold against the WHO WEF-UN, which needs much more info, so that rejection can harden up.



  5. I post this here, about the Canadian National Citizen’s Inquiry.
    It is more for others to consider & compare to the NZ Covid Inquiry and what needs to be done.

    Reconvening of the Hearings: Unveiling the Final #NCI Commissioner’s Report
    2 hours 17 secs : Nov 28th, 2023

    0– 2 min : intro. by Shawn Buckley
    more intro of the commissioners.
    3 min 15 secs : Noting how not one government official responded to their “summons” “Their absence speaks loudly”
    4 mins : Heard sworn testimony of 300 witnesses who were questioned by lawyers & questioned by the Commissioners.

    Though this does go onto the Canadian experience, then into police domination over protests.
    And then how the protesters held the line, for as long as they could, but noted how the government changed, and the NCI started,, to investigate while still fearful of the governments power.
    But other winds from government are picking up again, but now we know much more, & now not alone.

    15 mins 54 secs : Chairman of the Commissioners Ken Drysdale starts
    19 mins 30 secs : No government can really investigate itself.

    It is all just a part of the truth coming out.
    A massive jig saw puzzle, but thanks to people, focusing, working, that over time it will show the overall picture, & the context, despite others smudging, covering up, hiding bits & pieces.
    That then by those contrasts we can see what has & is still going on.

    I leave it here as work must be done.



  6. The belief is, you will be vaxxed.
    Conspiracy theory, or will it be all signed up?

    ….. But believes that the science behind vaccines shouldn’t be explained and members of the public should, instead, be railroaded into taking the injection by their government. …..

    …… The scientists developed the “Air Vax” to combat vaccine hesitancy as the new method bypasses the need for injections as it can be pumped into the air and used to vaccinate large crowds of people at once via the air they are breathing. …..

    No choice for any one, & any problems are just collateral damage. ?
    Can they do it?



  7. I simply do not understand how any organization, especially a foreign one, can dictate that New Zealand has to obey some set of rules it comes up with unless we expressly say no.

    Where did this organization get those powers?



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