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NZ police accused of botching mosque killer’s gun licence




Ben McKay

A bombshell report claims the Christchurch mosques terrorist was wrongly granted a firearms licence by New Zealand police, allowing him to compile the weapons used to murder 51 people.

Australian man Brenton Tarrant was convicted of terrorism, 51 counts of murder and 40 counts of attempted murder earlier in 2020 when he pleaded guilty to the attacks.

On Tuesday, the Dominion Post reported Dunedin police did not subject Tarrant to the usual regulatory regime when he applied for a firearms licence.

Instead of interviewing a family member, as required, police questioned a father and son, living more than 1000 kilometres away on North Island, who Tarrant met through an internet chat room.

Police have been heavily criticised for their management of NZ’s firearms regime, with further allegations in the Post article of overworked officers and sloppy administration.

The subject will be addressed at the royal commission into the shootings, which is due to report back on July 31.

Police have not responded to the newspaper’s allegations.

Tarrant’s sentencing has been delayed due to COVID-19 but is likely to happen within two months.

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  1. Can someone explain to be what is ‘bombshell’ about this report?
    Who didn’t already know Police were totally incompetent in granting Tarrant a gun licence?
    Are Dominion Post remotely embarrassed to be reporting as news something that was public knowledge a year ago?



  2. My understanding a previous allegation of poor vetting process has been reinforced by a further allegation of poor or non existent process by Police.

    Issue now is we have been subjected to abuse of democracy by this government on the basis of the attack. If we now find the Police failed to vet properly, and perhaps the Minister did not know this, then much pain for law abiding citizens has been in vain.

    If the Minister, Mr Nash, did actually know of the failure, the issue becomes much worse with credibility blown away.

    It is speculative until we see the Royal Commission Report. The indecent haste in processing Arms Act amendments gives weight to a suspicion the truths in the long awaited report may not support the legislative actions imposed on law abiding New Zealanders. The report should, in an honest parliamentary environment be awaited so it may form a basis for any legislative matters to follow due consideration.

    Rushing through amendments has too date proved costly, ineffective while troubling for many people.



    • Nash knew, Pete. It was pretty common knowledge. These pricks are accountable to nobody. Basically they can do whatever they like. Tarrant was just the excuse they’d been waiting for. No way they were going to let it slip away.



    • you say
      ‘simple looking character who apparently on his own masterminded…’

      Tarrant could be MK Ultra
      A mind controlled puppet.

      There are NO answers and lots of questions.
      The event occurred 2 days after Podesta was in NZ at a ‘Global Progressives’ event.
      How convenient.
      Podesta is Deep State, part of the Alt World Govt, part of Anti Trump agenda, a political bagman and so on.
      In truth he is no better than Jeffrey Epstein and could be worse.

      There was a massive police exercise in ChCh on the day and actual time.
      But a single person could drive to two mosques and kill over 50 people ???

      Could one person do all this? There were reports of multiple people enacting the event.

      How could a ‘simple person’ plan all this, fund all this, enact it all, unobstructed?

      How was Tarrant funded?

      How was he able to travel to counties ,like Pakistan and North Korea.
      That is a gigantic red flag.
      It is not easy getting those Visas.

      Has anyone seen Tarrant – will he magically be in solitary confinement for years (aka in the Caribbean) ?

      Ask the right questions.

      anyhow, Credo
      I honestly and firmly believe that Brenton Tarrant funded this; acted alone; got a NZ gun licence honestly and through hard work; planned it all on his own; set up his live stream technology; emailed people just before the event; issued an articulate long agenda; executed it all on his own and was a right wing, lone wolf.
      Anyhow, come around and see my new Bridge !!!
      It is THE London Bridge, honest injun!



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