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Finally got my delivery from Shanghai of my new iMac computer. Arrived this afternoon from Hamilton. Look at the timeline in the above image.

Left China 5 November, arrived in Hamilton 11 November.

Took 11 days to get from Hamilton to Cambridge.

NOT GOOD ENOUGH. if you are busy, employ more people and put your customers first.

I got a call from DHL the company doing the delivery from China. I asked why they use such a shit delivery company in NZ? The line went dead and no answer was forthcoming.


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  1. Ed

    Rest assured that you are not alone!

    I live in the central Waikato, getting items couriered to me from Japan on a regular basis and it’s interesting to watch the delivery path:

    DHL are the ‘international’ couriers used and under their auspices the package/s are in Auckland within 24 hours. It’s then the problems start!

    For unexplained reasons the packages consistently divert to Sydney (Adding 24 hours onto the time while so-doing) before returning to Auckland, and being forwarded on to Hamilton, and into the hands of NZ Post’s local contractors, at which point they then seem to ‘vanish’ into ‘places unknown’ for three-five days! (Worse if it’s a weekend) before eventually arriving on my doorstep.

    It is NOT a good advert for NZ Post!

    Liker yourself, I have had ‘conversations’ with DHL and found them to be excellent, but as was explained to me, once NZ Post get their hands on an item it is out of DHL’s control, and as NZ Post has the monopoly there is nothing that DHL can do; the ‘Private’ alternative (‘Pete’s Post’?) not having NZ Post’s capacity to deliver large volumes of packages.

    NZ Post, when contacted, simply do NOT want to know and pass the buck to the local contractor, at which point I give up – it’s like chasing shadows!

    As I said, you’re not alone, and there seems to be little that can be done. Monopolies have their advantages.



  2. NZ Post has been rooted by cindy’s covid restrictions. They ceased receiving parcels from The USA,(too much Ivermectin), weeks ago.
    The depot in Auckland was last week at least a week behind. Our locals give us great service. They have been working 14 hour days to clear their parcels.

    Don’t blame them.
    Put the blame where it belongs on the scrawny tart that won’t go to Auckland because her boyfriend is there so locks them all up.
    Nasty psychopathic bitch.



    • Sorry Nasska but NZ Couriers suck around here in North West Auckland. I suspect the courier drivers get less and less per parcel delivery. Every time I get a shipmnet via NZ Courier, it sits in the North Shore depot (or I suspect, in the back of the drivers van) unitl I complain. Every time it then gets delivered the following morning. I have has parcels showing as at North Shore for 2 weeks. I ring and complain and then it gets delivered the following day. So I am proactive now, as soon as it arrives at North Shore I wait one day and then ring and complain which gets it delivered. Fucking useless service.



  3. Wondering if it’s all linked to covid BS protocols. Here in Wellington, NZ post is pretty good with delivery. Aramex is the one that has the parcels sit for ages locally before getting delivered. Well maybe just for me, I don’t know if I have ever pissed off the driver 😉



    • Yes, our rural post near Upper Hutt has been excellent as usual, much of which is down to the diligence of the local postie. NZ Couriers is shockingly bad at resolving problems. Aramex (which I thought was the name of an underarm deodorant) is awful generally. One thing we have noticed though is apparently the labelling app(s) being used by goods and services suppliers to print labels has recently been mangling our rural address to something different (including missing out the post code) than the correct postal one that we provide, which can result in packages ending up at the wrong depot and having to be redirected, or even getting stuck, then having to be unstuck by lots of e-mail and phone calls, going through a drawn out ‘investigation’ process. Mistakes and inefficiencies like that will slow the system down for everyone.



      • Agree. In the Wairarapa NZ Post is the stand out. No cock ups & generally good service. Peter Baker Couriers aren’t too bad either but Aramex are hopeless.

        NZ Couriers are the pits. Drivers can’t or don’t read labels & delivery is a lottery.



    • Brian,

      Aramex is the new name for an older company. So they got a new name, but still have all the old bad habits. I had parcels “lost” for things I had sold on Trademe, that were not delivered.

      It turned out that their new Parcel tracking software did not have enough lines in the address field, So if the address exceeded a limited number of lines, any address automatically inserted from Trademe, would cut off the first or last line lines, when the address details were printed on the delivery sheet.

      This annoyed me, because in programming 40 years ago, we were taught to make address fields multi-line of no fixed size to prevent such issues.

      Hundreds, perhaps thousands of parcels sat in the depots all over the country for weeks, despite every parcel having the full address printed on the label by the sender. I intervened and read them their lineage and questioned as to why they were employing lazy programmers and lazy parcel handlers, and pointed them to the cause of the problem, as the programmers who had never worked in the depots blamed the problems on the senders.



  4. We have posted a parcel to Daughter in China Friday week ago, on the Monday tracking said still in Waimate, on the Friday (1 week) arrived in Auckland. Yesterday we have told it has been cleared to go on. 10 days to get ready to leave New Zealand.



  5. Aramex used to be Fastway.
    NZ Couriers, Post Haste, Castle, Sub60, DX are all owned by Freightways.
    CourierPost..cant remember who owns them now.

    NZ Couriers used to be the premier courier company in Nil Ziland, Been around a looong time.



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