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Obama Rattles His Begging Bowl For Libya




Hussein Obama Rattles His Begging Bowl For Libya

…and Slick Willie would like to get some more of your money to help Ukraine. Just like they helped Haiti.

Clinton Global Initiative announces new proposal to help rebuild Ukraine, provide humanitarian support

foxnews.com/world/clinton- #FoxNews

More confirmation that Hussein Obama was the complete degenerate filth we all suspected. Everyone should be on X (formerly known as Twitter) if only to watch Tucker Carlson. Please spread this around. The left are trying (and have largely succeeded) in creating a legacy for Obama as one of the greatest American Presidents. And that in turn helps entrench leftism in future. “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past” – 1984. But it’s is a massive lie which must be destroyed. He was in fact probably the most evil person to hold that office, by some margin.

Obama Belongs In A Fucking Cage

The Twitter account of America’s 44th president just casually shared some links to organizations providing relief to the victims of the terrible flooding in Libya, which as of this writing has already killed thousands of people.

And that would of course be a fine and normal thing for America’s 44th president to do — had America’s 44th president not personally played a massive role in paving the way to the devastation we’re seeing in Libya today. “If you’re looking to help people impacted by the floods in Libya, check out these organizations providing relief,” Obama tweeted. Uhh, excuse me? Sir? You know you’re literally Barack Obama, right?

In 2010 the oil-rich Libya ranked higher on the UN Human Development Index than any other nation in Africa, with much better national infrastructure to protect itself from floods and other natural disasters. Today Libya is a chaotic humanitarian disaster where UN-backed investigators now say literal crimes against humanity have been taking place, including women being forced into sexual slavery. What changed? If you’re reading this, you probably already know what changed.


In 2011, US, French and British forces helped rebels with extensive links to Al Qaeda kill Libya’s longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi, which immediately plunged the nation into violence, chaos, extremism and instability which persists to this day. It was later revealed that NATO powers knew they were backing murderous Al Qaeda-linked jihadists at the time. Falsely branded a “humanitarian intervention” designed to prevent alleged plans for genocide and Viagra-fueled mass rapes against peaceful protesters by Gaddafi’s troops, the NATO attack on Libya quickly morphed into a regime change operation which saw Gaddafi brutally lynched in the streets and dying after being stabbed in the anus with a bayonet. Years later in 2016 a UK House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee found that the narratives used to justify the intervention in Libya were “not supported by the available evidence.”

“We have seen no evidence that the UK Government carried out a proper analysis of the nature of the rebellion in Libya,” the report reads. “UK strategy was founded on erroneous assumptions and an incomplete understanding of the evidence.” This confirmed concerns voiced by Amnesty International and a UN human rights investigator months before Gaddafi’s death that the evidence for the alleged atrocities the intervention was meant to prevent simply wasn’t there to be found.

Because no policy changes were made after the Iraq invasion and nobody was ever punished for inflicting that horror upon our world, no lessons were learned, and it happened again. The west was deceived into yet another disastrous military intervention, which continues to have severe consequences for people in the region to this day. In an article published earlier this month in Responsible Statecraft about the crisis in Niger, Branko Marcetic made the interesting observation that the Nigerien junta which ousted the previous government has explicitly stated that the coup was necessary because of the “continuous deterioration of the security situation” which Niger and other countries in the Sahel have been suffering from for over a decade due to “the negative socioeconomic, security, political and humanitarian consequences of NATO’s hazardous adventure in Libya.”

Marcetic also notes that the regime change intervention in Libya was meant to segue into a regime change intervention in Syria by the same means: “Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), and John Kerry (D-Mass.) all called for a no-fly zone. ‘I love the military … but they always seem to find reasons why you can’t do something rather than why you can,’ complained McCain. The American Enterprise Institute’s Danielle Pletka said it would be ‘an important humanitarian step.’

The now-defunct Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) think tank gathered a who’s who of neoconservatives to repeatedly urge the same. In a letter to then-President Barack Obama, they quoted back Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize speech in which he argued that ‘inaction tears at our conscience and can lead to more costly intervention later.’ “Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, reportedly instrumental in persuading Obama to act, was herself swayed by similar arguments. Friend and unofficial adviser Sidney Blumenthal assured her that, once Gaddafi fell, ‘limited but targeted military support from the West combined with an identifiable rebellion’ could become a new model for toppling Middle Eastern dictators.

Pointing to the similar, deteriorating situation in Syria, Blumenthal claimed that ‘the most important event that could alter the Syrian equation would be the fall of Gaddafi, providing an example of a successful rebellion.’ ” And that’s exactly what the Obama administration set out to do: pouring weapons into Syria with the goal of effecting regime change, once again on the side of Al Qaeda-linked fighters.

Had Russia not intervened in 2015 to prevent Damascus from being toppled, Syria would likely have suffered the same fate as Libya. So that’s two countries Obama and his cohorts tossed in the incinerator back-to-back, in much the same way the previous administration torched Afghanistan and Iraq. It was done a bit more slyly and subtly than the overt Hulk Smash ground invasions of the Bush era, but the death, suffering and destabilization caused by Obama’s depravity have been just as real.

This is as clear as day, and yet we still get imperial propaganda outlets like The Washington Post telling us that “everyone” is to blame for Libya’s current troubles. WaPo has a new article out titled “Libya’s catastrophe is everyone’s fault,” which is a bit like Charles Manson saying the Manson Family killings were everyone’s fault.

The article’s author Ishaan Tharoor lays the blame for Libya’s inability to adequately protect its people from the flood on “Libya’s feuding factions and fractured polity” as well as other nations in the region before conceding that NATO’s toppling of Gaddafi would have also played some role.

Another Washington Post article titled “How a decade of conflict and division put Libya in peril of disaster” lays zero blame at all on Obama and NATO powers for the nation’s suffering, saying only that Gaddafi was a brutal dictator who “was killed by rebel forces during a NATO-backed Arab Spring uprising.” But it does acknowledge that Libyans are now dying because the nation’s infrastructure has been in a state of decay since 2011: “The country, with terrain ranging across desert and coastal communities, is highly vulnerable to human-induced climate change. But improvements to and maintenance of basic services and infrastructure, such as the country’s networks of dams, has been deprioritized, said Mary Fitzgerald, a Libya expert at the Middle East Institute, a Washington think tank.

“‘Between 2011 and 2014, there were already concerns about the state of Libyan infrastructure,’ Fitzgerald said. ‘And then Libya went through a six-year civil conflict from 2014 to 2020 and a lot of infrastructure was damaged during that conflict. In the three years since, you have a situation of rival government, which has yet again complicated political dynamics.’” This nation has been in a continuous state of strife, violence and suffering since the United States spearheaded a NATO campaign to smash it to pieces. And yet you’ll still get empire simps telling you that NATO is a “defensive alliance”, and you’ll still get liberals saying that Obama’s worst scandal was wearing a tan suit one time. Barack Obama belongs in a fucking cage.

His crimes are utterly unforgivable, and if the law existed to punish the world’s worst criminals instead of to protect them he would be rotting in a maximum security prison cell. It’s all well and good that people are sending Libya aid and that the call to do so is being amplified by influential voices. But the fact that the 44th president of the United States can just come out and pretend to support a nation he personally helped destroy without being called out and excoriated by the mass media shows that we live in a world which is dominated by lies and propaganda.

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  1. The only thing the Clack Bunt bathhouse Barry has ever successfully “rattled”is Big Mikes cock and balls,no amount of this virtue signalling will ever make up for the millions murdered in the name of his and the Clintons filthy bank balances, yet they still walk free in their lives of utter luxury.
    No wonder the USA has been so successful at bringing revolutions and taking down elected governments for 100 years ,it’s because their system has always been far more corrupt that the country’s they have destroyed, Obama let the dogs of war out of their cages for 8 years and now looks for redemption for his mass murder, its a fucking disgrace.



  2. Obama destroyed Libya which was one of the most successful African countries. He did the same for Egypt and Syria, by backing radical islamic groups for “regime change”. Something he also did in Ukraine.

    These war crimes were committed for one reason only – to please Israel.

    Over 6 million dead semetic people and counting.



    • This is true.
      Most people are told repeatedly by the corrupt media that Israel are poor victims and all that jazz.
      They are not.
      It is propaganda.

      I have been following Libya for 40 years.
      My boss in the UK was decent guy. He was very capable planner and organiser. Had an MBA back in the 1970s where they were rare and valuable. He Worked for Ernst and whoever it was then as a consultant in Libya.
      Gaddafi personally asked him back in the 1980s to help build a better country, He told me a lot of things before he left about the good things Gaddafi and co were doing. He wanted to be part of that, He was a good man.
      I knew who I trusted, It was never the media lies.
      That is why I say the filthy media lying is not a new thing. It is a permanent thing.

      I believed that propaganda of the victim jew for the first 50 years of my life. It was permanent background noise.
      But even simple examination blows it away .
      But if you try to expose it you will be crushed .
      Mel Gibson found out. Just a comment or two and he was cancelled.
      Russell Brand has been able to spiel for a few years but AFAIK he did not touch the jews so was left alone.. until now.
      One comment from Gibson (a strange but sort of devout catholic) and he was a goner.

      The hate with which jews will bring you down is frightening .
      And yet Weinstein, Epstein, Anthony Weiner, Woody Allen, Jerry Lewis (Joseph Levitch) et al have been able to peddle their sex perversion for decades without being brought down. Some late in the game. All pretty much openly as they know they are protected and not poor wee victims.
      Gerry Springer was another jew who was applauded and paid well for his perversion.

      G Soros is able to wreck society to a great extent and yet most of your memes are on bill gates. (who does deserve it)

      I have done business decades ago with jews on more than one occasion. They are not that good at business. It is a myth. They are sneaky and dishonest. One of them was convicted here in NZ.

      Most jews (over 80% ) are not Semites. Most are religious converts, A big chunk of them from 1300 years ago.
      The real Semites are in the middle east.

      the US taxpayer , more recently via debt funding , has funded the takedown of Israel’s enemies – even if they do them harm.
      The hot wars have been on Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan.
      All Muslim majority.
      Add in Somalia.
      These all get Bad Press. Ask yourself why.

      There are less-than -hot wars against Pakistan (mass drone bombing under obummer) and Yemen.
      There is a delicate relationship with Saudi Arabia that the Saudis exploit.
      The US has been at Iran for many decades. They would love to bring them to their knees. It was a compliant state under the US designated Shah following the US coup. That fell over in 1979.

      The simple fact is the US taxpayer and US citizen soldiers are paying the price to take down Israel’s enemies.
      Funded by the US.
      This is not a good situation.

      …The Anti-Defamation League, formerly known as the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, is an international Jewish non-governmental organization based in the United States that specializes in civil rights law and combats antisemitism and extremism…..
      The ADL are nasty cunts that go after people who even ask reasonable questions.

      If you are still brainwashed by the poor jew story, good luck to you.
      there are 15 million Mormons in the world
      there are 15 million jews in the world.
      We , in reality, get fuck all trouble from the Mormons.

      I apologise Mr Editor if this gets you into trouble.
      some people hate facts in this deceptive world.



  3. Every country the US is acting against is because of Israel. The destruction and fragmentation of the Arab world is done for Israel. Wiki Leaks documents prove it.

    They were told to act against Russia because Jews want to exterminate the Persians and Russia gets on with Iran. Its part of their religion. They even have a day, Purim, to celebrate the genocide of Persians.

    Jews also celebrate how they immigrated to the land we call Israel and exterminated and displaced all the many varied people who had lived there for thousands of years.



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