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Barack Obama’s Puppet Appeases Iran

By Warren Beatty


In 2012, then-president Barack Obama announced new U.S. sanctions against foreign banks that helped Iran sell its oil.  He said the sanctions would increase pressure on Iran for failing to meet its international nuclear obligations.  “If the Iranian government continues its defiance, there should be no doubt that the United States and our partners will continue to impose increasing consequences.”

Sanctions on Iran played well in the MSM.

In 2013 in Jerusalem, Obama spoke about Israel’s security.  He told Israelis, “Strong and principled diplomacy is the best way to ensure that the Iranian government forsakes nuclear weapons. … And I have made the position of the United States of America clear: Iran must not get a nuclear weapon. … America will do what we must to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran.”  Obama had said in 2012 that the U.S. will “always have Israel’s back” and called Israel one of America’s “greatest allies,” saying the bond between the two nations was “unbreakable.”

However, Obama spewed empty words.  Disregarding what he said about Israeli security and having its back, Obama “implemented” (he circumvented the U.S. Constitution to do so) in 2015 the Iran nuclear agreement, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).  Under it, the U.S. suspended sanctions on the sale of oil and trade, and other financial sanctions, which had crippled Iran’s economy.  In return, Iran agreed to scale back its nuclear program (it did not).  The JCPOA’s critics said it was flawed because it didn’t halt all Iranian nuclear activity.  Iran also got relief from E.U. and U.N. sanctions and was granted access to frozen assets.  The JCPOA infused Iran with cash.  By lifting oil and financial sanctions on Iran, billions of dollars’ worth of Iranian assets, mostly revenues from oil sales, were unfrozen.  Its central bank gained control over more than $120 billion in foreign exchange reserves.  Besides, Iran never fully complied with the JCPOA and repeatedly reneged on nuclear nonproliferation obligations it agreed upon.

The JCPOA was Obama’s primary foreign policy initiative.

In what has to be two of Obama’s most severe slaps in Israel’s face, he refused in December 2016 to sign a renewal of sanctions against Iran.  Perhaps he knew that the sanctions would become law anyway, but the symbolism of what he didn’t do was unforgivable.

Then, with his 2012 election behind him, with a month to go as president, no longer needing to fool Jews or Gentiles again, despite what he had said about always having Israel’s back, Obama slipped a knife into Israel’s back.  He abstained (via his ambassador) from voting and thus allowed a U.N. Security Council resolution that condemned Israel over settlements to pass.  He pretended the resolution was simply a restatement of longstanding U.S. opposition to Israeli settlements.

These are only two of a string of insults Obama foisted on one of America’s closest allies.

As if Obama’s insults weren’t bad enough, the U.S. government, in 2018, traced some of the $1.7 billion Iran had gained access to, courtesy of the Obama administration, to Iranian-backed terrorists.  Iran used the cash to pay its primary proxies, the Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezb’allah and the Quds Force, Iran’s main foreign intelligence and covert action arm and part of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

Alex Titus wrote in 2018 about Obama’s Iran policy: “America’s failed policy of appeasing the Iranian regime is over.”  It seems Titus was incorrect.  Obama’s keen iterest in achieving an understanding  with Iran wasn’t over.  The bumbling idiot who currently occupies the Bully Pulpit has seized Obama’s Iran baton.  What Joe Biden has essentially done is created Obama’s “third term,” extending Obama’s appeasement of Iran.

Under Trump’s sanctions, Iran’s funds had fallen to below $8 billion.  The nation could barely keep its economy afloat.  Iran was essentially broke and couldn’t finance terrorist groups.  Once Joe Biden took office, Iran’s funds increased to at least $80 billion.  Most of the money came from selling oil to China.  Larry Kudlow wrote, “In 2020 Iran sold China roughly $6.5 billion worth of oil.  Next year in 2021, that mysteriously jumped to $23 billion.  Then last year, in 2022, that oil sale mysteriously leaped to $30 billion. … If we didn’t lift the sanctions, how come they’re producing and selling all that oil?”

Talks to salvage the JCPOA convened in Vienna in 2022.  Biden’s negotiating team, led by Robert Malley, U.S. special envoy for Iran, had negotiated an even weaker nuclear agreement with Iran than the one that Obama’s team achieved.  Has the agreement been effective?  No!  Despite appeasement from Biden designed to get the Iranians to behave, Iran has continued to test missiles, manufacture drones, pursue near-weapons-grade uranium, and pump money and weapons to its “Axis of Resistance,” which includes Hamas, Hezb’allah, and Islamic Jihad.  Three other U.S. negotiators resigned in protest at those talks over concessions made by Malley.  The resignations should have triggered a recall of Malley by Biden or secretary of state Antony Blinken.  But they didn’t.  They gave Malley freedom to negotiate whatever he wanted as long as he got Iran to sign.  They let Malley concede issue after issue to the detriment of U.S. national security.  Russian negotiator Mikhail Ulyanov said Iran got much more than it could have expected and bragged about how Russia, China, and Iran got dozens of wins over the United States.

Those talks were suspended because they had “reached a phase that requires ‘political decisions’ to be made quickly.”  That caused the Biden administration to restore sanctions waivers for Iran.  Biden pledged to try to bring the U.S. back to the talks.  Blinken told Congress that restoring the waivers would help the talks.  The State Department assured us that the sanctions waivers “is not a concession to Iran.”  However, JCPOA revival talks are all but dead despite sanction waivers.  The net result is that sanction waivers are funding terrorists.

Can anyone say, “Iran is taking advantage of Joe Biden”?  John Bolton has.  And since Biden is an extension of Obama, Iran’s taking advantage of Obama as well.

Obama continues to appease.  He wrote on his Medium page a pseudo-intellectual, equivocating statement about Hamas’s attacks on Israel and its response.  The statement was saturated with his characteristic condescending miasma of narcissism, egoism, and self-congratulating.  Within the statement was his prescription for peace: “while the prospects of future peace may seem more distant than ever, we should call on all of the key actors in the region to engage [spelled n-e-g-o-t-i-a-t-e] with those Palestinian leaders … because that is the best and perhaps only way to achieve the lasting peace and security most Israeli and Palestinian families yearn for.”

Bottom line: The Mideast has been a tangled mess for decades, but things got much worse under Obama.  One reason is that the JCPOA didn’t make anyone in the Mideast, Europe, or the U.S. safer.   But it did empower the mullahs in Tehran, who funded terrorism on Israel’s borders.  They patiently bided their time until they got another anti-Israel president in the White House.  They got one!

Biden is just Obama’s white face. They have imported millions of Muslims into America. The Arabs next to and inside Israel, and the Arabs inside the US are calling for the death of the Jewish people in both countries. It won’t stop there.
What this really is, is the implementation of the Final Solution. If they successfully eradicate Israel and the Jews, the next target will be the white race in America. Christians are already under sustained attack.

The endgame of this war isn’t just the destruction of of the two “Satans,” great and small, but a world-wide genocide of the Judeo-Christian West. All Western nations are under invasion and attack.

The enfeebled puppet and his regime of ignorant fraudsters are working overtime to bring about the collapse of Western civilization. They falsely believe they will be exempt from the destruction. Apparently they have never heard of taqiyya, the Islamic practice of lies and deception to shield their true goals. At some point, China, a country that hates Muslims, waits in the wings to enslave the enslavers. Time is not on our side.


  1. Biden is perfect for the job ,he makes horrendous decisions every day and is told by his handlers that he’s the most popular POTUS in history, he believes them because he is dazed, confused and totally demented.
    Dr Jill loves the baubles of office so much she is not doing the right thing for her country ,worst of all it seems the average American is more ignorant of what’s happening around them than the average NZ labour /;Green / Maori party supporter..



    • Totally disagree.
      More than half the voters in America support Trump, whereas in NZ 90% of the population supported globalists in the recent election poll. NZers are totally clueless and asleep. We are reliant on the Americans to save us.



      • As Dan Bongino says “Is it bad enough yet” for the average person to notice what is going on? Only when the cost of living hits, mortgages payments, price of petral, food, etc and crime badly affects their safety do people take notice. Even then they may still vote democrat… It has to personally get really bad for some to change their votes. With bumbling Biden and his Bidennomics” turning the economy sour US voters are remembering life was much better under Trump as President.



    • None of them are wearing the little hat so must be very fair weather Jews or non practicing, the women maybe? but I really don’t know. Whoever they are they are not fit for purpose. Joe the worst president in the History but the democrats will not give in will they? They are out to ruin the world with this president. Jill is one of the worst woman in the whole wide world, she should be taking things in hand and leading him away from this, its well past time he stepped down, it would be sad if it were not so scary.



  2. No they are both Israel’s puppet.

    Obama attacked far more muslim countries than anyone. He put troops in over 30 African countries alone. Destroyed for Israel, Syria, Egypt, Libya. Restarted the cold war with Russia because Israel doesn’t like the getting on with Iran.

    Remember those wikileaks documents that “stole the election”? The ones the media never shared and you’ve never seen? I looked up a few. Clinton was telling Obama that Syria must be destroyed harder for Israel.



    • Actually correct.
      Stick to what you know and stay away from real estate.

      Obama has been a manipulated puppet all his life.
      Not an original thought.
      Barry Soetoro has a dubious but buried background.
      His mother – as far as we officially know – was a nutter with the male name of Stanley.
      He is a puppet not a puppeteer.
      He bombed the shit out of muslim countries as he was directed.
      H Clinton was the instigator of the wars against Libya and Syria, in conjunction with its cabal members of the deep state.

      Take away the teleprompter and B H Obama/Soetoro reverts to type- an incoherent mumbling bumbling dumbass- similar to what Biden is today.



  3. In a jest dream time ?
    It all checks out in this Snope’s Fact Checker’s transcript.

    OBAMA: I said this before.
    People would ask me, “Knowing what you know now, do you wish you had a third term?”
    And I used to say, “You know what? If I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in,
    a front man or front woman, and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement in my sweats looking through the stuff,
    and then I could sort of deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony,
    I’d be fine with that.

    Because I found the work fascinating.
    I mean, I write about the… even on my worst days, I found puzzling out, you know, these big, complicated, difficult issues,
    especially if you were working with some great people, to be professionally really satisfying.
    But I do not miss having to wear a tie every day.


    Once can Click on that classic vid clip of to hear Obama say it
    1 min 06 secs

    Further on in that article is where Obama at other times said.

    ….. Separate from the remark made in the Colbert interview, Obama also at least one other time previously said he believed he could win again if the U.S. Constitution, which limits presidents to two terms, allowed him to run for a third term. ….

    Obama’s “I think if I ran, I could win” remark was delivered in somewhat of a joking manner in front of the African Union in Ethiopia on July 28, 2015. …

    Again in jest or switched to some other rationale as mentioned there.

    So how could Biden get more votes than Obama even did in a number of counties & that overall 81 million votes..
    Did those Democrat voters figure they were really voting for Obama to continue? 🙂



  4. Obama Fact Sheet
    Eight years of news about the Obama administration’s foreign & domestic policies

    Among other things, President Barack Obama’s administration:

    Dropped bombs in 7 countries (all predominantly Muslim).
    Sent 3,500 U.S. troops and tanks to Russia’s doorstep in one of his final decisions as president.
    Ordered ten times more drone strikes than Bush.
    Dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016 alone (an average of 72 bombs every day).
    Put boots on the ground in Syria , despite 16 times saying “no boots on the ground”.
    Despite campaign pledges, planned a $1 trillion progam to add more nuclear weapons to the US arsenal in the next 30 years.
    Said, “I believe in American exceptionalism with every fiber of my being.”
    Joked about his use of drones – I’m “really good at killing people”.
    Deported a record 2 million immigrants.
    Just like Trump, separated immigrant children from their families.
    In his 2021 book, Obama noted, “Young Hispanics asked why my administration was still deporting undocumented workers and separating families at the border,” – while failing to discuss immigration in the context of coups (attempted & successful) he led in Central & South America.
    Signed the Monsanto Protection Act into law.
    Personally oversaw a secret kill list.
    Reingnited the war on Iraq ‘saying it’s a long-term project’.
    Pushed for war on Syria while siding with al-Qaeda.
    Knowingly funded a designated al-Qaeda affiliate.
    Backed neo-Nazis in Ukraine.
    Supported Israel’s wars and occupation of Palestine.
    Deployed Special Ops to 134 countries – compared to 60 under Bush.
    Did a TV commercial promoting “clean coal”.
    Drastically escalated the NSA spying program.
    Signed the NDAA into law – making it legal to assassinate Americans w/o charge or trial.
    Gave Bush absolute immunity for everything.
    Pushed for a TPP Trade Pact.
    Started a new war on terror – this one on ISIS.
    Signed more executive memoranda than any other president in history.
    Transferred more than $100 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia, more than any other administration in history.
    Signed an agreement for 7 military bases in Colombia.
    Levelled cripling sanctions on Venezulea calling them an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security”.
    Opened a military base in Chile.
    Touted nuclear power , even after the disaster in Japan.
    Opened up deepwater oil drilling, even after the BP disaster.
    Mandated the Insider Threat Program which orders federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues.
    Defended body scans and pat-downs at airports.
    Signed the Patriot Act extension into law.
    Launched 20,000 Airstrikes in his first term.
    Continued Bush’s rendition program.
    Said the U.S. is the “one indispensable nation” in the world.
    Waged war on Libya without congressional approval.
    Started a covert, drone war in Yemen.
    Escalated the proxy war in Somalia.
    Escalated the CIA drone war in Pakistan.
    Sharply escalated the war in Afghanistan.
    Repealed the Propaganda ban, making it legal to spread government propaganda via news outlets.
    Assassinated 4 US citizens with drone strikes.



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