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Ardern’s fate sealed by New Zealand’s economic collapse

A week ago, the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) forecast the economy would enter a recession next year that could be deeper than anticipated.

This prediction came after ANZ’s June business survey “was littered with indicators that fit with our view that the economy is headed into recession”, according to BNZ head of research Stephen Toplis. “If anything, they suggest any such recession might be deeper than we have pencilled in”, he added.

ANZ’s business survey tanked to -62.6, nearing the all-time low of -66.6 hit in April 2020 when New Zealand was stuck in its first lockdown of the pandemic:

 New Zealand’s consumer confidence has similarly collapsed to recessionary levels, with consumers especially concerned about the nation’s current and future economic conditions:

The collapse in consumer confidence is especially pertinent given its strong historical correlation with household consumption – the New Zealand economy’s biggest driver. Where household consumption goes, the economy typically follows:

The timing of a New Zealand recession in 2023 could not be worse for Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government, which is already trailing well behind the Opposition National Party in the polls:

With the Reserve Bank anticipated to continue increasing interest rates, house prices are headed for steep falls at the same time as the economy stumbles toward recession. This presents a toxic cocktail for the Ardern Government as it seeks to secure a third term at the general election in September 2023.

The way the economic cards are falling, Jacinda Ardern’s electoral fate looks sealed with a loss, due in no small part to the Reserve Bank’s aggressive monetary tightening.


  1. Good fucking grief , I just listened to that moron special K Davis being interviewed about Mathew Tukaki being given a stupendously highly paid job in government despite his CV being full of lies ,I’m completely serious when I ask what the fuck has Tukaki got on someone in that corruption riddled stinking administration in Wellington? under normal circumstances Tukaki couldn’t run a brothel and make a profit if it was the only one in the country yet here he is again, Maori deep up to his balls in the trough.
    Where the fuck is my share of this graft ? oh that’s right the IRD are still pursuing me on monthly basis for $50.00 that they refuse to tell me what it’s owed for.FFUUUCCCKKK..



    • revtech120
      A couple of weeks ago I mentioned my wife and I went along to a talk by a brave Maori woman (Charlene) who was doing a road trip around NZ talking about child abuse and worse.
      Briefly what got her going was she and her partner took into their home a family that really need some temporary help. This was in Northland. While in their home a guy came around a few times and took the young teenage girl, from the family, out for a few nights. It turns out the girl was being abused and trafficked to a few of pedophiles. So Charlene started tracking down these guys. It all went to Court and the ring leader got 7 years but the other two got a very minor sentence because Kelvin Davis gave them both a letter for the Court giving them a glowing character reference. Charlene says the whole Court case is on public record for everyone to see EXCEPT the letters from Davis



  2. I recon as punishment to our national stupity we all deserve to have Cindy’s kindy voted back in.
    I don’t care.
    Im sick of stupid woke precious women, bearded cock-sucking accademics and left wing shit.
    The Labour party is anarchy.
    Christopher Luxon, dont bother mate. Why would you fucken bother. Cindy has utterly fucked this country and the big rub is the cunt going to walk straight in to a plum overpaid self important number on united nations.
    Get out while you can and your money has some value.
    Burn in fucken hell Labour filth.
    Eat shit Ardern



  3. Don’t worry the 16 year old voters will get her back in. She will have 4 more years with the proposed extended term to get all her ducks in a row.

    Life will be a Cabaret for the peons.

    Stick your head between your legs and kiss your arse goodbye.



  4. “ With the Reserve Bank anticipated to continue increasing interest rates, house prices are headed for steep falls at the same time as the economy stumbles toward recession. This presents a toxic cocktail for the Ardern Government”

    With huge social divisions and animosity caused by Ardernism. This will be more than economic decline.



    NZ finance minister and champion of gay rights spoted being rushed to hopsital after having been confirmed infected with puss oozing rotting monkey anus disease.

    A convoy of 15 NZ army military vehicles and 300 strong gang member contingent in unlicenced unwarranted vehicles of the Retarded Rock Ape gang were seen to escort an also 50 strong lesbian escort for minister Grant RESET Robinson on his way to Aucklands premier private hospital. The 500 empty beds at Middlemore being allocated for Maori only patients, NZ prime minister Jacinda ‘2ND COMING OF WONDERFUL KINDNESS’ (as long as you aggree) Ardern has also enacted an emergency fund of $900million for Maori health and gays to be spent on RESET Robinsons recovery from the puss oozing disease. When asked what this had to do with Maori health Ardern response noted as being … ” ..because so there ha ha you stupid country “.



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