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“Dr. Science” tested positive for Covid-19

Yesterday we learned “Dr. Science” tested positive for Covid-19 and has mild symptoms. Fauci said he is “fully” vaccinated and boosted and he still got the cough. Remember when they said all you needed was one shot and you won’t get Covid?

GrrrGraphics remembers.

Look at the ongoing jump in high-profile people coming down with Covid. Canada’s Dictator of the Great White North, Justin Trudeau, just tested positive for Covid…again! So you can catch Covid two or three times even if you are fully vaccinated. The vaccine regimen is not working, but the corporate media will not tell anyone that because billions of dollars need to be made by Big Pharma.

The beagle-murdering Fauci needs to be held accountable for his lies. He was supposed to testify to the Senate Health Committee this week about his role in the pandemic, but now he’s sick. How convenient.  “Fraudci” did testify remotely and Senator Rand Paul enjoyed grilling Fauci yet again.

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  1. I am absolutely delighted as I am when any vaccinated smarter than shit person gets the covid. They were all such bastards against the people who made a choice not to get vaccinated so My delight knows no bounds as these vaccinated people succumb to the nasty flue. When I heard Dr Pfizer Fauci got it, the joy was endless. Hope he is as sick as sick and even hope the bastard is put on a ventilator maybe even two. So the wearing several face masks at a time did no good then you Nazi bastard? Good riddance to bad rubbish him.



    • Lizziep,

      I’m 98% inclined to believe that this is fake news, from Fauci and other “vaccine celebrities”, including our own PM, for the following reasons:

      [1] To garner sympathy, so they do not appear as evil as they are.

      “They are victims too, like us, so they are not so bad..”

      [2] To offset growing public concern and rumours as to why vaccinated people are still getting infected, (and the obvious implication that the vaccines are a fraud).

      “Gee, Fauci will be fully vaccinated and boosted, and will have the best medical care on the planet, so if he got it, then I should not be worried that the vaccines are not working as well as expected. I shouldn’t listen to the tin foil hat conspiracy theory anti-vaxxers.”

      [3] To prove that Covid is so so virulent, that even vaxxed people get it. The spin on this, is that it justifies further mandates, research (with a snout in the public trough), lockdowns, the escalation of more Covid fear porn, and governments relinquishing control of their countries to the WHO.

      “Gee, that $20k you sent the Nigerian Prince wasn’t quite enough to release his Gold to you. The Gold is now sitting in a bonded import facility in Madrid. We need another $50k and you’ll have the Gold to you in a couple of weeks. You’ll be a millionaire, think of it. So please deposit that $50k.”

      [4] To offset the rumours, based on eyewitness accounts and whistle blowers, that the elite did NOT get the vaccine with spike protein, graphene oxide and nanobots, but got a saline solution, or in verified cases US congress cases, Ivermectin.

      “Well if Fauci has Covid, then his vaccinations could not have been saline solution, as he is in the best position to know, and he wouldn’t risk his life. Those tin foil hat bastards spreading those false rumours should be locked up.”

      In other words, more Covid theatre, to lull the populace into a false sense of security until they are so helpless they cannot resist tyranny.



  2. Fauci just hasn’t been listening to highly qualified medical experts like our illustrious Prime Minister who advised the Nation as recently as late last year:

    “People who are vaccinated will still get Covid-19 it just means that they won’t get sick and they won’t die”.

    Pick up your bed & walk you useless quack.



  3. Sadly it looked like it was a Fauci ruze for him to try and avoid being grilled by Rand Paul over jabs for children. I saw the hearing earlier with Fauci on zoom and he looked as fit and smug as he usually does.



  4. Fauci wasn’t called out for killing 100’s of thousands of gay men with his AZT cure in the 80’s. No one dared question him, as he had the protection of the homosexual mafia. He just went onto bigger scams. He’s an old school Mafia in the new modern age of medical corruption. The Vaccine industry is very lucrative. Google trends indicates “chest pain” searches are off the charts. If the duped masses might accept they were fooled, they might get really angry. The vaccine was submission to the agenda. Those who didn’t take it, were marked as enemies, just as those who took it, were marked as useful idiots.

    Their big problem is, even a small group of disaffected doctors, or nurses, organizing, will be extremely effective. The Covidians have made many enemies, and many of them are not fools, and will never be cowed, ever.



  5. I was speaking to someone at my work and the vax came up. They said that the vax was never promised to stop you getting covid. I shot them down right away, and started quoting DL when it came out.
    I think they were embarrassed that they were wrong or getting challenged about it, but either way it felt good correcting them. As someone who had to get the shot to go into the office to do my work, I’m feeling a nice level of schadenfreude about the miserable bastard having covid.



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