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Oh dear, Poor Cindy




What next will the lefties try and do to deflect the warranted criticism of their dear leader? To accuse National and the media of engaging in “emotional rape” is scrapping the bottom of their deep corpse filled barrel.

Calling out Cindy’s incompetence at best, and lying at worst, is not “an intentional systematic act of violence on a person’s emotions. If we cannot have the right to say what we think of her lack of morals and inaction, what is the point of her being constantly in the publics eye. If it’s good to be her when things are good, she must take it when the shit hits the fan.

If she had any thoughts of the party she is leader of, she would cancel her trip to Japan and the UN. Only a rat deserts the ship while it is sinking. Bailing out while the party self destructs, even for a few days, is not the actions of a good leader.

Oh well never mind. We always have Winston waiting in the wings for his chance to resume his desired role as PM. (unelected)

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  1. Hey Ed, I’m in no way defending Ardern or Labour and I’m as disgusted ny them as you are…. but when exactly has the left accused National and the media of engaging in “emotional rape” and who made the accusation?

    Was this a press statement, something said by a minister, something written on a leftie blog or what?

    Please supply more details or a link. Thanks.



  2. Damage Control Mode. The red light is flashing, and she buggers off to the UN, once again, to look like she’s the magician who’s going to put the livestreaming technology back in the bottle forever and ever amen. Milk Christchurch for all its worth- chase the smoke JA.



  3. Do you think even H1 and H2 went “ahhh fuck” when Cindy rose to the top and they knew the depth of the wood they were working with?
    That face is all teeth and smiley eyes at meet and greets but is a gaunt war face with no punch.
    She’s like Greta, thrust out to run a country on half a mil $ a year, having to deal with things she doesn’t know how nor wants to be involved in. Forced by the enveloping show, to battle the anxiety and battle on day after day. Boo Hoo Sad face 🙁

    Will the leader for the kinder world, get to press the flesh with the “Greta”
    Ooooh! the photo opportunities…………..and that’s all
    Click Click “I think that climate crisis is”…..
    No one cares what you’re going to say Cindy, we know the substance and content of it before you open your shitmixer. Virtue Virtue…
    Note: Quick! Email Greta and ask her to inquire “Wheres ars you Cindy is from again?” and “Would she report any bullying and sexual abuse at an office you worked at :-)”
    At least while she’s at the UN she can improve her scandal cover up techniques. With the number of dodgey UN sex scandals, there must be a library. The UN is what Labour are trying to emulate here. Gasp!



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