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Oh how the Woke Must Hate Them




Farmers venting online asked to dial-down the hate.

From Stuff:

Farmers identified as essential services are being asked to dial-down their “vitriolic” online posts, aimed at people who have been critical of the agricultural sector.

Ag Proud NZ, which aims to bring urban and rural communities together, wants the agricultural sector to show care and compassion for all Kiwis during the Covid-19 crisis.

Chairman Jon Pemberton said rural communities must remain humble and focus on what they do best, “producing world-class food”.

Reading farmers’ posts, which boasted about being an essential service, was not helpful. Ag Proud NZ’s Jon Pemberton is asking farmers to focus on producing food for Kiwis, rather than making ‘I told you so’ comments online.

Pemberton said a letter circulating online, addressed to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, was of particular concern.

It was critical of the Government’s high level support for tourism, its plan to convert pastoral land for tree planting and other polices aimed at farmers.

“I guess now all we have once industry shuts down and tourism crumbles completely is the farmers,” the letter said.

“The same ones who your coalition called rednecks, the same ones who are committing suicide at a terrible rate, the same ones who get up at 5am to milk their cows so you have your milk and butter for breakfast.”

The letter prompted Pemberton to issue a statement on the Ag Proud NZ page.

“Across social media we see some members of our agricultural community sharing vitriolic posts aimed at government and those members of society that have been critical of our industry,” he said in the statement.

“No amount of politicking or grandstanding will change what has happened in the past or what people are currently experiencing.”

Pemberton said the critical comments from farmers had reduced since his online plea to cease.

Ag Proud NZ had been running a nation-wide event programme in city centres where urban folk could come and meet a farmer to find out what really happens working on the land.

“With the current global situation, agriculture will now be in the spotlight and relied on not only for sustainment, but potentially for the economic crutch we can provide as an exporting nation.”

He acknowledged Kiwis were coming to terms with a completely new vocabulary: pandemic, recession, depression, physical distancing, self-isolation.

“These terms weren’t even on our radars just weeks ago, yet are creating uncertainty and very real anxieties for Kiwis.

“Now is the time for unity, for community spirit and to help all our whanau through whatever lies ahead.”

Waikato Federated Farmers President Andrew McGiven said there was some frustration about how quickly the government identified agriculture as an essential service, yet it still had active policies that “kneecap” agriculture in New Zealand.

He said a failure to recognise some of the work farmers had done in water quality, biodiversity, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, had “sapped the morale” from the farming community.

“… and obviously some people want to make that point known,” McGiven said.

He hoped the Government may now look at agriculture in a much more holistic approach and realise its value to the economy and environment.

“If people want to continually shout [government] down, then we may lose that opportunity and end up back at square one.”

McGiven said it was perhaps “not coincidental” that during lockdown, there were many environmental and climate benefits, yet the same number of ruminants were still being milked.

He agreed with AgProud NZ, that no-one likes people constantly saying “I told you so”.

“And we run the risk of isolating, excuse the pun, ourselves further from our urban cousins.

“At least the Government has realised that the only worse thing than a pandemic is a pandemic and famine.”


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  1. Why is Ag Proud trying to block farmers from having their say? They have been beaten down for years by Labour and the Greens. Time to say what they think and have those asshats eat some humble pie.



    • According to West Coast friends who are dairy farmers south of Hokitika, O’Connor will be dog tucker next election… when ever it is.

      Known to be a two faced smarmy prick.

      Actually he is a typical COL MP completely out of their depth.



  2. Having been dragged along to a few Labour Party functions/fundraisers (Sadly I have Family who are Lefties) I can only say that I was stunned by how much Labour utterly fucking DETEST Farmers.
    I took exception to one individual who was making jokes about Farmers killing themselves…He quickly backed down (All Lefties are cowards)
    The reason for all this hatred? Farmers vote National…Plain and simple as that.



  3. Time the farmers had a say at how things are. here in this time of wokeness The greens are full of it and so are all the col for allowing all the BS that has been out there since they took over of govt. Go farmers I say, they are what is going to bring this country back from the brink. And no I am not a farmer, I live right in the city, (can we still call it that now the shops apart from pharmacies and supermarkets are closed?) I am wondering what the future generations will say about this time in maybe 4 or 5 generations forward from now?



    • The hatred of greedy farmers has been in full flow since the 1980’s “reforms” as orchestrated by then Labour cabinet minister, Roger Douglas.
      I am sure some on here will remember the outpouring of righteous criticism about the SMP Subsidies (supplementary minimum prices) , which were in fact a mechanism to increase primary production to generate export income for NZ during the “oil shock” global crisis.
      The farming community has never really recovered from the politically promoted battering it received over the SMP issue. That is why it is not politically correct, even today all this time later, for farmers to speak out in their own defence.
      Mostly they just keep their heads down and get on with the job.
      Dirty farming, waterway degradation etc are “go to” farmer-bashing policies today.



  4. Recently I was researching the history of an old dairy factory which forms part of the wharf at Whakapirau on a NE arm of the Kaipara Harbour. Nearby, about 1890, “to help his vines grow, Jackman advocated the use of bonedust, broadcast at the rate of three to five hundredweight an acre. According to Kaipara historian Dick Scott, Jackman broke into the Ngati Whatua ossuary and ground up the bones for his vineyard.”

    It goes without saying that the local Maori were not amused.

    But it also suggests a way in which moaning, half-wit townies could after their deaths atone for their diatribes against the nation’s farmers. 🙂




  5. Damien O’Connor seems to deem so many parts of farming is nonessential, yet so much on a farm must be done in timely manner.

    Like fencing, some has to be completed,
    Other times in the winter it can become dangerous on hill sides once a winter sets in, with the now specialist tractor rammer setup that vastly increased the productivity of a fencer.

    Shearing is said to be non essential,
    Yet some flocks are being afflicted with a autumnal pleurisy, and pneumonia that in some places will be come widespread. Shearing seems to stop this, and the lambs do much better, eat more grass, and become prime more quickly, so more better able to be sent to the freezing works.
    Then a back log, delaying everything again with an issue that winter rains will make major time constraints.
    Then sheep being shorn belatedly and turned out into winter cold rains, and possibly much less grass.

    Undoubtedly the shearing will be slower, as consideration to be worked out about people, distancing, and just being careful.
    Many farmers will be canny too, as being in male, aged, so being at risk will make them quite conscious of taking care.



  6. “McGiven said it was perhaps “not coincidental” that during lockdown, there were many environmental and climate benefits, yet the same number of ruminants were still being milked.”

    It’s time the dirty cities and their ‘superior’ inhabitants took their share of any blame for environmental damage.



  7. Time and time again our farming sector pulls the country out of the shit.
    All they get is negativity for it.
    So what if the farmer can afford a new car, that just created more jobs in the automotive industry. A new tractor? That’s more work in the local industries. Renovate that house? Supports the trades people. Goes on an overseas holiday? Supports the travel industry, airlines, local parking or transport to get to the airport. Then there’s the fact the remainder of their income either pays off some if the massive debt, or gets spent locally.
    But hey, as noted, the lockdown is improving the environment, but the farmers are still working. Proves they are not the environmental destroyers the greens claim.
    Notice though that you still can’t swim at most beaches around Auckland, well apart from the lockdown they are still contaminated. Most rural streams, upstream from the towns, are clean enough to swim.



  8. Pemberton might as well work for the Govt. propaganda department. When this is over does he think Labour and the Greens will change their tune on farmers and even thank the farmers for continuing their hard work on the farms during the lock down ? Of course no,t they will continue to be full on.

    I did not realise O’Connor had singled out various farming activities which were considered non essential —the guy has lost his marbles !!!



    • Quite right Ross12
      This government will continue to be demanding taxes/rates etc… with menaces so that all those “tick box” officials for “best practice” “precautionary principles” etc.. can retain those high paying well fed jobs.

      It never will be considered “essential” to fence off water ways by some farmers now.
      After all it is seriously considered non essential.
      Just a regulatory whim by tick box penalty fining Councils!

      How can areas be considered “Significant Natural Areas” and perhaps have to be fenced off, that are though blithely said to remain in farmer’s hands with no significant seizing of control by regional authoritys so that another lot of tickbox inspectors can turn out on ones property.
      This is being pushed through in regulatory form onto Councils by Green bureaucracy

      Yet they do very little to safe guard the citizens of New Zealand with full on quarantining.

      Farmers also have been complying for years with quarantine regualtions and coping with tick box inspectors, though also fighting back on government bureaucracy, to get those get things done right, in quarantining for diseases in stock like Brucellious, Tuberculosis, and now Mycoplasma bovis.

      Damien O’Connor may have worked on farms but only as a very young fella, but found life a lot easier else where, like in sales, and machinery operator, organizing Buller Adventure Tours before settling in the trough as per his ideology.



  9. My cousin has the farm my grandfather then uncle had.
    I stayed there for a week a few years ago.
    They really do create a lot of employment and he was ‘greased up’ as I told him, from suppliers as they tout for business.
    The Bank manager, Stock and station agent, fencers, tree trimmers (the hedgerow windbreaks), truckies for the stock yard – just in the time I was there.
    ..add in machinery repairs and sales; shearers, Vets, electricians, and so on and Farmers create a lot of employment and cashflow.

    Farmers grow the avocado in smashed avocado, the grains for the toast, the butter on the toast, the tomatoes for the sauce, the meat for the bacon and sausages….
    ..and that is just breakfast.
    Just say ‘thank you’ yuppies!

    Back in the 90s I stayed with a mate with an orchard in the Waikato. This was after subsidies were removed.
    He showed me the breakdown of costs vs revenue .
    Fruit at $2 a kilo in the shop gross sale price:-
    the GST was 12.5% . The govt got 22c on the sale; then there was the retailer margin, the trucking and storage fees, and
    prior to farm gate
    there were expenses in fertilisers, packing shed (used a couple of weeks of the year), water tanks, netting to keep the birds out, packing cartons, labour, rates to council etc
    The net he received was 14c/ kg
    The Govt received more for doing nothing in particular.
    You had to allow for one in 4 or 5 years for hail or a frost to wipe out the crop and no revenue or reduced revenue if hail damaged.
    He was of the belief that it was valid to subsidise farmers when they got 14c or 7% but took all the risk.
    The rest of the economy received $1.86 to his 14c primary effort.
    I could see his argument.

    It would be nice if the city folk could at least say thanks or STFU and not criticise.
    The farmer/ primary producers do it hard a lot of the time.
    This is a once in 90 year event for townies.
    The primary producers have contended with many floods and droughts in that time.

    The forestry people on the East coast basically had to down tools 2 months ago.
    This stopped work for foresters, saw repair people, fuel suppliers, truckies , mechanics, the port etc.

    The scum who oppose them are not fit to take another breath.
    Jimmy Two Mummies is one of those.
    The Green party and people who vote for them are retards.

    It is your time to shine.



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