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In the boat, left to right: Strzok, Clapper, Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Shifty Schiff, Cankles, Brennan, and the Crook in Chief, Obama.

Their boat enjoyed a high tide of hope and momentum for two years, but after the Mueller Report was released, that tide went out. All the way out. Now they’re stuck in the mud and they all look ridiculous. Do they abandon their boat and trudge back to the shore of apology? No. Most of them are tripling down on their lunacy. They’re now threatening impeachment based on ‘obstruction,’ even though there’s no proof of that, either. Maybe Trump gritting his teeth at their witch-hunt qualifies as obstruction.

“If Hillary loses we’ll blame the Russians” – Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta on election night 2016.

During the 1960s, a radical author named Saul Alinsky wrote a book called “Rules for Radicals” that outlined 10 uncanny and evil rules for radicals to follow to win an election. One of those rules said ‘Find a target, isolate it, freeze it and destroy it.’ Another said ‘Blame others for your faults.’ Both of these were used against Trump in this last election. Hillary was a big follower of Alinsky and even wrote her college thesis on him.

For the past two years now ever since Hillary lost the Democrats and her campaign have been subjecting and maliciously maligning Trump and his family and the entire nation on this false narrative and hoax that he colluded with Russia to win the election with the hopes of overthrowing him in a soft coup.  Alinsky rule #1,find a target, isolate it, freeze it and destroy it. The entire democrat party was so triggered by her loss after she was supposed to win one hundred million to one, according to FBI agent Peter Strzuk, that they have turned into raving lunatics like a machine destroying anything in its’ path, the hell with the country.

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  1. I note that the latest calls to impeach Trump have been spearheaded by Elizabeth Warren, herself entirely innocent of anything resembling the truth. Her temerity is breathtaking. You wonder how any right-minded individual could possibly take her seriously. OK, don’t answer that.

    Running a close second is the incredibly dim, but incredibly noisy Occasional Cortex, another Democrat with a tenuous relationship to the truth, an ego far vaster than her intellect, and a scornful righteousness that would cower Savonarola.



  2. “Cower” Savonarola, of course. Damned auto-correct! Editor – there’s no option to allow us a couple of minutes to edit our comments?



  3. Crooked Hillary lost because she is a LOSER. They can’t seem to get past the 2016 election results. Trump, love or loathe him, is going to mop the floor with anything the Dims throw at him in 2020. They have no agenda other than hating Trump.



  4. I am reliably informed that Gitmo is preparing accommodation for Crooked Hilary & Comey with a myriad of Tents for others involved in the greatest Fraudulent made up conspiracy of the century.



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