Patrice Lewis uses her own experience to school bovine-defending academic

Once again, a “scientific” paper has been published from a university academic containing questionable conclusions. But this one caught the attention of the excellent news outlet Campus Reform and spread from there. As a result, the paper received widespread mockery and general derision from one end of the nation to the other. I’m here to chime in with my own version of jeering laughter.

The paper was entitled “Readying the Rape Rack: Feminism and the Exploitation of Non-Human Reproductive Systems” and was published in the journal Dissenting Voices, which is put out (no surprise) by the Women’s and Gender Studies program at the College at Brockport State University of New York

Students (and parents) of this fine institution should be aware their tuition dollars and student loan debt are contributing to the academic conclusions reached by the author, an intern for Brockport’s Women’s Studies Department, to wit: The dairy industry is raping cows.

Apparently, artificial insemination (A.I.) is akin to rape. Not just that, but bovine pregnancy is “emotional trauma,” and milking cows is “sexual abuse” and “emotional trauma related to pregnancy.”

Yes, your tax dollars at work.

The author, a feminist piece of work named Mackenzie L. April, has taken it upon herself to examine the “under-researched” “feminist aspects of animal agriculture.” Unsurprisingly this intern is a “vegan and animal rights activist.” No agenda there, no sirree.

“The dairy industry is a host for sex-based discrimination,” writes April. “It is a site where sexual assault and objectification based on biological makeup are highly prevalent but ignored as we choose to neglect non-humans with whom we share a planet.”

(Darn that biological makeup and sex-based discrimination. From now on, the dairy industry should start milking bulls as well as cows, for greater gender equality.)

Sweetheart, we’ve owned, bred, milked, dehorned, castrated and butchered cows for about 20 years now. If you think breeding cows is like rape, you should watch a bull in action. There’s no stopping him.And those hussy cows in heat don’t seem to be complaining either.

What Ms. April doesn’t seem to understand is animals go into heat for a reason. They want to be bred. They want to reproduce. An unbred cow is restless, grumpy and prone to breaking through fences just for the heck of it. No cow of my acquaintance had any objections to being bred (either by a bull or by A.I.) because hormones told them it was time.

This, folks, is what feminism has become. Once a movement of noble intent – there were many genuine and serious issues that needed to be corrected in a civilized society – it has degraded into a laughable mockery in which everything (everything!) is examined through the lens of victimhood. Nature, biology and reality go right out the window. Feminists long ago ran out of legitimate things to complain about, so now they make them up as they go along.

“Modern feminism is getting embarrassing,” noted columinst David French in 2014. “There’s a reason why so few women identify as feminists: It’s less a true ‘women’s movement’ than the public face of hysterical leftist intolerance – combined, of course, with utterly bizarre (and bizarrely stupid) ideas.” Mr. French accurately calls modern feminism “appalling stupidity backed by hysterical rage.”

Ms. April wants “reproductive justice towards animals” as well as humans, and she urge us to consider “the importance of animals’ lives as equal to your own.” She seems extremely concerned about the welfare of livestock, both in and out of the womb. It’s a pity those feeling of righteous anger don’t extend to human babies waiting to be born.

As an animal-rights activist, this lady has her work cut out for her. Why not address other species? Roosters are notoriously sexist in their attitude toward hens. Male dogs can’t stop sniffing the behinds of female dogs. And let’s not even discuss billy goats. All the females of every species should demand the immediate cessation of every attempt at breeding by the male patriarchy. Only then will reproductive justice be achieved (along with extinction).

If anyone ever wonders at my apparent hostility to what a college education has become, look no further than this.

To Ms. April, I would like to ask a simple question: What did you produce today? Let’s compare your academic ivory tower to some of our recent transactions:

We produced blueberries, corn, herbs, garlic, eggs and beef. What did you produce?

The dairy industry you so hate produces milk, cheese and organic fertilizer. What did you produce?

Our neighbors who run an upscale motel produced some beautiful rooms for visitors to stay in. What did you produce?

Some other neighbors just purchased a lovely Jersey cow, which they are (cough) sexually assaulting every day to provide healthy organic milk for their seven homeschooled children. What did you produce?

We just purchased our winter’s firewood from a gentleman who cut and split it. What did you produce?

A friend who is a brilliant mechanic spends his days fixing nonworking vehicles. What did you produce?

Another friend who is a doctor spends his days fixing peoples’ bodies. What did you produce?

Another friend drives for FedEx and delivers packages. What did you produce?

Another friend works for the highway department and fixes roads. What did you produce?

Another friend works payroll for a large company, making sure people get paid. What did you produce?

Many friends are homeschooling their children, producing the next generation of responsible, God-fearing citizens. What did you produce?

All across this country, hardworking people are producing things. They are producing goods and services that Ms. April doubtless takes for granted. But Ms. April has produced … nothing. (Well, she’s producing a lot of “fertilizer,” but it won’t grow a single plant.) She is, however, creating dissent, anger, victimhood and other mayhem. She is urging feminists and other “social justice”-minded individuals to “incorporate non-human bodies into their own feminist perspectives.” Doesn’t this sound like “fertilizer” to you?

And if this young intern’s foray into academia is any indication, she’s destined never to produce anything of value. Instead, she’s destined to be a societal parasite, forever manufacturing gender inequalities from thin air and harassing people. When she graduates, her only job prospects will be employment in “diversity” departments of public institutions, where she’ll have a fulfilling career tearing down people and businesses at taxpayer expense.

No thanks. I’ll take the cows. At least they’re useful. And tasty.

After reading this, I am offended that anyone can actually believe this. I think I need a lie down to get over just how stupid someone can be.

She must be from the Stooopidboy clan. Stooopidity is universal.

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    • Lordy, lord, what an imagination the poor petal has. Has she considered the collection process for the AI bulls? Where is her outrage for the ‘teased’ bulls not getting the real thing but instead a collection vessel meets his sexual thrall. The process is the backbone of our farm breeding industry.



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