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Florida “Anti-Mob” Bill Gives Civilians Immunity If They Shoot Looters Or Run Over Protesters

By John Vibes;

The “anti-mob” bill and seems specifically targeted at the Black lives Matter movement and the ongoing protests against police brutality.

This week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the drafting of a new piece of legislation that would expand the state’s Stand Your Ground law. He is calling the legislation an “anti-mob” bill and it seems specifically targeted at the Black lives Matter movement and the ongoing protests against police brutality that have swept across the United States in recent months.

The new legislation, if it becomes law, would allow armed citizens in the state of Florida to shoot, and potentially kill anyone that they suspect of looting a home or business.

According to the Miami Herald, the legislation is an attempt to prevent “violent and disorderly assemblies” by allowing civilians to use violence against anyone involved in the “interruption or impairment” of a business. The law specified that any burglary within 500 feet of “violent or disorderly assembly,” could be legally answered with lethal force.

The proposed legislation has been criticised by legal experts in the state, who fear that it could give vigilantes a license to kill anyone who they deem to be a rioter, and could further increase the change of civil unrest.

Former Miami-Dade County prosecutor, Denise Georges, who has experience with Stand Your Ground cases in the state, told the Herald that, “It allows for vigilantes to justify their actions. It also allows for death to be the punishment for a property crime — and that is cruel and unusual punishment. We cannot live in a lawless society where taking a life is done so casually and recklessly.”

DeSantis has been working to impose measures to crack down on protesters all year, and has promoted similar ideas in recent months, including immunity for drivers who run over protesters. Legal experts are concerned that this sends the wrong message to counter-protest groups who already perceive themselves to be vigilantes.

This year has seen numerous cases of vigilante violence, and in many of these cases, the suspect ended up walking free because of the laws already on the books.

The legislation also includes other measures that would give immunity to citizens who hurt or injure protesters who are blocking the road. The bill would make it a third-degree felony to block traffic and give immunity to drivers who kill or injure protesters that were blocking the road.

There is also language in the bill that attempts to block local jurisdictions from defunding police departments, by cutting their entire budget if they decide to scale back police funding.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber, a former prosecutor, and critic of the already existing Stand Your Ground law, said that DeSantis is attempting to earn favor with the Trump administration.

“It’s clear that the Trump beauty pageant is still going on with governors and senators, who all want to be the next Trump. And the governor is clearly a very good contestant,” Gelber said.

The proposed law remains in draft form and could not be considered until the 2021 legislative session at the earliest.


  1. What a good idea.
    Shoot the bad fuckers.
    That’s what China would do.
    The Muslims will chop their hands off for theiving.
    Russians would send them to siberia.
    Indians would burn their woman.

    Kiwi’s would give them some money, ask if they were properly breast fed, blame their unknown father, send them to jail for a few days so Angry can let them back out.

    I’m sure you can all think of more excuses.



    • ‘they are all people of colour. Black/brown’

      Yep they were brought in on slave ships just last year.
      Oh wait, no some of them came in last year by sneaking across the southern border after they paid ‘coyotes’ to sneak them across into this land of opportunity.

      No wait, sorry my producer says we cant tell any facts today.
      Yep, correction they are poor oppressed people what got affected by colonisation n stuff.
      wacism wacism wacism.
      George Floyd was not a violent ex jailbird and heavy illegal drug user.
      No sir!

      USA brought in less slaves than Each of France, England and Spain did to the Caribbean.
      USA is the ONLY country to purchase land in Africa -Liberia – and offer repatriation.
      None of France, England or Spain and and any other holier than thou Europeans countries did that.

      In fact the true arsehole colonisers in history, the French, charged the Bleck people of Haiti to stay there. They charged them for the land where the French cleared out the native people in order to grow sugar and import and use bleck slave labour.
      The debt took the Haitians over 100 years to pay back the cheese eating surrender monkeys.
      Circa 1820 this occurred.

      The reason any of these Blecks are in USA today is because their ancestors chose to stay in USA and not go back to shit-holes.
      Have you seen Liberia today?



  2. By definition a riot is “a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd”. Therefore we’re not talking about a posse gunning down a poor black person stealing a loaf of bread. The proposed legislation would only affect a civilian already within 500ft of a belligerent group demonstrating violence.

    The bleeding hearts here & in the USA think that the rioters are nice people with a cause. Some possibly are but many are psychos taking their opportunity to maim people & wreck their property.



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