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Open and Transparent- Yeah Right




Alice sent me this;

Click on this link and it downloads a movie to your device.

Tova O’Brian

A friend sent me the attached clip. I cannot find it on YouTube and suspect it has been withdrawn such is the open and transparent nature of Ardern’s government the Angel of Death wouldn’t want the sheep seeing it.



    • In July 2020. I watched it somewhere yesterday, I can’t remember where. It was a link to the newshub site. The video is still relevant because the govt. has gone into the same mode right now. More the fact it has been “disappeared” shows the media are part of the problem.



  1. It is noticeable that all the Labour people have made themselves unavailable until Mahuta turned up ye=sterday to expalin her 3 waters plan.
    Are the Maori cacaus getting a bit tired of the shreiking haraden who is always seen in a new set of clothes.
    Perhaps the iwi are starting to revolt against this treatment?

    History repeats.
    NZ has a history of “leaders” in Parliament of shutting down their governements and MP’s.
    Savage did it.
    Muldoon di it.
    Clrak did it and now this piece of shit that people voted in as a user freindly PM has done it.

    Time for a revolution within.

    Who will do it.
    The Maori?
    The unions?
    Reports over the weekend suggested that the Unions tried to strong arm here and lost. So that’s little Andrew showing his hand and losing.
    We have heard nothing from the Loud Mouth Jackson for months. But ,his mate Tamahere has been vocal on the money raising side of things.

    Where are we going and when will it end?
    Who can we call for support?
    Not the Judiciary.
    Not the medical cartel.
    The guys in the Army need help.

    Hi there,

    There’s no beating around the bush, our defence force soldiers need your help – and so we’re reaching out for your support…

    On any other day our military personal could be found risking their lives in missions to ensure your safety and the safety of our country. Their service and bravery is in no small part responsible for the freedoms and peace we’ve all enjoyed for so long…

    But this is changing fast…

    And right now our soldiers are about to fight another battle, this time a very public legal one against mandatory vaccines.

    Voices for Freedom have already provided financial support to this new legal challenge from previous donations, but we hope to give more, and to do that we need your help…

    This is an important case for our soldiers to win. They have been willing to lay down their lives for us, now for once, we have a chance to…

    Show Them We Have Their Backs..

    Here are the details of the case so far.
    Lawyer Chris Grieg is leading this case of 12 personnel challenging a directive that would see them all discharged from the military for declining the experimental Covid-19 vaccine. These 12 personnel represent a much larger group who are in the same situation in the defence force, but also, employees of any business nationwide seeking to impose mandates.

    We are supporting these New Zealanders in their stand for their fundamental freedom to decline medical treatment without being treated prejudicially. Many before them have fought and given their lives for our freedoms, and their situation is grossly unjust.

    The 12 personnel represent a wide spectrum of our armed forces, from senior officers to junior privates, from across the Navy, the Army and the Air Force. They have a combined 126 years of service to New Zealand, including operational deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, East Timor, Sudan, the Solomon Islands and the Sinai. This service has often been high-risk.

    Their service within New Zealand includes the response to the Canterbury earthquakes, the Port Hills fires, and the all of government Covid-19 response, where they have served in planning groups for government departments and MIQ facilities.

    These are high achieving and loyal service personnel. Many have received commendations and awards for their performance operationally, as well as in their respective trades. Despite this, these personnel have now been told that most will be discharged for “poor performance” because, without the experimental Covid-19 jab, they don’t meet the military’s individual readiness requirements.

    In the past, vaccination status has rarely been used as a ground for discharge from the armed forces. In this instance, the Defence Force is taking a hard-line approach. In many cases, the military authorities have breached the right to privacy of dedicated personnel by publicly sharing their decisions not to be vaccinated against Covid-19. They have received prejudicial treatment as a result, and one officer has been relieved of his command.

    To date, initial documents have been filed with the High Court, more news will be posted as soon as it’s available.

    Support Critical Legal Action..

    The outcome of legal challenges being supported by Voices For Freedom could very well be instrumental for how Mandates are or are not rolled across the country.

    If you are willing and able to support these legal challenges financially, now is your opportunity.

    Donate via our support page and choose to support legal action specifically, or any of our other projects. Funds raised for legal action will support our Kiwi Soldiers as well as other important legal challenges.

    Thank you again for your support, we are all growing stronger by the day.


    stand up, speak out, keep hugging.
    Claire, Alia & Libby xo



  2. I copy paste the whole article as I have found it difficult to track to and somehow things seem to slide of that Newhub website then prove difficult to get back to.
    Newshub has been leaked an internal memo sent to all ministers from the Prime Minister’s office instructing them not to speak to the media about Friday afternoon’s document dump.
    It directs that ministers instead respond with brief written comments that must be signed off by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.
    The gag order was sent ahead of a Friday afternoon document dump of official papers relating to the Government’s COVID-19 response.
    Watch: Newshub has been leaked an internal memo sent to all ministers from the Prime Minister’s office instructing them not to speak to the media about this afternoon’s document dump.
    What you need to know from Government’s mega COVID-19 document dump
    “If you do get a media query on this please provide a written response,” it reads. “I would like to sign off and see all written response (sic).
    Do not put Minister up for any interviews on this.”
    The documents were released at 2pm – after the Government’s only press conference of the day.
    Leak: Jacinda Ardern gags ministers on discussing COVID-19 response
    Photo credit: Supplied
    The leaked memo provides specific talking points to keep them on message, including:
    “Perfect would have been the public enemy of the good,” and,
    “Tough calls had to be made and we stand by them.”
    It says due to public buy-in the Government doesn’t have to explain its response.
    “There’s no real need to defend. Because the public have confidence in what has been achieved and what the Govt [sic] is doing. Instead we can dismiss.”
    It lists talking points by topic – including one for “Opposition” which points to a press release from National leader Simon Bridges on March 23.
    “We won’t regret moving quickly to stop this virus spreading. We may have regrets if we don’t,” it attributes to the leader of the Opposition.

    The gagging memo itself:-



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