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Organ Recipients Rejecting Transplant After Getting COVID Jab




Study Finds Organ Recipients Rejecting Transplant After Getting COVID Jab

A new study has found that organ recipients are rejecting transplants after getting the COVID jab.

The experimental jab may be to blame for some transplant recipients’ rejection of their new organ, reports WISH-TV.

Acute corneal allografts are being rejected by vaccinated patients who have had the treatment, according to a recent study that was published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine. According to researchers, the root of the problem may be a systemic inflammatory reaction brought on by the post-jab injection.

The cornea is a person’s eye’s outermost layer. Corneal grafts are utilized to repair a damaged cornea. The operation is widely regarded as one of the most successful organ transplant procedures, with minimal rejection rates. It improves the appearance of the damaged cornea while restoring eyesight and reducing eye pain.

Data from 23 studies were collected by Japanese researchers. A total of 23 eyes were evaluated from 21 patients who had received corneal graft surgeries. Graft rejection developed somewhere from one day to six weeks after vaccination in all patients, even several who had the operation done twenty years prior.

“As the virus continues to spread, additional booster COVID-19 vaccines are expected,” study authors wrote in the paper. “Therefore, proper follow-up of corneal allograft recipients and interventions to prevent corneal allograft rejection after they received the COVID-19 may be crucial.”

Blood clots, heart inflammation, and Guillain-Barre syndrome are examples of the new risks associated with immunization.

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  1. Not on;ly that.
    Penis Injury from the Shot: “It’s Very Disturbing”

    Potential Side Effects:
    Penile vein thrombosis (blood clot) – Mondor’s disease
    Penile squamous cell carcinoma (cancer) – If it goes undetected, it can spread to the lymph system and then start circulating throughout the body.
    Penile infection (ulcers, rashes, sore, pain, etc.)
    “These harms were known during the [Pfizer] clinical trials, and they were not brought to the attention of people before the vaccines were rolled out.”




  2. Viking , My rejection of the snake bites was not an anti vaxx stance it was because of the shocking side effects I’ve experienced from other vaccines ,In my early 20s I got a shot for a trip to central and South America I cant recall what it was for but it had me sick as a dog in bed for around 10 days.
    It’s always been a curse even run of the mill drugs like anti biotics and anti inflammatories can have me feeling like shit, penicillin has me break into a rash , never in a thousand years did I ever expect to be thanking my system for rejecting all those drugs over the years and saying fuck off to the covid poison jabs. YEEE HAAAA a bit of good luck at last..



  3. In line with being a vaxx problem

    An American embalmer and the blood clots patterns and when he sent the clots to a laboratory
    Also noticing the speed of cancer.

    …… “Lately, had I not been told these people had cancer, I’d not have known.
    People are getting cancers and are dead before they know it,” he says.
    “They don’t live long enough to go through the stages.”

    His observations jive precisely with reports from a senior Swedish physician and researcher, Dr. Ute Kruger, who recently expressed alarm at the extraordinary rates of aggressive cancers she is now seeing. …..

    ….. “I’ve talked to so many other embalmers, and we are all seeing the same thing,” says Hirschman. “But governments don’t want to look at it.” ……

    A good article along with the video, and then there are some comments.
    31 mins 35 secs : September 16, 2022

    The conspirators curtain of silence, suppression, censorship needs to be ripped apart and held to full account!



    • Interesting, my brother who has been vaccinated and has has a cornea transplant a couple of years ago has been treated with antibiotics this year for a very painful infection (still ongoing). He had glaucoma as a baby and has limited site. They are talking about getting the other eye done. Hopefully he isn’t going to. He thinks it is because he is older.
      I tried to dissuade them from getting the jabs in the first place. His wife’s son is in health and he encouraged them.
      I can’t see the point of saying I told you so. It is sad watching peoples quality of life being destroyed.



      • You are right, the I told you so doesn’t help.
        One of my sons on the other hand was very mocking of me with my stance and I am not really in touch with the other two lots, but they are pregnant, I wouldn’t wish ill on them for anything.



        • I have one child vaxed who we don’t discuss the subject and the other like myself who is aware of the Elites conspiracy. Both children chose not to have children. At least I don’t have to worry about their future. Apart from the vaccine damage. The amount of interrelationship damage is probably much higher in families.



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