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Pandemic Is Over For The Unvaccinated




Pandemic Is Over For The Unvaccinated

Written by Igor Chudov

Congratulations are in order: the pandemic among the unvaccinated Brits is just about over.

Only 394 vaccine-free persons died in weeks 5-8, compared to 3,527 vaccinated deaths. This means that vaccine-free Brits comprised only exactly 10 percent of all Covid deaths during weeks 5-8.

Comparing current weeks 5-8 to weeks 1-4: Unvaccinated deaths went down from 1,007 deaths in week 1-4, to just 394 deaths in weeks 5-8 — a drop of 61 percent.

However, for the same periods, boosted deaths went from 2,585 in Weeks 1-4, to 2,704 in Weeks 5-8 — an INCREASE of five percent.

This increase, as the picture below shows, is NOT because so many more people became boosted in weeks 4-8:

Mind you, “cases” in the UK were rapidly falling since Week 1 in early January. The increase in deaths in the boosted, is because the booster effectiveness of people boosted a couple of months ago, waned and these people end up with “negative” protection against getting sick. More on the negative protection later.


I have long ran out of adjectives to describe the abysmal performance of “Covid Vaxx” at preventing people from getting Covid.

But compared to the previous UK report, things have gotten even worse. Boosted, per 100,000 people, have MORE THAN THREE TIMES the rate of illness, compared to the vaccine-free.

Since many people are confused, let me dispel with the objection “but of course more vaccinated people get sick, since most people are vaccinated”. Please note that the above case rates are per 100,000 people (whether boosted or unvaccinated), and therefore they properly account for the number of people involved.

For example, if you pick 100,000 40-49 year old boosted Brits, they would have 2,760 cases in week 5-8 among those. Whereas, 100,000 unvaccinated Brits, would only have 817 cases. This is 3.38 times difference that is unfavorable to the boosted.


To make it clear: Boosting still provides protection from dying from Covid, to the boosted, so that boosted Brits die LESS often than the unvaccinated Brits.

However, as has been the case for the last several weeks, the extent of this protection drops by several percentage points every week. I keep track of changes in protection and here’s the data for the last week and several previous weeks:


So you can see, for example, that “death protection” for 60-69 year olds, dropped by 14 percent, from 71 to 57 percent. The worst is, unfortunately, for the most frequently dying group, the 80+ year olds, where booster protection dropped below 50 percent for the first time! The “death protection” among them is only 48 percent. This is very unfortunate, as the 80+ year olds are our beloved grandparents who are most vulnerable — needing most protection — and are instead the least protected.

Hybrid Immunity

Clever vaccinators invented a new term called “Hybrid immunity”. According to proponents of this stupid idea, people who were inoculated with Covid Vaxx, and then contracted Covid, are now the lucky beneficiaries of “Hybrid Immunity”.

Oddly enough, their “vaccine immunity” did not work and they got Covid. But, somehow, the vaccinators say, now the vaccinated Covid-recovered are benefitting from both immune challenges, the vaxx and their breakthrough Covid.


If the vaccine immunity was any good, would the vaxxed get Covid? Of course not. So why is that a benefit?

Here’s a typical “Hybrid Immune” vaccinated person who got ANOTHER Covid 4 months later

Is this person now “double hybrid immune”, having had two shots of vaccine and TWO Covid infections? Will this person be even more immune after their third Covid? Are you kidding us?

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  1. When the shroud is finally drawn back from this plandemic there should be 1000s of public hangings all around the gullible western world , the disappearing of the “follow the science” front people has started with the biggest lying POS Anthony Fauchi’s sudden vanishing virtually overnight.



  2. When this virus is over I will remember and hope others do as well the wonderful people who made us non jabbed coffee and food for people without prejudice, cut and coloured our hair, gave all sorts of treatments and let us behave like normal people to continue to be very well supported.
    However I want those who shunned us to remain shunned by us all. Let them know that we believe they have not long on this earth. (children exceptions as it wasn’t their fault) And for them to all bear the consequences of their actions, I want all 120 members of parliament to face a strong court of unjabbed and be locked up or what ever the court decides for a long long time, all those sycophants who made up these crazy nonsense rules which would be laughable in their stupidity if they were not true, to be well and truely punished. I dream of this day actually.



    • Lizzie, I will roll my eyes at the sheep and carry on, but the friends and family who bullied and belittled and excluded are another matter.
      That said, I’m not sure I like who I’ve become either.
      As booster mania is upon them, I have a list of people I’d like the karma-fairies to deliver a stroke, a coronary and a bit of myocarditis to.



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