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Panic over. Can we get back to normal please?




Europe’s ‘second wave’ has fizzled out

Ross Clark

Has the Covid ‘second wave’ already run out of steam? On 9 July, just when Britain was reopening the hospitality sector and other businesses, the World Health Organisation announced that the pandemic was ‘accelerating’. Much of the coverage in Britain also implies that we are possibly in the early stages of a second wave. But that talk is lagging behind the data. Globally, the number of new recorded cases peaked on 31 July at 291,691 and has shown a slight downward trend ever since. In terms of deaths, they peaked at 8,502 on 17 April and have also been on a slight declining trend ever since. On the worst day in the past week – 2 September – 6,312 deaths were recorded. Most of the worst-affected countries are now showing downward trends in both daily cases and deaths, including the US, Brazil, Russia, Peru, Colombia, South Africa, Mexico, Chile and Iran. Among the top dozen worst-affected countries, only India is now showing an upwards trend in deaths. Spain and Argentina are showing slight upwards trends in new cases, but not deaths. All these figures, of course, have to be read in conjunction with a huge increase in testing – so a slight increase in new cases does not necessarily imply that the disease is in fact spreading.

As for Europe’s ‘second wave’, that, too, has fizzled out – with new cases now declining in Germany, and Sweden, and remaining flat in Italy, Ireland and Belgium. There is no obvious trend either way in Poland, Denmark or Portugal. The country with the clearest rising trend is Croatia. There was, until last week, a sharply-rising trend in Greece, although this has flattened off in recent days. You can follow country by country data on new infections and deaths here.

History may eventually record that there were three phases to Covid-19: an initial wave in China and the far East; a much bigger wave in Europe, Canada and the northern United States, peaking in April; and a third wave which afflicted the Americas and the southern United States, and which peaked in July. That may suggest that the potential for further waves of the disease is limited and that activity may, from now on, be restricted to relatively minor eruptions in countries which have already been struck by the virus, and where the population – to an extent which we don’t yet really know – has acquired some degree of immunity.


  1. Like ive been saying, Covid will be gone after the American Election, there is questions to be asked about the whole process, seems that medical Doctors have have denying proven treatment to the sick people of the world in socialist country’s to attempt election interference for the Democrats in the U.S. and also have put big Pharma,s interest in a profitable vaccines solution ahead of the health of the people.
    Treatments that are cheap and effective have been openly discredited bye the Media propaganda machine to the detriment of the elderly most at risk from this Chi-Com attack.
    24 Dead, no stats at all as to co-morbidity factors and suspicious infections in elderly heath care facility’s, just like New York, that and lower than average flu season hospitalizations, positive, then negative tests, publication of private patent health details for political gain.
    It all points to deliberate attempts at scare mongering to achieve an election victory.



  2. Yesterdays comments on the bait & switch to the “great reset” .
    We have to know this to head this off at the pass.

    Ross12 September 6, 2020 At 5:21 pm
    This is a long but interesting article addressing the basic question ” Is this pandemic contrived and if so, how could it be done?”

    and as also a parallel writing criticism of the Great Reset, just a comment or so below Ross12
    Simpleton1 September 6, 2020 At 5:43 pm
    ….. 5 planks to the Great Reset – economic, societal, geopolitical, environmental and technological


    To know it, then is more quick to recognize it, so then better able to question, challenge, and much better in countering this Reset in its many forms.



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