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This is a post from Pascal:

Today ACT launched Dare to be Different, the 2020 election campaign.

I was there, four rows from the front. Please, take the time to watch this. Listen to the stories of these ordinary people wanting to make a difference. There was not a dry eye in the house while Karen Chhour spoke, they all did well in their areas. And of course, David Seymour played the crowd well.

There is only one way to make a change this election – party vote ACT. And I know, I’ve begged time and time again for donations but let’s be honest here – they cannot borrow, they are not a government that can (or ever would) spend taxpayer money for electioneering – they’re Kiwis like us trying to make a difference.

We need $1,000,000 in fundraising to run this campaign. David will tell the story of the donation that made the most impact on him. It wasn’t the $75,000 one. It wasn’t the $50,000 one. It was somebody who donated $13. They didn’t pick $10 off the menu and $20 was too much, but they believed in ACT enough to say $13 is what they can afford. And that’s how we win this country back from Labour, by helping ACT get the tools and the message out so we can help Labour move out of parliament. Your $5 donation helps. Every little bit gets us closer.


I urge you all to look at the whole video. Not a platitude or slogan unlike Cindy. No extolling us to “BE Kind”.

Before watching this video, I was worried about the calibre of those who would be getting into parliament as an ACT MP.  If all these speakers get elected, then our country is back on the right road to success.

PARTY VOTE ACT and Dare to be different.

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  1. There are more of them out there in the other burbs as well.

    the headline in the Herald.
    Act Party welfare policy: more money for higher earners

    The poilicy.
    The policy unveiled today by party leader David Seymour and Employment Spokesperson Nicole Mckee proposes a worker who loses their job would be able to claim 55 per cent of their average weekly earnings.

    The policy would be capped at a maximum amount of $60,000 for a year.


    Now I’m not sure how stupid the reporter is but the headline has nothing to do with the policy.

    And as per normal no reporter has the honesty to put their name to the article.
    If we pay we will get better news? Well that’s what they said. They lie.
    Just like Cindy. Lie like flatfish.



  2. I dare!

    For the past 3 elections I considered voting Act but was worried my vote would not make a difference. This time I’m convinced there is a groundswell of support to save our dear country from the ravages of Marxist socialists intent on taking advantage. The average productive, decent and caring Kiwi hold our anger and only grumble to each other. It takes a bit to get our backs up or infuriate us enough to stand up and be counted but the silent majority is now gathering behind Act.

    Vote for individual freedom!

    Party Vote Act 2020 ☑️



  3. Covid-19: ACT pledges safer, smarter borders, less debt and employment insurance

    Now that’s better. This time from Stuff of all people.

    The ACT Party is hitting the election campaign trail with a focus on mental health, gangs and tax reforms to help overcome the Covid-19 crisis.

    The party wants to introduce employment insurance for people who lose their jobs and wants to create a Mental Health and Addiction New Zealand commissioning agency.

    ACT will push to overturn firearms legislation and wants to amend the law to go after gangs and their guns – making it easier for police to seize assets.

    Leader David Seymour and some candidates announced their policies at the election campaign launch on Sunday, where more than 500 supporters packed ASB Waterfront Theatre in Auckland.

    More than Labour last week, Probably more than the Nats.



  4. Guns and 1080: ACT flirts with fringe issues as new supporters come on board

    ACT says it’s planning its most expensive campaign since 2005. It’s gunning for $1 million in donations to bolster its numbers in Parliament.

    But the party is flirting with some fringe issues to help it get there. It’s hammering an issue that’s not very Epsom – guns, and this is attracting some new supporters.

    “That certainly got me looking at them,” one new ACT supporter told Newshub at the sold-out campaign launch in Auckland.

    “We’ve been treated very badly,” another said.

    The party’s picked up gun lobbyist Nicole McKee for its list – she’s ranked third. Along with guns, she aired her views on 1080 today.



  5. I love Act- And I dream of a David Seymour-led Government!
    But I am yet to be convinced that it isn’t a ‘wasted vote’…
    Hence I will probably vote Two Ticks Blue (Despite my utter disillusionment with those wimps Muller and Kaye) as I am desperate to see the back of that fucking vile Adern creature…
    Convince me otherwise team! (And by that I mean tell me tactically how us all voting for Act gets rid of the Communist threat..)



    • In the last “Poll” National was at 38%. Lairbour got 50%. ACT was on 3%.
      I am firmly convinced that these are not the true reflection of the votes. All through the last election campaign national was around 47%.
      This means 10% + national voters have switched to Liabour. That is bullshit.
      So your vote for ACT is not a wasted vote. It will be wasted if you don’t, as National need ACT to keep them from going totally stupid and try and “outwoke” Liabour. Having Kaye and Muller as leaders is not a good sign.



    • Seymour made a comment today that gives an insight to what motivates him.
      He mentioned Charter Schools.
      As you know he was able to get National to support them (in their usual half hearted slimy way) and the Labour has not abloished them but forced them to sign up to the union-run system.
      He made an off the cuff remark that he was still very angry about all that. Govt. failing the people who really needed the help.

      He is very determined and very clear about what needs doing.
      He has pulled together some very good people with principles. Now you can’t say that of the Nats nor Labour.
      Your vote matters to ACT.
      If the Nats lose a couple of their lowest ranked list to ACT’s candidates then it will improve the quality of MP’s by that alone.
      The Nats have lost a few lately so they will have to work hard to replace them with good people.
      ACT are not going to take Union money, CCP money, and they will have lots of contributors from smaller Kiwi businesses.
      The people whose welfare matters most if we are going to get out of this Crisis.

      Capricorn One
      Help make your dreams come true.
      Two Ticks ACT.



    • I’m sure you understand the process CO. Party vote Act and electorate vote your local National candidate. Nat candidate still gets elected and Act bring in more MPs.

      Sean Plunket on Magic Radio told a caller with the same concern as yourself that splitting his vote to party vote Act will not alter National’s election result.

      It works in Epsom.
      Believe! ☑️ 😎



  6. I know Ardern only fronts up for good news stories and leaves the crap to the troops to cover but it is most unlike her not to be at least rolling out the baybee in these times of crisis. She must be suffering from withdrawal symptoms by now.

    Jethro is also missing in action fueling the rumours he has at last done a runner. Last seen hanging aound the Emerates staff lounge selling lawnmowers.

    Remember to Party Vote ACT.



  7. US Catholic Church lobbied for taxpayer funds, got $1.4 billion

    The US Roman Catholic Church used a special and unprecedented exemption from federal rules to amass at least US $1.4 billion (NZ$2.1b) in taxpayer-backed coronavirus aid, millions of which went to dioceses that have paid huge settlements or sought bankruptcy protection because of clergy sexual abuse cover-ups.

    The church’s haul may have reached – or even exceeded – $3.5 billion, making a global religious institution with more than a billion followers among the biggest winners in the US government’s pandemic relief efforts, an Associated Press analysis of federal data released this week found.


    The Archdiocese of New York received 15 loans worth at least $28 million just for its top executive offices. St Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue was approved for at least $1 million. Video / CBSN

    In Orange County, California, where a sparkling glass cathedral estimated to cost more than $70 million recently opened, diocesan officials working at the complex received four loans worth at least $3m.

    What can you say?



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