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Paul Goldsmith says he isn’t ‘humiliated’ by Epsom deal





National’s newly selected finance spokesperson says not campaigning in his own electorate of Epsom, thereby handing the seat to ACT Party leader David Semour, doesn’t sting. 

The Epsom deal between National and ACT is what allows Seymour to retain his seat in Parliament, despite his party only receiving 0.5 percent of the vote in the last election. 

Speaking to Newshub Nation on Saturday, Paul Goldsmith said he isn’t a fan of the MMP system which allows the Epsom deal to take place, but he’ll follow his party’s lead.  

“We’ve got one partner in the ACT Party. That’s worked pretty well for us, and there were two elections, which I came in, in 2011 and 2014 where National got back with a one-seat majority.” 

“That’s how MMP works. It’s a funny system. I never voted for it. I don’t like it, but that’s what we’ve got.”

Goldsmith says he doesn’t need to be the officially elected MP for Epsom to play that part in his community.  

“I’ve always, of course, lived in the electorate and made sure that the people there actually end up with two MPs, and I’m as out-and-about and as active as I can be.”

Goldsmith became Nationals finance spokesperson after a surprising announcement from Amy Adams that she would retire from political life following the next election, and would be surrendering her shadow Cabinet roles immediately. 

I say to the hypocrites on the left who say Seymour only won the seat because National gave him the nod, so what?

Before winning the deep-red Mt Albert electorate, Jacinda Ardern failed to win an electorate three times. This included the theoretically safe Labour seat of Auckland Central, which she actually lost twice. Three times, however, she entered Parliament due to being placed very, very high on the party list.

And if Seymour hasn’t earned his place in Parliament, how has Ardern earned hers? How has anyone?


    • Act had previously been in government though chuck, don’t you think that that should matter? I am sceptical about being so cynical as putting in a Political Party that hasn’t won its stripes.



      • My problem with Act is if they get more than 5% they get a bunch of unknowns in there with Seymour. Who are these people and when will we be told. At the meeting we went to in Hamilton last month, Seymour said they wern’t interested in going for any other electorate seats.



        • Yes it is the unknown unknowns.
          Some how I prefer the known knowns, like Stephen Franks, Dave Garret, Rodney Hide.
          Though not perfect, they know the system of Parliament, and should be able to be immediately effective.
          They have learnt things in life experiences as well.
          At the same time to pass that experience to their newbies, and staff.

          I know that trio would take a hammering from the media, but I think it would be interesting to see how they handle those woke interviewers. 😉

          If they do get into a position of power, would they be effective?
          I think they should have enough savvy and skill to get their message out, and be able to push a National lite government.

          Then it is the art of winning, first the votes, then carrying the government, with making reasonable pragmatic trades, and putting that government on notice about some of the issues.



        • I’ve met and interacted with Stephen Berry (no.5 on the list in 2017) numerous times. He’s very libertarian in outlook. I don’t know where’s he’s placed now in Act.

          When I met him he worked in the supermarket and has done numerous roles therein. I don’t know if he’s still working in one.

          My only contention is he’d like to be a career politician (he’s failed thus far). He’s stood as an independent and for the defunct LibertariaNZ party.



  1. That’s a part of the MMP system, so either just have to suck up and put up with it – or change our electoral system. There are a huge number of out current MP’s who attract a dismal vote at the polling box, but MMP allows them to “represent us”
    Time to change the system !



  2. Bring back FPP. It is a simple, clear cut election under democracy where the majority vote won. It was only the sad losers and socialist inclined who thought it was bad that everyone couldn’t win so introduced MMP. Government is not a 3-legged school yard race, it is serious, grown-up running of our capitalist based economy, building infrastructure and welfare of New Zealanders that is at stake. FFS, bring back FPP!.



  3. Stupid interview. Why should Goldsmith feel threatened? As he pointed out, he was never an electorate MP. I always enjoy his Question Time questions.
    I thought the interviewer was looking a bit frustrated by the end.



  4. Anyway, I’d back Paul Goldsmith over Grant Robertson, any day.
    We just need things to get really bad for the voters to wake up
    Or for a decent right wing party to get near 4 or 5% in the political polls.



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