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UK Scientists: PCR Testing Useless, Pure Money-Making Scam

In Great Britain there is now resistance to mass testing in the population using RT-PCR tests. These are too expensive. But not only that: they are also more or less completely useless.

The mass testing of people using RT-PCR tests has been under severe criticism for some time.

Among other things, because it creates a “test pandemic”.

Because these tests are not able to determine whether someone is actually infected with SARS-CoV-2 or not. Only RNA fragments are searched which can also originate from inactive virus fragments.

Self-test fanatics like the British microbiologist Professor Alan McNally, who helped a British testing laboratories in the development, urges a shift away from these tests.

The UK’s PCR mass testing program has become a “mock-up” for private laboratories and has outlived its usefulness, he said. With an average of 400,000 tests per day, that’s an impressive sum that comes together over the course of a month.

Why do we offer a PCR test for Covid to anyone who has a cold? We have never done this with any other infectious disease,” he said. “It was absolutely necessary last March because this was the only way we could anticipate the broadcast. Today the playing field has changed completely”.

The PCR Test Cannot Be Used

But otherwise the RT-PCR test is absolutely absurd. For example, it was only this year that German researchers dismantled the PCR test . For example, you have found that the majority of those who test positive are not contagious.

The problem with this: the Ct values that are too high are still being used. However, the higher this value, the less likely an actual infection or transmission is. That is why no pointless mass tests are carried out in Sweden .

In Germany and Austria, on the other hand, the authorities do not care.

Science is only accepted if it produces the desired results. 

The narratives have to be kept up, otherwise all the measures would have made no sense, right?

What Did Drosten Say At MERS Back Then?

Even if the so-called fact checkers tend to twist statements, it is worth taking a look at the pillar saint of the Covid sect, Christian Drosten.

At the time, he said to the science magazine Science regarding the PCR tests: “But now people are being tested not because they are sick, but because they have had contact with a patient. Some of them have tested positive, but many of them don’t really get sick.

The reason for this? According to Drosten, there were no false positives, it was due to something else:

We also re-examined samples from six healthcare workers who were caring for a patient in Tabuk; they appeared to be positive at a very low level. I can say without a doubt that these results are real. If you look at the PCR data for all recent tests, the signals are often very weak.

And what is not considered today with SARS-CoV-2: “Asymptomatic people should not be tested with PCR.

PSI’s position is that our scientists believe COVID19 is merely influenza rebranded because the CDC, FDA and several national governments still do not show a gold standard isolate of the novel coronavirus and thus it is not proven to exist in empirical science.

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  1. [1] No-one has isolated the virus, and been able to present a virus sample, and collect the million dollar prize for doing so.

    [2] The FDA has ruled that to positively identify a pathogen, the minimum standard is 100 consecutive base pairs. In defiance of the FDA rules, the PCR test for Covid-19 allows for 4 x 25 consecutive base pairs, not the same thing.

    You could compare that to someone identifying the murderer at an A&P show, as having fair hair, dressed in blue wrangler jeans and a white T-Shirt, driving a red Toyota Corolla. You and your family get arrested because you have fair hair and arrived in a red ford pickup, your wife and sons arrived in a green Toyota Corolla, and one son was wearing blue wrangler jeans and a green T-Shirt, and the other son was wearing black jeans and a white T-Shirt.

    A disparate collection of bits does not add up to a contiguous whole. “One swallow does not a summer make, nor one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy.”

    The DNA strands could be from four different viral sources.

    [3] The PCR test cycles replicates the same, with every cycle doubling the sample size, along with any mutation. Its a bit like that movie”The Fly”, where a man builds a matter transporter and a fly gets transported with himself and reconstituted with the Fly, and he ends up mutating into a hideous creature.

    [4] At 10 cycles, the sample is replicated 1,024 times. At 40 cycles the sample is replicated 1,099,511,627,776 times. The number of cycles are ramped up until the sample meets the minimum usable sample size threshold.

    Along with inhered mutation, can you see the problem here?

    At 40 cycles to meet the minimum sample size threshold, the original viral load size would be 1,073,741,824 times smaller than that at 10 cycles. So along with bypassing the FDA requirement of 100 contiguous base pairs, a positive test could easily be remnants of another coronavirus or flu you had some time ago. It could even be caused by kissing Aunty Jean goodbye on the cheek at the Airport, a couple of weeks after she had the flu.

    Overseas they have used household fruit and veges, meat and drinks and they tested positive under the PCR test at even moderate cycles.

    One of the first things you do when designing tests, is to not only identify successful positives but also false positives. It is not a simple matter of testing to ensure a positive detection/interaction of the target item/condition but no detection or all other items/conditions.

    Having been in technology all my life, designing, testing and as an analyst, I’ve seen some bat shit crazy ideas. get to market or nearly to market. The Covid vaccine is a prime example:

    Yes, you want to ensure that the vaccine will do its job, but that it has to have no interaction with thousands of existing medical conditions, and tens of thousands of other drugs, supplements, food and drinks. Which is why it takes 8-15 tears to get a vaccine to market, and many don’t make it, than those that do.

    Often in hospital, you will be attended to by a range of different Doctors and specialists. And the chances of mistakes get worse when no-one has the complete overview and people work in silos or isolation.

    A while ago I was in hospital for a few weeks. One day one of the doctors told me I had to take a long term course of new drug XYZ, because markers in my blood confirmed I had liver damage. Despite the fact that the Doctor should have been more knowledgeable than I, there was vagueness and hesitancy in her replies when I started asking hard questions in search of more understanding. So I firmly refused the drug.

    Upon investigation by me, I learned that the blood marker was the same marker that is used to measure inflammation levels, which was understandably highly elevated as a consequence of a severe infection I had – the entire reason I was in hospital in the first place. The next day the Doctor came back and said that “we have reviewed your blood tests” and you do not need new drug XYZ. No apology or admitting she got it wrong.

    So either she was ‘two sandwiches short of picnic’ or was deliberately vague in order to make me a guinea pig for testing of a new drug. I suspect the latter.



  2. Posted on HYS but just to lodge it here to be more accessible, and closer to topic.

    Worth listening to,
    Fast pace for sure, and he does speak clearly. Probably has a time limit on speaking.

    November 3, 2021, San Diego, County Board of Supervisors meeting. Dr Youngblood MD
    7 mins 31 secs : Nov 4, 2021

    About Pfizer trial
    About efficacy
    About adverse advents
    The study of deaths placebo and trial
    Vaccine effective?
    No death benefit?
    Weigh up to Adverse effects
    Spike protein issues binding to ACE receptors causing damage.
    Vaers made changes and the register is suspect
    Advice to employers not to report problems.
    The all vaccine deaths to covid vaccine deaths.
    How are covid deaths counted and vaccine deaths are counted 🙁
    The roll out, began with no warning of side effectss
    No approved vaccine in the USA , only EUA. [somehow no accountabitly]
    Viral levels can be same in vaxx and unvaxxed. cannot blame unvaxx.
    Does not reduce fatality, as virus has moved on.
    Narrow immunity, by vaxx, so variants side step.
    The issue is complicated, no medical or scientific reason to be forced by govt or employers to vaxxx

    Maybe to pause so you can read the slide as well.

    Hope it is downloaded elsewhere.



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