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PCR Tests Mistook Common Colds & Flu For Covid




UK Scientist Admits PCR Tests Mistook Common Colds & Flu For Covid

Flawed PCR tests mistook the common cold and influenza for COVID-19 and should have been axed according to a British scientist.

Professor Francois Balloux, director of University College London’s Genetics Institute claimed that ”many people may not have been infectious, despite getting a positive test”

Many were blasted for suggesting that the PCR tests, used to diagnose the corona virus, might have been picking up people who weren’t actually infected. There were even some who dared to suggest that the swabs, which have been carried out more than 200 million times in the UK alone, may have mistaken common colds and flu for covid.

Does this mean the conspiracy theorists are vindicated?

Wion News reports: UK government advice says PCR tests are more accurate than lateral flow devices (LFDs), and people can stop self-isolating if a positive LFD result is followed by a negative PCR test result.

Professor Alan McNally, a University of Birmingham microbiologist who helped set up the Lighthouse Lab in Milton Keynes, said the decision meant PCR testing methods were ”largely standardised”.

”There appears to have been little or no oversight of these new labs, and with different PCR methods and equipment being used,” says Prof McNally.

UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) had suspended a COVID-19 testing laboratory in central England over concern that it has been incorrectly giving negative PCR test results to people who are infected.

NHS Test and Trace launched an investigation into a lab in Wolverhampton after reports of people getting negative PCR test results after testing positive on rapid lateral flow devices (LFDs).

UKHSA said an estimated 43,000 people may have been given incorrect negative PCR test results, mainly in southwest England, possibly underestimating the number of people with coronavirus between September 8. and October 12.

Immensa Health Clinic, the private company who run the lab, was founded in May 2020, and had been awarded contracts worth 170 million pounds ($234 million) to process results of PCR tests.

Its chief executive, Andrea Riposati, said the company was “fully collaborating” with UKHSA’s investigation, and did “not wish this matter or anything else to tarnish the amazing work done by the UK in this pandemic.”

Riposati also runs Dante Labs, which is being investigated by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) over allegations it has failed to deliver PCR test results on time or sometimes at all.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has faced criticism, with many saying NHS Test and Trace falls well short of the “world-beating” system he had promised.

”In Milton Keynes, every test we performed was scrutinised and checked by experts, the quality was poured over every day and we were held to account,” says Prof McNally.

”Clearly in some of the newer labs, that didn’t happen. Cynically, one might say it almost turned into a money-making exercise for the private sector as we had lateral flows by then and everyone knew how do them.”

”Why did we need expensive PCRs? The test results basically became meaningless.”


    • Also erased from the internet were the articles about the gallant but unauthorized use of the mRNA vaccine by Moderna in the Congo, in treating Ebola several years ago. It was unauthorized because the FDA had not approved the mRNA based vaccine, and there were no detailed vaccination records kept, blind tests, or control groups, just glowing press releases. MRna was now seen to be “successful”, and the share price was saved, and the mRNA success fantasy cemented in medical circles of influence no doubt with lots of pocket pissing and greasing of palms.

      Prior to that episode, Moderna had no cash-flow having been funded by investment on the promise of an mRNA golden goose, and Moderna’s market valuation was over $8Bn. However Moderna had not been able to make the mRNA work successfully, striking all sorts of problems, and market experts deemed the valuation three times over valued even if it did work, so the stock price was going to tank. This would have destroyed both Modern and the mRNA fantasy.

      So Moderna rushed out and did the Congo thing which reads more like the back story of the movie “The Fugitive” starring Harrison Ford. Where a villain falsifies drug test results, and trys to kill Dr Richard Kimble to prevent is being discovered. When the assassin kills Richard’s wife in an assassination attempt on Richard’s life, made to look like a random home invasion, evidence is fabricated to implicate Dr Richard Kimble as a wife killer, which is why Richard goes on the run.

      Anyway, on the back of that Congo escapade, the mRNA was promoted as the holy grail of vaccines, and the Moderna share price was saved. When Ebola re-emerged in the Congo, details of the original Moderna trials vanished from the internet, including from the “Wayback Machine”, and retrospectively replaced with other articles about medicines used to treat Ebola in the Congo, including using the exact numerical figures of number of vaccines 300,000 to cover any search remnants.

      Retrospectively knowing Gates and Fauci were involved, explains a lot.

      mRNA has been a con job from the outset. It does not work, at least not as a vaccine. As a DNA altering human altering it may well be “successful” for the drug pushers but a disaster for the human race. And one that rational humans will resist. Perhaps we are heading for the Eugenics Wars that they will talk about in the future, as predicted by Gene Roddenberry and immortalized in the Star Trek movies.



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