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Catholic Archbishop: I’d Rather Go To Jail Than Report a Pedophile Priest Who Confesses His Crimes

Baxter Dmitry

The Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne Peter Comensoli has said he would rather go to jail than report a pedophile priest who admits his child sex crimes in a confession.

But Archbishop Comensoli is not alone.

Bishop William Wright told Revelation that he would never break the seal of confession, even if a pedophile priest confessed to raping a child.

In Sydney and Brisbane, Archbishops Anthony Fisher and Mark Coleridge made similar statements.

Some Cardinals and Bishops have declared they would rather die than report any crimes disclosed to them during confession.

Father Vincent Ryan confessed to another priest during ‘treatment’ that he had abused children. Nothing was done.

Lawyers said an affidavit filed by pedophile priest Father Michael McArdle revealed he confessed 1500 times to 30 different priests over a 25-year period. Nothing was done.

Two years ago the Catholic Church formally rejected the notion that clergy should be legally forced to report child sex abuse revealed during confessions.

ABC report: A former altar boy who was allegedly sexually abused by Father Michael McArdle says he could have been spared if the Catholic Church enforced mandatory reporting of crimes admitted in the confessional.

By the time Father Michael McArdle allegedly targeted the then-12-year-old for sex, he had already been molesting children for a decade.

The abuse lasted for several months at the sacristy and presbytery of the Holy Rosary Church in Bundaberg, as well as during an overnight school camp, legal documents allege.

It’s always in the back of your mind,” Greg* said.

“A couple of years ago I had a mental breakdown, I wanted to kill myself.

“But I’ve come through it — I think.”

Greg launched legal action in August against the Diocese of Rockhampton for the mental toll the abuse has taken on him, with his lawyers lodging a notice of claim for the civil suit.

Maurice Blackburn lawyer Jed McNamara, who is representing Greg, said an affidavit filed by McArdle in 2004 revealed he confessed 1,500 times to 30 different priests over a 25-year period.

McArdle, who resigned from the priesthood in 2000, was jailed in 2004 for six years for 62 indecent dealing charges against 14 boys and two girls over a 22-year period from 1965 in regional Catholic parishes across Queensland.

For the better part of a decade before he abused my client … [McArdle] would confess, would be absolved, would go back out, would repeat that offending behaviour, would go back to confession and the cycle continued,” said Maurice Blackburn lawyer Jed McNamara, who is representing Greg.

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  1. ……”McArdle, who resigned from the priesthood in 2000, was jailed in 2004 for six years for 62 indecent dealing charges against 14 boys and two girls over a 22-year period from 1965 in regional Catholic parishes across Queensland.”……

    It was the two girls that were his undoing. If he’d stuck to the altar boys he would have been okay.



    • This has been the distortion for years and in fact decades and perhaps since whenever.

      One thing that was carefully managed by the church was to call it ‘abuse’.
      This is a ploy.
      If you called it child rape- raping 12 year old boys – people would react.

      But calling it ‘abuse’ seems to muddy the waters and the locals ‘look the other way’.
      Abuse does not have the same emotional impact as the word ‘rape’.

      The other thing is an extension of abuse of boys.
      There has generally been mild tittering and chuckles when boys are ‘taken advantage of’ by older women.
      This has been by-passed for many decades.
      By extension this has applied to male on male sexual assault/rape where it is overlooked as the female on male has been.
      …Oh they are boys, they need to tough it out.
      Whereas girls were protected.
      So much for equality.
      A 12 year old rape victim is a 12 year old rape victim. Does gender matter?

      It was only about 2005 that some States in the USA started looking into female teachers on underage boys.
      The male teacher on female student had been addressed actively.
      The female teacher in the post 1960s age of equality (?) – harrumph- had not been .

      From 2005 some US States started cracking down on it and it was rife.
      It was a cottage industry.
      Woman teachers got away with it and the boys were not regarded as ‘victims’; when in the eyes of the law- they were.
      Social norms over-riding statute.
      But it was statutory rape.

      Britain and New Zealand dragged their feet and started looking into this – female teacher on male student- post 2010.
      This still leaves multiple generation of boys who have been sexually assaulted and/or raped who had nowhere to go .

      The treatment of male sexual victims has been very sexist, if people wish to be honest about it.
      Let’s see Julia Gillard do a misogynist rant about that!



  2. Well that makes for dreadful reading doesn’t it? How can this so called church allow that to happen? I am so disgusted it makes me feel physically ill. How could the Catholic schools be filled with children when these stories abound? Even in todays so called “enlightened times” Are your children not more important than a “Catholic education”? FFS and I think this is one of the worst cover ups of all time. Disgusting bastards each and every one of them. The damage they cause by their disgusting behaviour is equally as bad if not worse than Geoffrey Epstein. The fuckers. And McArdle only got 6 years? The fucker should have been put away for life.



  3. Lizziep ,the same religion that collaborated with the Nazi’s ,if god was real he’d have gathered all the scum priest child rapists and their enablers in one spot in a desert somewhere and burned them all whilst their victims threw on the petrol.



    • No punishment is too great.
      A yearlong session of waterboarding, pulling fingernails, electric shock then on day 364 string them out in the desert with all four limbs tied up, pour honey over them, then let nature go to work.

      Thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return, motherf*cker.

      Just sayin’.
      Might be about right.



  4. To read the stories of some of the survivors of church sexual abuse is to wonder about the human species.

    Their parents, full of the Godcrap, refuse point blank to entertain the idea that their beloved family priest would do such a thing & won’t believe their own kids when they seek their help. To approach the church involves going through the same clerics who are committing the abuse. Even the teachers have been selected for their religious gullibility.

    Many of the kids have absolutely nowhere to go & no one to turn to for help.



    • The 2015 Academy Award Best Picture winner (not that it is always a guide) ‘Spotlight’ showed the complicity in the community adf the strong arming of lay men – themselves husbands and parents – on people who threatened the ‘Church’

      Makes me sick, that is for sure.

      If you don’t protect the young and vulnerable in your community you are rather useless.

      When you actively block others from protecting the young and vulnerable in your community you are total scum and deserve the worst the world has to offer.



  5. On the face of it, a religion that demands celibacy from its priests would provide a cover for homosexuals.
    A religion that shelters and raises abandonned/orphaned children would attract pedophiles.
    A religion that has strict and arbitrary rules would appeal to authoritarians and bullies.

    The Christians would point out that God gave us free will. The Buddists would say that no one saves us but ourselves; no one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. Other religions will have similar insights and wisdom.

    To press-gang a quote from that infamous franchise: “If one is to understand the great mystery, one must study all its aspects.”



  6. Pedophilea in the catholic church is as much a part of the church as the priests themselves. Nun of your business! //

    We recently watched a very good programme of an Irish priest preying on the children of his various parishes. The church protected him, moved him and blocked complaint from the parents who took on the church but to no avail. The police finally convicted him but the priest and his loving church never admitted he’d done anything wrong to all those children.



  7. As a Catholic, I can’t mount an argument against this. The paedophile priests should be shot, and their enablers jailed. However, this is not just a Catholic issue. On the other hand the Catholic hierarchy have been disgraceful in the way they have hushed this up and protected the bastards that commit these crimes. As for those Bishops, no matter what the theology of the seal of confession, there are ways to circumvent this to ensure the paedophiles stop preying on the innocent. The seal of confession cop out is bull shit.



      • What would be interesing would be to look at all the different societies and their attitudes towards paedophilia. A cursory glance would indicate the Anglo Irish based societies have a major prroblem verse say Mediteranean socities that seem to have more liberal views on sexulaity. There seems to be a strong correlation between socities and religions with very strict “moral” codes and paedophilia vis a vis more open societies that have less hang ups about sex. The socities with lower ages of consent around 14 ( eg Italy France, Spain – historically before the EU standardized this) seem to have a lower problem ( although they are nominally Catholic). The Muslims are generally fucked in the Head with respect to everything and Africans will fuck anything that moves, and if it doesnt move will fuck it until it does. Asia? no idea, excep that child prostitution seems a big issue in South East Asia, although probably it caters for pervy Anglo Saxons. mor than the locals.



      • ED, no ,old Muslim men that inherit young girls for brides dont immediately have sex with them ,if they are to young they carry out the practice of thighing for a few weeks until they can no longer control themselves .
        It always amazes me how muslim women seek refuse in western countries and then spend their time attacking the system demanding more rights,look at the most strident of them in the US Linda Sarsour ,US born and has spent her entire adult life telling blacks,women,latinos,etc how bad things are in a Christian country.
        Its incredible she’s still alive with the white supremacists in that place.



    • Doesn’t matter which religion they are there are people from all walks of life practice this abhorrent behaviour . It does seem to be more prevalent in churches which is quite contrary to most of what they believe???? apart from Muslims who have their founder married to a very young child and practicing sexual relations with her from the age of 9. Children grow up to be so damaged from this in a great many different ways. Its one of life biggest curses.



  8. They’re at it again only this time it isn’t the Catholic priests but another group of sickos from the Gloriavale community:

    ……”(the Police) are investigating allegations of sexual offending by a teenage male inside the community, involving multiple boys. A complaint was laid to police on Monday on behalf of a young boy.”……

    Ho, hum; been there done that; got the T shirt but it gets worse. The father of a previous girl victim of another of the Godaddled perverts says:

    …….” (he) believed witnesses and victims had to be removed. “They can’t be in Gloriavale until any potential charges go to court because of the threat and pressure that would be put on them living there.”…….

    How much worse does it have to get before we get laws that prevent believers in Skyfairies from getting closer than 200 metres from any child? They can’t help themselves!



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