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George Pell joins Mokbel in maximum security prison

George Pell has reportedly been moved from his central Melbourne prison to a high security facility in regional Victoria after what authorities believe may have been a drone operator’s attempt to snap pictures of the disgraced cardinal.

The high profile prisoner, whose legal case garnered global attention, had been given a job weeding and watering a garden inside the prison.

It has been speculated that the drone may have been used to try and get pictures of Pell, which could be worth a significant sum.

He has reportedly been moved from MAP to the maximum security Barwon Prison near Geelong since the incident, which has been referred to Victoria Police.

Pell can now count the likes of drug lord Tony Mokbel, bikies and killers as neighbours.

Melbourne Assessment Prison on the edge of the CBD is no longer Pell’s home. Photo: ABC

“Corrections Victoria can confirm an incident involving a drone flying over the Melbourne Assessment Prison on Thursday,” a spokeswoman told AAP on Sunday.

The drone was reportedly flying near a visitors’ garden at the prison, located in Melbourne’s CBD.

Pell has been held at the prison for almost a year, after his 2018 conviction for sexually assaulting two teenage choirboys at Melbourne’s St Patrick’s Cathedral in the mid-1990s.

It is illegal to fly a drone within 120 metres of a prison or youth justice facility, and doing so can result in up to two years jail time.

You have to ask who would want to buy these photos, and why.

– with AAP


  1. ……”You have to ask who would want to buy these photos, and why.”……

    1) Dart board manufacturers.

    2) He could be the designated centrefold for the March issue of “Dirty Old Boy Fuckers”.

    3) Someone realised that they didn’t have a picture of him on the Vatican’s wall of fame.



    • Yup, I agree. The details of when and where don’t make sense. I was an alterboy for many years and its very unlikely Pell would have had enough time to do what he supposedly did in the place described. There are too many things in this case that make me wary of the outcome. That is not to say I support Pedophiles, I fucking hate them, but lets make sure 100% we got the right guy.



      • I have to agree, I despise what has happened in the Catholic Church, but I do believe in the Justice system we have had in place, this is starting to unravel.
        If you read the the third judges comments in the appeal, one is left in no doubt this is not as it portrayed.
        End up costing he taxpayer millions as will the hundreds convicted in the gobbo fiasco.
        Victorian Justice system works in very mysterious ways.
        It is one thing to convict on a complaint, it is new ground to go out and advertise for complaintants to convict a chosen person.



  2. Funny how you all jump in to condemn pedophiles of some religions, while at the same time protecting pedophiles of another religion. In fact many of you demonstrably believe exposing it is worse than the violation of children itself.

    This is what religion does to people’s morality. In all these cases the offending was known, but people kept quiet to protect their preferred religious group.



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