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Winston Peters claims superannuation leak was an ‘ACT-inspired hit job’, Seymour says that’s ‘categorically untrue’


ACT leader David Seymour was kicked out of the House after denying an allegation by Winston Peters he was involved in the privacy leak of the deputy Prime Minister.

“Today, I am going to outline the truth about the leak of my superannuation,” Mr Peters said.

“A source totally connected to both the ACT and National parties has revealed the leak was one Rachel Morton,” Mr Peters alleged in the House.

Ms Morton was a senior adviser to Paula Bennett in 2017 and went on to be chief press secretary under Simon Bridges and left Parliament after Mr Bridges was rolled by Todd Muller.

Mr Peters alleged Ms Morton heard about the case because she was present when Anne Tolley told Paula Bennett about it.

He said she told ACT Party leader David Seymour who passed the information on.

Ms Morton shortly after tweeted: “The claims made by Winston Peters about me today are categorically not true.”

In the House Mr Peters continued, “it was an ACT-inspired hit job to damage me politically”.

Mr Seymour shortly after denied the allegation.

“What did we hear in the disgraceful, sleazy, innuendo-riddled speech by Winston Peters?”

He said the allegation was “categorically untrue”.

“None of that happened.”

Mr Seymour accused Mr Peters of lying, and was then kicked out of the House by Speaker Trevor Mallard for refusing to withdraw and apologise.

It comes the same week Mr Peters was ordered to pay $317,000 in costs after he failed to pin a privacy breach on civil servants and retiring National Party MPs. The High Court at Auckland dismissed the case in April after the leak to media of his superannuation repayments in 2017.

The court ruled Mr Peters wasn’t able to establish that any of the parties were responsible for the media leaks.

However, the ruling also said Mr Peters’ private information shouldn’t have been disclosed to the media.

Being 1.5% in the polls is obviously having a detrimental affect on this old pricks thought process. At 75 he might be getting a touch of old age paranoia. “Every one is out to get me” is his mantra.

Seymour is the obvious target for this, as ACT is the beneficiary of votes that would normally go to Winston First.

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  1. Winston is desperate, he can see David Seymour will win the crown of “king maker” in September as the third largest political party so is slinging mud like a monkey with a grudge. My vote for Act would not be going to NZ First under any circumstances, not now, not ever. You are just going to have to pay the $320k Winston. It’s over! Time to retire and spend time hanging out with the pretty horses.

    Winston Peters uses parliamentary privilege to accuse former National Party staffer of superannuation leak



  2. Wine stone will go down in history as one of the most despotic creatures ever to be in politics. He is and always has been one of the most horrible person to get into politics in New Zealand. All the pretend to help people is total bull shit always was always will be. Surely there is no one left in New Zealand who would vote for this piece of scum and his party of total waste of oxygen left now after all his disgraceful behaviour. Bully boys and girls all of them.



    • you say
      ‘has been one of the most horrible person to get into politics in New Zealand’

      Settle down
      settle down.

      -Clark (Doctor D)
      -The ghost who will not die- Cullen
      -Angry Little
      -Jim Anderton- was a sleazy prick
      -Wussel Norman
      -Meteria Turei
      -Taito Phillip Field
      -And for actual damage to the country- Bolger
      who in his first term brought in the RMA, leaky buildings, destroyed the Auckland Regional council,
      then later had the sleaze to become Chairman of Govt owned Kiwirail after he sold it for a song;
      and at Kiwirail -relevant to recent discussion her about the Vaticanisation of the Gnats – brought in a rank outsider to run Kiwirail (as CEO) because he was a catholic mate- the fella was no good and never had his term renewed.
      And Bolger brought Peters into the tent in the 1996 coalition.

      and you also say
      ‘there is no one left in New Zealand who would vote for this piece of scum’

      Well hell, Ardern has been getting over 56% approval so yeah,nah voters don’t think for the most part.
      Universal suffrage – it is a bit of a mmmm, maybe good on paper…
      These people are lazy thinkers and follow the lead of the corrupt media.
      for Ardern, the best $50 million ever spent by a Govt.



  3. The MAGGOT Peters is more responsible than any other person in our political history for the downfall of our parliamentary system ,he’s a corrupt self serving pig and is the most obvious sign of senile dementia in the people that continue to vote the C–T back into power to finish his destruction of his Country.
    Backhand cash is his M O and he is a master at it ,anybody thinking the drunken prick will be paying the $320.000 he owes to NZs taxpayers is delusional and if you do believe he will I got an ultra efficient ,never known to F–K up Phil Twitford to sell you.



  4. His attack on Labour and the Greens was astonishing.
    Can you name any Deputy Prime Minister anywhere in history who has attacked his own Government like that??
    Even more astounding is that he is directly responsible for the Government’s existence!



  5. Watched both speeches in the house.

    Mr Peters does not get my support for his use of a privileged position in the house to attack David Seymour.

    Mr Seymours response was convincing and appropriate given the scale of the attack from Winston Peters under privilege.

    That Speaker Mallard asked David Seymour to apologise did not seem reasonable in the circumstances to me. David Seymour was eloquent, forceful and reasonable in the situation he had been placed in by Winston Peters. That David Seymour would not apologise and was thus asked to withdraw reflects no credit on the Speaker in my observation.

    Winston Peters brought Parliament into disrepute, David Seymour fairly responded to a very inappropriate speech by a longterm but now no longer relevant politician.



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