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Pfizer’s Greedy, Unethical and Reckless Behaviour




The stock market is waking up to Pfizer’s greedy, unethical and reckless behaviour which Facebook, Google and corporate media have helped to hide

At first sight, Pfizer, a worldwide pharmaceutical juggernaut, should not be worth less than before the pandemic. Pfizer’s covid vaccine made it billions and should have added value to the company, even if future sales of covid-specific products cannot be assured. And yet, PFE has inexorably fallen since last November and is worth 25% less than five years ago, defying the general upside tendencies seen for other pharmaceuticals and the stock market.

Since November of 2022, Pfizer has deviated from the trend of the pharmaceuticals index, underperforming by 35%.

This can only be explained by the capital markets seeing something uniquely troublesome for Pfizer. This post will explore what it may be.

I am far from the first person suggesting that Pfizer, which aggressively marketed its covid vaccines and underwrote a worldwide influence operation to mandate its product, may face ruinous liabilities.

Ed Dowd, a former asset manager, was one of the first people to realise that. He explained that legal protection granted to Pfizer by the PREP act will cease to protect it if significant fraud on the part of Pfizer is discovered.

Purdue Pharma as a Blueprint to the Future of Pfizer

Purdue Pharma was a company making opioid-based pain relief medications. They were very addictive. Purdue was owned by the Sackler family, with the entire company leadership obsessed with maximising sales of opioids and minimising ethical concerns.

The story of Purdue Pharma, its relentless push towards higher doses of opioids given to patients to get them addicted, is much longer than the story of the covid “vaccines.” This post is not the best place for a comprehensive history. The best quick introduction to the malfeasance of the Sackler family that owned Purdue Pharma is to read the PDF of the Massachusetts legal complaint.

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  1. Do not forget the compliance of all New Zealand media, that seemed more than happy to bully, shame, omit, in pushing Dis-Mis-Mal-information to then misdirect the public, in return for the $dollar.
    Just as bad if not worse than ‘facebook’ & ‘google’.

    The NZ media on its podium, where it claims it holds everything to account.

    Went into lockstep as it benignly puts it in this blurb, about the Global Task Force, GTF Alliance, which still works today, as it threads of control go deep into the systemic institutions,

    Then work to protect their own, in staying in lock-step.

    All a protection not only for the corporates, but in particular of those governments.
    There main aim is to slow or even prevent people learning about what was done, so that it can be done again.
    Like signing up to the binding WHO Global Pandemic Treaty, that supposedly can enact a countries laws against its own citizens.



  2. As for Pfizzers share price. All those who intended a financial lolly scramble from the misery they caused will have already made their profits. May Pfizzer go down in flames. It is law enforcement and the courts who must follow the money and catch up and dispose of these evil gangsters and their henchmen. No better than murderers and fraudsters. That includes wilful politicians and their media and marketing people who spun the propaganda that sucked in the people to take the poison.

    Luxon’s FIRST instruction must be to Reti as Health Minister to send written notification withdrawing NZ from any WHO treaty obligations.

    Professor Angus Dalgleish, cancer specialist and virologist saw the damage that was about to be imposed with the vax campaign and tried to warn the govt and his medical and scientific colleagues when the vax was still being developed. Nobody wanted to know.

    Viral origins and dystopia

    Dr. John Campbell

    Profound new scientific findings from Professor Angus Dalgleish, MD, FRCP, FRCPA, FRCPath, FMedSci



    • Plus however it is done, get Bloomfield disconnected from New Zealand.
      So that he can not use back doors to influence the NZ health system in any way.

      And a few others too, as some of us are well aware of their allegiances are not with New Zealand people.



    • Luxon’s FIRST instruction must be to Reti as Health Minister to send written notification withdrawing NZ from any WHO treaty obligations.

      Sorry WG, not even close.

      Luxon’s FIRST instruction must be to remove the Covid State of Emergency status NZ is in until Nov 2024.
      Until he does that, he is still doing WHO and WEF bidding.

      Than the other things.



  3. Luxon will not remove the Covid State of Emergency.
    That still has a a little over a year left on the Govt’ books.
    Plenty of time for another ‘plandemic’, for it to be re-enacted.
    2024 will be Stage #2 of world government takeover.



  4. I really hope I live long enough to see truth and justice play out on this. Unfortunately, it will take a long time before all this unravels. I hope every bastard complicit in this comes to a horrible ignominious end…



    • What should amaze us are the organisations which will eventually breach the walls of collusion erected by the medical establishment & our rotten government. Not doctors, not journalists, not religious leaders, not university researchers, not the WHO as each & all of them screamed for compulsion & mandates.

      Instead the vanguard of truth is being led by stockbrokers & insurance actuaries.



  5. Consider the resources of Pfizer uses through media, government contracts, public health to call other people seeking truth, not only misleading, but focuses on them as Criminals.

    Reminder – Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on Tuesday called those who spread misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccines “criminals.”
    “They’re not bad people. They are criminals because they have literally cost millions of lives,” Mr Bourla told think-tank Atlantic Council’s CEO Frederick Kempe.
    He said that a “very small” group of people have been spreading misinformation about the coronavirus vaccines.
    “People want to make money, some of them, by playing with the emotions of people…they are creating this whole conspiracy theory to benefit and profit from fear of the people,” he said.


    That last sentence seems to be a projection on how he himself practiced in Pfizer.

    That would seem to target all the good doctors & professionals that have researched, found data, observed & learnt from experience & analyzed that Pfizer does not stop transmission, other injurious & dangerous deadly side effects.



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