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Photo of drowned migrants triggers fight over Trump asylum clampdown




The picture of Oscar Alberto Martinez, 25, and his 24-month-old daughter Angie Valeria put a renewed focus on the plight of refugees and migrants who are mostly from Central America. The pair had traveled from El Salvador and were seeking asylum in the United States. 

U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called the image “horrific” and said the president’s migration clampdown made deaths more likely. 

“Trump’s policy of making it harder and harder to seek asylum – and separating families who do – is cruel, inhumane and leads to tragedies like this,” he wrote on Twitter.

In turn, Trump blamed the Democrats, whom he said were blocking his government’s attempts at closing “loopholes” in U.S. law that encourage migrants to apply for U.S. asylum. 

“If they fixed the laws you wouldn’t have that. People are coming up, they’re running through the Rio Grande,” he said, referring to the river known as the Rio Bravo in Mexico that forms a large part of the border between the two countries. 

“They can change it very easily so people don’t come up, and people won’t get killed,” Trump told reporters. 

Record numbers of Central American migrants are reaching the United States this year despite a crackdown by Trump. Many flee their homes in Central America to escape poverty, drought and high levels of criminal violence, much of it carried out by street gangs. 

U.S. border patrol agents have apprehended 664,000 people along the southern border so far this year, a 144 percent increase from last year, said Brian Hastings, chief of law enforcement operations for the U.S. Border Patrol. “The system is overwhelmed,” he said. 

Deaths are not uncommon, with travelers exposed to violence from criminals as well as the treacherous waters of the Rio Grande and desert heat. On Tuesday, U.S. Border Patrol agents near Eagle Pass, Texas recovered a man’s body from another stretch of the river. Several more have drowned this year. 

Border Patrol reported 283 migrant fatalities on the border in 2018. Activists say the number is higher as the remains of many migrants who die in rugged stretches of wilderness along the 1,950-mile (3,138-km) long border are never found. 

To manage asylum flows, the United States has in recent years implemented a system known as “metering” which puts daily limits on the number of asylum seekers processed at ports of entry, leading to weeks-long waiting lists in dangerous border towns. 

The controls have contributed to growing numbers of migrants crossing the border illegally to hand themselves in to authorities and ask for asylum. Migrant rights activists say such limits on people’s access to asylum can put them in harm’s way, while driving migration underground and squeezing it into new routes.

How come it’s Trumps fault that this father left his two year old daughter on one side of the river, told her to stay there and went back to the other side. When she saw him going away she followed him into the river.

What father is so stupid to leave a two year old by her self?

And It’s all Trumps fault?


  1. It will always be Trumps fault as long as the Democrats draw breath. I cannot remember a time when the President came in for such hatred, I do not think ever. The interesting fact is that they are able to spread their hatred, in so many countries that speech would be banned and they’d be jailed for saying such things. Like him or dislike him he is the elected President and as such deserves respect. The democrats are so desperate to find something about him they can get rid of him on they are spending millions on investigations that are worthless. Obama of course could do no wrong at all, perfect man in every way (sarcastic? who me???)



  2. One thing the Left do really well is the emotional argument. All they had to was wait for some idiot to provide the narrative they were after and they’ll blast this over the airwaves and cable. This they will do over this image.

    Facts don’t matter, it’s all about the feelz.



  3. Its like the Africans that die crossing the desert trying to get to Libya and then on a boat to Europe. (thousands each year)
    I have no sympathy for them at all.
    Stay at home in your own country and stop breeding.



  4. The biggest problem is half the country wants open borders, but would the same dipshits cancel security measures and customs at international point of entry? The question is never asked, because it doesn’t fit their objective of making white people a minority in the USA, which is already the case in California, (for many years now sigh) and Texas is fast becoming the next one. Aggressive, young unemployed latino men and endless, endless amounts of latino welfare queens will not make America great. They will bring the same gang and disease-infested neighbourhoods with them. Crossing a border does not change anybody.



  5. I know that they say that that picture isn’t staged but if the little girl jumped in the water and her father tried to rescue her how did she get in the shirt? A hell of a manoevre in still, let alone flowing water.



  6. Sorry but I’m cynical.
    Remember that last photo ‘outrage’ the SJW Left were using to attack Trump turned out to be an old shot taken during the Obama administration!
    And the outrage re the drowned kid in the Mediterranean turned out to be not quite truthful either…
    The activist Left lie like motherfuckers- Hence I will remain sceptical of anything they do or say.



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