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Breitbart News;

Danish Party: No New Citizens Should Come From Muslim Countries
An MP for the conservative Danish party The New Right has proposed to ban migrants from predominantly Muslim countries from becoming citizens of Denmark.

MP Mette Thiesen wrote of her support for such a proposal on social media website Facebook stating, “In the New Right, we would vote no to grant Danish citizenship to people who come from countries based on Muslim values,” newspaper Berlingske reports

Thiesen spoke to the newspaper to explain the proposal saying, “As long as the problems in foreign policy are not solved from the bottom up, you have to do something like this. It is simply purely practical. We can see that these groups are overrepresented in the crime statistics, and we do not want to grant them Danish citizenship.”

When asked if there would be exceptions made for Christians coming from Muslim-majority countries, Thiesen said that Christians could also be included in the citizenship ban.

“It should also be remembered that it is not a right to obtain Danish citizenship. We must only grant citizenship to those who we believe will benefit Denmark and who will buy into Danish values ​​and who do not commit crime,” she said.

The MP spoke of nine countries of origin that would see a ban on obtaining Danish citizenship consisting of Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey.

“We can see those male descendants of immigrants from these nine countries are more than twice as criminal as men in general. At the same time, we can see that the employment rate for these descendants is up to 25 percentage points lower than for Danes,” she said.

Even if migrants have been in Denmark for ten years with a clean criminal record, Thiesen said that they would also be banned from citizenship if they came from a Muslim-majority country.

The New Right is seen largely as being even more anti-mass migration and further to the right than the populist Danish People’s Party which saw heavy losses in this year’s national election.

Now who in our parliament or new political parties has got the balls to propose to enact a law like this?


  1. Politicians like her are out there, no question and I wish her all the best to counteract all this Muslim love fest bullshit. She is right on the money. Only pick immigrants who want to westernize and contribute to the country.



  2. Just read some stats out of Germany
    25% of the population is now from immigrants
    41% of newborns are from immigrants.
    In ten years those figures will have doubled.



    • Our children and grandchildren are facing an absolute shitstorm and it seems there is very little we can actually do about it now. Events way beyond any possibility of governments ability to do anything about them are about to overwhelm us . Personally I really hope I live long enough to see how it all turns out because these are the most interesting times (the old Chinese curse) that perhaps any generation has ever faced and, unlike our parents and grandparents generation in the face of world war, we are likely to be found sorely wanting and not at all up to the task.




  3. At least some one learnt from the Australian ban on boat refugees.

    “Angela Merkel wants EU states to resume Mediterranean migrant naval pickup mission”
    2m o2 secs Published on Aug 20, 2019

    A full written version can be clicked on “show more” as Merkel tries to impose her will on all of Europe.

    “Salvini’s tough anti-mass migration policies have led to a large fall in the number of drowning deaths in the region,”



    • The fundamental problem with Merkel’s taxi service is that they should be dragged BACK to whatever place they started, and NOT to Europe. Very simple instructions- you are towing them in the wrong direction you EU imbeciles!



      • ‘Operation Sophia’ was/is a criminal human trafficking operation. it was never a mercy mission!
        Merkel is trafficker in chief and so supported by these trafficking institutions.

        As DN15 mentioned the kalergi plans.
        The year 2008. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, receives the Charlemagne Prize, regarded as the highest EU distinction. ….
        Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi was the very first recipient of the Charlemagne Prize
        The year 2010. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Mutti Merkel) receives the European Prize, that is the European Society Coudenhove-Kalergi (formerly known as the Coudenhove-Kalergi Foundation)

        It is the Coudenhove-Kalergi long term plan, that Merkel is part of; that has marched through the institutions and interlinks with education, media, politics, academia, etc..



  4. Yes the EU said they will take 100 scum who tried to get into Europe on a boat from the Italians.
    Its only 100, but is sends a message that if you try to get into the EU you will succeed and not only that be helped.
    Long live Hungary, and Italy’s Salvini and all alt right leaders!



  5. And today her e in NZ some Somali refugee says that we should take more refugees from Africa.
    He can f off back there.
    Africans cause problems where ever they are (eg Melbourne, London), aids, violence and they have low iqs so contribute very little to any country.



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