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Plod out of control?






When all this shit has died down and everyone has regained some sense of sanity, will the taxpayer be on the hook for yet more money?

It won’t just be an apology that these law abiding firearm owners, licensed by the very same police, will be due. If Tuhoe got an apology for what the police did to them, then at the very least, these others also deserve one.

I won’t hold my breath on this happening any time soon or ever. Plod yet again is over-reacting to an event caused by a “Lone wolf” dumb Australian. And they must be dumb to vote Cindy as their most trusted politician. Go figure.


  1. NZ has been heading towards being a police state for some time now.

    It is already there with what is laughingly referred to as “road policing” and alcohol licensing.

    The recent events, notably under a communist government, are just the next step.

    Should the current clowns be allowed to continue after 2020 I expect the start of movement towards a one-party state – covertly, probably “in the interests of wellness etc.



  2. Well worth viewing! as he quietly reviews the police visits, and how he views the politics in NZ and the authorities.
    In Christchurch , Police visit another on a Sunday, and also interview wife and child. Just an air gun .177 in the house.
    Some of the benign questions he was asked by the police.

    [Cross the Rubicon] Since the Christchurch mosque attack I’ve had two visits from armed police
    16 minutes 56 secs.

    Then the second visit with a whole troop, so the street can be closed off, and then again ask inane questions.

    It seems that the authorities want every one to understand and think like themselves. Such power to close any contrary thoughts.
    He is saying no more than what is said on this blog!

    I feel he also needs our support, in views, in comments and spreading what is happening in NZ.



    • Like the post “Are Police Stooges for COL?”
      That youtube video has gone to 12,000 views and 273 comments, in the time that it was posted here.

      So “Plod out of Control” running around with guns, closing of streets, to check on a .177 airgun, disturbing a family and a whole street.

      Thanks Holystreet ysb, for running with the idea of setting up a blog. Long live “FREE SPEECH” and free thought!
      Mock the stasi, and thought police. 🙂



    • If others can down load these videos, as they may not remain on youtube, then transfer to “bit tube”, and or “liveleak”

      Others becoming concerned how citizens are being treated, even though he may not agree with the politics of “Rubicon”
      Still a good supporter of “free speech”.

      “The Police State comes to Christchurch”
      32 mins 58 secs.

      He shows the videos, as YSB showed earlier, and Rubicon’s video just linked to above.

      Then some interesting knowledge and connections about things in Christchurch, which I was not aware of from the 14 minutes mark, or maybe I am not in the loop. 🙂

      Another Patriot of New Zealand, who agrees to disagree, with other politics, but highly values “free speech”



    • I wonder if anything “bad” said about the government, is being treated as a high risk of terrorism.
      Just what is terrorism propaganda? It seems that it can be decided retrospectively.
      How is the police defining these things, that necessitates full on police interviews.

      Will there be a censor through credit, banks, travel tickets, visas, passports, pensions, benefits, penalties, etc.. that will be affected against you?

      As we all know the police are putting people on lists. How are they doing the prioritizing of checking up on people. So far it seems like intimidation, verging on a favourite technique of Mohammad’s, “victorious by terror”.



      • Plod have overstepped the mark big time here. It was bad enough in Wellington last year when they tried to close down bars by opposing the renewal of their licences. Police should be here to enforce the present laws, not act as lapdogs for this useless bunch of leftie fuckwits.



    • “Police are all about keeping you safe and make you feel safe.”
      So what are the police looking for?

      “followup on sunday police visit video”
      13 mins

      A radio interview.
      “In this interview, Stephen Franks of the Free Speech Coalition talks to Sean Plunket on MagicTalk Radio about armed police turning up to citizen’s homes to check up on their political opinions”.

      With some background of the person’s background, politics, and facebook.

      Stephen Franks expands on a few things that the police are about.
      Then what the Human Rights Commissioner wanting Hate Speech powers, supported by Ardern and Little.

      “NZ should be the safest country in the world”. Police Mission Statement. Tyrannical governments achieve this, by hauling away anyone they do not like.

      Council of Civil Liberties, Privacy Commissioner, Human Rights Commissioner, to protect Free Speech, seem to be heavily politicized.



    • It seems that it is like Health & Safety duties undertaken by the police, so that they will not be so liability for any problems.
      So it is not far off preemptive jailing for the public’s safety.
      Then the present occupants will have to be discharged to make room for the “thought and outspoken criminals” 🙂

      “plunket, bradbury & grant discuss police visits”
      5 min 16 secs.
      Radio interview MagicTalk,

      Wrong views, may lead people into acts of violence, so police claim a moral duty to head of any potential harm in the future.
      So they have to visit people to find out how things are going, and a sort of hard word to mitigate (thought change).
      Sure stirring up a ‘hornet’s nest’ and just hope that can really sting all of those politicians going along with this.



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