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Plod Screw Up Yet Again!




Potential privacy breach of online notification platform for firearm buy-back programme

Police have been made aware today of a potential privacy breach involving the online notification platform for the firearm buy-back programme.

We were made aware of the potential issue by a member of the public.

Immediately upon being made aware of the issue the platform was closed down and we are investigating the matter further.

We have advised the office of the Privacy Commissioner of the potential issue.

No further information is available at this time however Deputy Commissioner Mike Clement will available to speak to media this afternoon at 2pm at Police National Headquarters, 180 Molesworth Street, Thorndon, Wellington.


SSANZ Response

Dear SSANZ Members,

This is totally unacceptable. It puts some 38,000 firearm owners security at risk.

We ALL need to get writing to our MPs and demand that heads must roll, starting with Nash and Bush and Clement.
We need to point out to them that this is just the sort of breach of security we warned MPs would be at risk if a full firearm register is introduced.
This is an ideal opportunity to let the nation see that what we say is true.  Not scare mongering as Cahill claimed.
Don’t waste this opportunity to further our cause as law abiding firearm owners.
MPs addresses here:
Copy and paste to your browser.
Please share this with your mates and get writing.
All the best,
And they expect the public to have faith in their ability to keep their proposed gun register safe from this kind of fuck up?
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  1. This is the most serious leaking of information, along with the all other information leaks from Government departments in the last two years. The Government seem to be incapable of keeping anyones information safe under this COL. Heads should roll over this latest fiasco. These people should have had total privacy and giving out their bank numbers, addresses etc shows a complete lack of care. It will certainly inform the people who have not sold their guns back to this pathetic excuse of a COL and police department they are NOT safe when they do so therefore encouraging them to keep their guns as I am sure those that did are now wishing they’d kept them locked away.



  2. Software giant SAP apologises to New Zealand as details of gun buyback data breach unfold

    “German software giant SAP has apologised to New Zealand after a massive data breach revealed the details of gun owners’ names, addresses and firearms.

    The breach was down to a change in access given to dealers participating in the buyback scheme, and while there was no hacking involved, 66 dealers were able to access sensitive information.

    Police Minister Stuart Nash said he’s still confident in the gun buyback scheme and doesn’t see the need to start from scratch, despite calls for his resignation.”

    Duck shoving by the COL.



  3. I heard the PM say on national television there was no data breach. There are very credible sources saying there was a data breach.

    The PM told the house, and the media, the issue was about military style semi automatics and assault rifles. It was, when legislated as law after a very short and undemocratic process, way past those categories and extended to very basic bolt action, low caliber weapons.

    I find it hard to have confidence in what the PM says about firearms matters. Essence is I don’t.



    • “The PM told the house, and the media, the issue was about military style semi automatics and assault rifles.”

      But this was never the case. The few people vetted to C endorsement standard to possess assault rifles still have them legally, they are not banned (yet) because they are capable of being fired as fully automatic rifles. There are people who had to hand in their civilian semi automatic AR15 rifles, while keeping their military M4 and M16 rifles capable of fully automatic firing. Every time Nash and Ardern speak about how they have “banned military style semi automatics and assault rifles” they are broadcasting their ignorance, and technically lying.



  4. ardern stated categorical that there was only 1 breach burt Gabbling Garner failed to ask why the alleged 19 other breaches reported by Firearms council were bogus, ardern is a proven liar so I know who I believe



  5. OK, Bimbo head.
    I’ll read between the lines.

    Govt has not categorically stated that they did not pay Germanic SAP to take the blame.
    There are so many cock-ups that Bimbo head’s pardy does not take ownership of along with zero ministerial responsibility that they need to defray the blame.

    SAP is a large multinational.
    In order to take the blame it would be a big bribe – disguised as consulting or screen /workflow development – to make a large organisation take the blame.
    Offset by the fact SAP now has the goods on Lyin’ Labour for future thumbscrew expenditure.

    The real question is :-
    How much taxpayers money did Labour pay to SAP to ‘make it go away’ and say it is not Govt fault?
    OIA anyone!!



    • The only problem with that is all the bad publicity for SAP. I cannot imagine them taking the blame in the long term. Competition in this market is fierce and their opposition would be highlighting this cockup any chance they could get.



  6. SAP may be looking to guard its credibility with this affair.
    But look, who would sign up with such a company!

    East African allegations
    In February 2019, SAP was accused of ‘improper conduct’ linked to state contracts in Kenya and Tanzania.
    An anonymous whistle-blower claims, through a firm of attorneys, that SAP used Twenty Third Century Systems (TTCS) to bribe officials at the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) to win a US$6.6-million enterprise resource planning software tender that involved the provision of software licenses and services.[86]

    South African allegations
    In July 2017, allegations were made that SAP had been involved in business transactions with the controversial and politically influential Gupta family in South Africa.
    SAP was accused of paying CAD House, a Gupta-controlled company, R100 million in order to secure a Transnet deal.
    SAP denied the allegations, claiming that the money was paid as “an extension of the sales force”, despite CAD House having no prior SAP experience.[87][88]

    The Guptas’ dealings with SAP were revealed in a widely publicized e-mail leak.[89][90]

    As a consequence of the allegations, SAP launched an investigation that led to four of its South African managers being placed on administrative leave along with the seizure of their mobile phones and computers.[91]
    Claas Kuehnemann was named as acting managing director for Africa while the investigation continued.[92]

    On 26 October 2017, SAP announced that it had voluntarily reported itself to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for a possible violation of US law, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, related to the South African bribery allegations.
    SAP’s own investigation, conducted by law firm Baker McKenzie, revealed that SAP had paid $7.7 million in commissions to third-parties linked to the Gupta family while securing contracts worth $48 million with Transnet and Eskom.[93][94][95]

    Panamanian bribery
    In May 2015, SAP agreed to pay $3.9 million to settle U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission civil charges over a former executive’s scheme to bribe Panama government officials in order to win lucrative technology contracts.


    In this fire prone world these days, who would go near the company that has some whiffs of polluting smoke, unless you want to cover something, like election donations, backhanders, etc..



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