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Podium of Truth Bullshit Exposed




NZ Ministry of Health data: Triple Vaxxed more Vulnerable to “Covid” and Hospitalisation

A video summary released on the 2nd of April 2022 by Grant Dixon shows through a series of graphs how the effects of boosters have worn off rapidly in New Zealand, especially since the BA2 variant started circulating.


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  1. The podium of truth bullshit exposed for what it is has been proven to be a launch pad for lies.
    You only have to look at the biggest liar of them all, none other than head bullshit grinder Jacinda Adern.



  2. Could this be used as evidence in court to prosecute cindy as a charlatan giving false medical advice, while having no qualification to do so?
    The policy push for the rabid jabbing of kids and the running of false information tv adverts saying that the third jab protects “tamariki” should seal the deal as the scientific advice and the statistical outcomes proven by other countries data, shows children should not be vaccinated with anything mRNA or the pollutants carried in the jab.



  3. I hear all the Covid Vaccination ads and I can’t understand them.
    They are not in English so therefore I assume they are not targeting myself or my family.

    *The absurdity of having a ‘Pandemic’ and having your Health messages broadcast in a language that only 4% of the population speak..



    • Yer, they are after people in Aoteearower!
      Just as well I don’t live there, I would be getting pissed with them rabbiting on!
      But why are they advertising in New Zealand?
      Who’s got that amount of money to waste?
      The labour party of course!!!



    • In reality it’s far less then 4%. There is a difference between being able to speak a language (and if asked) and using it on a daily basis when interacting with businesses and the public. What language people use in their own home or in groups does not define what is public use %.

      I’m not racist, just making a point:

      Maccas and KFC do not have have their menus in Maori, neither do supermarkets, service stations, lotto shops, etc

      If 4% of people speak Maori how come my garage has never had someone come in and say “Ki taku whakaaro i puhipuhi ahau i te mahi auahi i nga rama waka.”
      Or go to the vege store and say: “Ka rua kirokaramu o te puihi e te tuakana.”
      Or the butcher and say: “E wha nga wahanga o te tapawha o runga ka mihi.”

      None of which make sense when translated back into English.
      “E wha nga wahanga o te tapawha o runga ka mihi” is Maori from the English:
      “I’ll have four pieces of prime porterhouse please.”

      According to Google Translate the English phrase translated to Korean and then translated back into English is: “4 pieces of Prime Porterhouse, please.” Which is pretty damn close.

      According to Google Translate the English phrase translated to Maori and then translated back into English is:
      “There are four sections of the main transport building”.

      If you are English or Korean and you walk into the butcher expecting to spend a few dollars on prime steaks for a barbecue, that is what you will get.

      If you are Maori you come out confused, with no steaks, and having agreed to purchase a quarter share in the block where the butcher shop is situated. (Prime real estate).

      I cannot remember the last time I heard Maoris talking with one another in Maori. However I do hear groups of Koreans or Chinese talking amongst themselves in their native tongue.

      4% is a joke. 0.04% maybe.



    • It is getting to the point where someone, if taken to Court on an issue could say “there may have been warnings given but I was unable to read and understand it because I do not speak or read most of the language used, so in my view I was not adequately warned on the issue”



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