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Dear Politicians, Stop Forcing On Us Poisonous Covid ‘Vaccines’

Written by Doug Brodie

Dear politicians, this is to make you aware that growing numbers of the public now know that since March 2020 you have systematically used deceit and brainwashing to coerce us into complying with your constantly shifting goalposts of totally disproportionate and futile Covid rules and restrictions, imposed with callous disregard for the huge collateral damage caused.

We know that you have done this as subservient puppets to the controlling global digital-financial complex, Bill Gates-funded Big Pharma and Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum pushing through their surreptitious-in-plain-sight Great Reset initiative, an undemocratic ploy to transform the world economic system into a control-freak technocracy involving programmable digital currencies and Chinese-style social credits. 

We understand the shocking reality that although the UK Covid epidemic was effectively over by June 2020 (the large spike in deaths in January 2021 was caused by the vaccine rollout), you have needlessly dragged it out in order to administer your dangerous and unnecessary experimental vaccines to the entire population, all for the appalling yet patently obvious ulterior motive of getting everyone hooked on vaccine passports which will morph into social credit digital IDs ready for the Great Reset.

We see the same dystopian strategy being coordinated by an invisible guiding hand all across the world. 

You presumably didn’t expect the Covid vaccines to be so damaging and ineffective. We expect you will deviously use the current spate of vaccine-induced Covid-attributed illnesses and deaths as an excuse to extend your twisted agenda, like badly-affected Israel which is pushing for second booster jabs. 

The paid for complicit mainstream media hides all of this from the general public but at least geologist TV presenter Neil Oliver has your measure! In this GB News monologue (transcript here), he more or less explicitly links the WEF’s Great Reset to your Covid machinations and the climate change charade currently playing out in Glasgow.

As he astutely concludes, “neither of these issues is about what you politicians say they are about, and it never has been”. A brave statement which could end his career with the propagandist BBC.

This email has come about from researching whether or not to take a Covid booster shot.

The outcome [an attached document] is a compilation of posts running counter to Covid orthodoxy which together reveal the full extent of the shameless political exploitation of the people on the opportunist excuse of the exaggerated Covid “crisis”. I submit that you need to study it then hang your collective heads in shame. 

You are all complicit in allowing the UK to be frogmarched into an undemocratic Orwellian nightmare of deceit, censorship and coercion on the pretext of (take your pick) the politically-contrived Covid scare or the politically-contrived climate change scare.

Both scares are founded on selective science and flawed modelling yet any views contrary to the “official” narrative on either issue are ruthlessly dismissed and suppressed.

The certain outcome is that we, the little people, will end up as slaves to the unaccountable global elite.

According to the WEF’s Bond villain-like Klaus Schwab, “by 2030 you will own nothing and you will be happy”, the Great Reset quote referenced by Neil Oliver.  

You urgently need to come to your senses and desist on your totalitarian Covid restrictions, especially medically-pointless “papers please” vaccine passports. (I wonder if Nicola Sturgeon even realises she is being used as a useful idiot by the globalists, who include her medically-unqualified virus advisor Devi Sridhar.)

The same applies to your delusional and pointless Net Zero pretences which clearly (surely you can’t be that stupid?) have very little to do with “tackling climate change”.

The following is a compilation of important posts running counter to establishment Covid orthodoxy which therefore have mostly not been reported by the propagandist mainstream media and so have probably not come to the attention of many of the general public.

They show how since March 2020 our immorally abusive government has systematically used deceit and brainwashing to coerce the public to comply with constantly shifting goalposts of totally disproportionate yet futile (cf. Sweden) Covid rules and restrictions imposed with callous disregard for the huge collateral damage caused, all under the aegis of the global digital-financial complex and Big Pharma pushing their surreptitious-in-plain-sight Great Reset initiative, an undemocratic ploy to totally transform the world economic system, including programmable digital currencies.

It is all based on the proven Joseph Goebbels method: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”.

Watch the devastating 40-minute interview of Sucharit Bhakdi, emeritus Professor of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. He lucidly explains Covid vaccination adverse reactions including blood clotting, the ticking time-bomb of antibody disease enhancement [ADE] which can strike long after the inoculations and the dreadfully skewed balance of risks to children. Selected extracts: 3:10 “All of this is really criminal”. 3:45 “What is this emergency anyway”? 4:30 “The vaccines are useless because antibodies formed in the blood are not going to protect against a virus which enters via the airways” – if so, this throws major doubt on the assertion that the vaccines reduce the risk of severe illness and death, as does this statistical analysis of NHS case data which shows that vaccine efficacy is an illusion arising from multiple confounding factors.

11:30 “Clotting in the blood vessels is always a life-threatening event”. 23:30, “If you take a third shot, it’s your own fault”. 27:00 “The authorities who have approved these vaccines should all be brought to court in The Hague”. 32:30 He declines to speculate on the motives of the authorities other than to say he “is sure there is an agenda and that it has all been planned, but he doesn’t know why and doesn’t even want to know why”.

Read or watch the Covid testimony of the eloquent Dr Peter McCullough (one of the most cited US physicians), Part 1 here (Cancelled for telling the truth, 1 hour 48 minute full video and part 1 transcript), Part 2here (The vaccines are killing people), Part 3 here (How they cooked the books), Part 4here (Malfeasance and abusing Mother Nature) and Part 5 here (We’ll beat this via natural immunity). The emotion shows when he becomes quite tearful at one point.

Watch the embedded 36-minute video in the article A carefully prepared apocalypse, in German with English subtitles, postulating that the last 18 months have been all about the Davos/WEF/UN Great Reset, a conspiracy reality (not theory) playing out in plain view. From the linked article, “This may be the most vital, cogent and succinct description you will encounter of the situation that has gripped the world since March 2020”. 21:30 first mention of “conspiracy theory”. 22:10 “constantly driving wedges between people”. 24:40 “The Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum”. 29:50 a note of optimism! “The plans of the elites, the visions of Klaus Schwab are condemned to fail, most importantly because the narrative of a deadly virus cannot be sustained”. 31:10 audience applauds this conclusion. Abraham Lincoln … you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, the truth will out. 35:25 “We need to fight against them by consistently exposing their blatant lies”.

Talking of lies, Dr Mike Yeadon is a retired chief scientist at Pfizer who knows what he is talking about and has no axe to grind when he says “the entire pandemic narrative is a web of lies”. Read this article by renowned US physician Dr Joseph Mercola for details of what Dr Yeadon has to say, for example “None of the key themes that you hear talked about – from asymptomatic transmission to top-up vaccines (i.e. booster shots) – not one of those things is supported by the science”. Sadly we don’t hear much from Dr Yeadon any more as he has been censored by Big Tech and has reportedly left the UK to work in the USA with a campaigning group of independent doctors and scientists.

Our propagandist NHS has urged pregnant women to take the Covid vaccine when they must know that pregnant women were specifically excluded from the vaccine trials because of the risks of excessive harm, confirmed by the testimonies of McCullough, Bhakdi and others that vaccination poses very real dangers to the unborn child. The 7th October Vaccine Safety Update based on the UK Yellow Card vaccine adverse reaction reporting (which severely under-reports reality) lists 590 suspected vaccine-induced spontaneous abortions and 12 stillborn deaths to date.

The supposedly independent Office for National Statistics (ONS) recently acted disgracefully as a government propaganda unit by using dud statistics to paint a fake “pandemic of the unvaccinated“ scare (like blaming a medicine’s ineffectiveness on those who haven’t taken it), claiming that just 1% of Covid deaths were in the vaccinated when PHE data showed the true figure for August was 70%. This skulduggery was exposed by this article and, surprisingly, by US Senator Ron Johnson who is clearly frustrated because the secretive, conspiring US authorities do not release such data.

Watch the blatantly dishonest Big Pharma argument put out by globalist Tony Blair, starts at 14:30: “If you catch Covid because you are unvaccinated, you could pass it on to someone who is vaccinated who might die because they suffer a co-morbidity”, i.e. the scapegoat unvaxxed must be vaccinated to protect the vaxxed. The same argument will no doubt be used on getting boosters.

My response: even if you are vaccinated you can catch Covid and pass it on to someone who has been vaccinated because the vaccines don’t prevent infection or transmission. In any case the vaccines are useless as antibodies formed in the blood are not going to protect against a virus which enters via the airways [ref. Bhakdi 4:30]. It is clear that the vaccines are killing a great many people [ref. McCulloch and items 10 and 11 below]. A further argument against mass vaccination in the middle of a pandemic is that it encourages the evolution of vaccine-resistant variants [ref. McCullough Part 4]. Coercing a Covid-recovered person to take the vaccine is doubly unethical as it can cause harm [ref. McCullough Part 5]. Informed consent to understanding the risks of taking the vaccine is impossible as the vaccine trials are not finished. Coercion vitiates informed consent.

Using similarly-warped Tony Blair logic, Boris Johnson has admitted the vaccine “doesn’t protect you against catching the disease, and it doesn’t protect you against passing it on, so now is the time to get your booster”. From the article: “But why will a booster be any better? Why is it so important to prevent transmission and infection through boosters anyway, when protection against serious illness and death is holding up well and that’s all that really matters? What now is the point of vaccine passports and mandates? Why sack hundreds of thousands of care home workers and health care staff who decline vaccination, most of whom have served faithfully throughout the pandemic, if vaccination makes no difference to how infectious you are and so does not protect others”? My answer: He is taking us for fools: it is clearly a ploy to get everyone hooked on vaccine passports which will morph into social credit digital IDs, essential prerequisites for the Davos/WEF Great Reset.

Read the article Covid-19 deaths rose rapidly after vaccine rollout in 40+ countries. Watch its chilling animation produced by statistics expert Joel Smalley (in country alphabetic order, UK at 1:34) which clearly implicates the vaccine as the cause of these sudden deaths as the temporal uniformity of so many such sad events all around the world could not have been be due to coincidence. The McCullough testimony confirms that 50% of [US] deaths among the infirm with impaired immune systems occur within 2 days of the vaccination, rising to 80% within a week.

It doesn’t need the words of McCullough and Bhakdi et al to see that the vaccines are ineffective and, on balance, possibly worse than useless. Anyone can see that the claims of untrustworthy politicians like Tony Blair, David MellorSajid Javid or Hillary Clinton that the vaccines are wonderful are totally unfounded. This is obvious from a timeline graph of daily UK Covid-attributed deaths such as from Worldometers/UK or the following from Joel Smalley including the vaccination timeline:

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  1. Quite good, rapid fire series of answers.
    Seems to be an open street Press Conference, and these journalists know the topic, 🙂

    Viral Immunologist and Associate Professor at the Guelph University
    33 mins : Posted on November 12, 2021 : Druthers by lechbiegalski

    Just a brief synopsis of what was covered.

    Case rate compared vaxx rate.
    Transmission by VAXX people & why.
    Impossible to achieve herd immunity by vaccines.
    Too many Cancers, coming out of remission, difficult to blame vaxx as considered a previous condition
    Astrenica Zenica, clot problem, but the problem was covered up.
    After 8 weeks, then no report is done after vaxx. Problems why no Reports. & the systemic problems of Reporting.
    D-dimer, and tests are being Doctors will not do it.
    Ivermectin Early Treatment studies, interesting comparison why problem in studies 🙂
    Egypt, Israel comparison and number of cases per 1000 per day,
    Again early treatment, but systemic autocracy against such Doctors.
    Earthlier the treatment, the better the outcome. compare to Do Nothing.
    The only treatment is Remdesivir, & ventilation has a number of safety issues.
    Ivermectin safe, forced to veterinary just getting the mathematical dose right per patient. $1 per day.
    Was approved in country.
    So why are local Doctors not using this, and these Doctors not demanding use of this, as emergency use.
    GP’s are not trained, or studied about immunology or vaccines.

    The public should be insisting on an open debate, on all the aspects of Covid!
    Why then they will not accept the challenge to be debated openly and in the public to talk about the science & medicine.
    All who attack him, will not meet, all the ones who “fake news” call for censorship, Needs debate.

    DNA, not substantially being altering, and only theoretical, but more research should be done, so answers will be found.

    A good question is put, about the loop, the loop, by the contradictions, by government officials.

    Head lines and compare the headlines before. So contradictory, shifting goal posts, on & change again.

    Young people dyeing but becomes the question of the vaxx and then when. Officials will not admit, they do not know.

    The claim of “break through” is so low, but so many contradictions, so why the mask, catch & transmit.
    Why the vaccines does not protect the upper airways, so why it can really transmit so easily by the vaxxed.
    So why are the drug companies not doing research on this.
    The definitions around the vaxx is so changed, and

    Covid is badly estimated, the testing systems are so suspect.
    Not even checking if people have natural immunity, which is proving to be so high a protection.
    Reasons why children should not be vaxx, and comparison to flues etc..
    Why children are naturally protected.

    Spike protein, is not proven safe.



  2. The trouble for me is that even if I did sit and listen/watch all of these references I would not be able to retain and articulate all this information. Probably why my wife and I are accepting that in due course we will gradually be shunned and left to our own devices within our own little isolated bubble as this madness plays out. Next weekend we are intending to see both our children/grandchildren and 3 brothers over a week long trip, will be very interesting over our reception.
    I am saddened by what I have seen so far from various commenters.



    • Lovely to catch up with your family HP. Take my advice and refuse to discuss politics if there is an inkling of them being pro-clotshot. It is not worth falling out if you are there for a week!

      My sister may be extreme in comparison to your family but after spending Wednesday with her I have decided for the good of my own health I cannot be alone with her. Her cognitive dissonance, a total belief in the vax and her compulsion to control what I (her youngest sister) believe has now gone too far. She lectured me that she had “sacrificed her safety” to drive in a car with me without her mask (which she normally wears daily) was for my benefit because she loves me!” and how she cannot condone my strange belief in these stupid conspiracy theories about vaxxines being unsafe…………………………. It went downhill from there.



  3. What I originally set out to say. The angriest I have ever been during this whole process was seeing a clip a few months ago of Grant Robertson assuring woman that it was perfectly safe for any pregnant woman to be vaccinated. As a homosexual middle aged male he has never been involved or had a close personal stake in the highs and lows of going through the whole 9 month process of producing a child. For him to say this from the podium of teeth to be listened too by a lot of vulnerable woman, a person without any medical training or knowledge, he deserves, along with any complacent Doctors, to burn in hell forever for every woman who has or will suffer a miscarriage or still born death because of this vaccine.

    “Our propagandist NHS has urged pregnant women to take the Covid vaccine when they must know that pregnant women were specifically excluded from the vaccine trials because of the risks of excessive harm, confirmed by the testimonies of McCullough, Bhakdi and others that vaccination poses very real dangers to the unborn child. The 7th October Vaccine Safety Update based on the UK Yellow Card vaccine adverse reaction reporting (which severely under-reports reality) lists 590 suspected vaccine-induced spontaneous abortions and 12 stillborn deaths to date.”



  4. The cabal of union delegates ,lawyers,school teachers and queers running our Country know damn well these vaccines don’t work as described as every one of them had a “vaccine against stupidity ” in 2017 and 100% of them failed.



  5. Qcovid.org it’s derived from UK data which seems to be the best large data collection from a nation that has had considerable numbers of covid ‘cases’. If I had a high risk profile, I would take the ‘vaccine’. It doesn’t stop infection or transmission and does help most of the vulnerable out fighting back. Some people will be so far gone that nothing will save them from dying from covid or even from a slight breeze.
    Aside from all that, the vaccine has been falsely promoted as the way out of this shit. It’s not, and the ‘vaccinated’ thinking that they’re immune don’t social distance are going to be spreading it more than the unvaccinated.



    • Gibralter the most vaccinated (Injected) nation of Earth now has a covid epidemic

      The ROI – Republic of Ireland (Republic of Idiots) is reportedly (UK Press) having their ED departments over whelmed by Covid cases although the c*ntry is highly vaccinated.
      My response to Klaus Schwabb and other members of this Global reset conspiracy is – if you are dead by 2023 you will be dead and we will be happy.



    • If I had a high risk profile, I would take the ‘vaccine’. It doesn’t stop infection or transmission and does help most of the vulnerable out fighting back.

      No Brian, it does not ‘help the vulnerable out fighting back’. Unless you classify help as “You are vulnerable, so just go and die.”

      My partner lost a relative who was vulnerable, shortly after the clot shot. And I know of others who in the prime of their lives with no critical health risks, ‘shuffle off this mortal coil’ after taking the clot shot.

      And there are lots of stories about the vaccine injured contain similar circumstances. If you are over 50 and suffer from high blood pressure, sugar diabetes (Type 1 of Type 2), circulation issues, or a weak heart, then you are an at risk person (vulnerable). But may live to a ripe old age of 85- 90+ with quality of life, given modern medications and health supplements. Life expectancy, on average, is increasing every year.

      In the last 200 years, average life expectancy has doubled and continues to increase every year.

      There is nothing good about the vaccine, as it contains the spike protein which is a big part of the problem with Covid, as well as the Graphene oxide, and in many cases parasites. The mechanisms (nanobots?) that strip out the iron from the centre of the hemoglobin leads to death by hypoxia or hypoxemia denying the cells the energy top fight an infection.

      I don’t see having your life terminated 20-30 years too early as helping anyone out. There is nothing heroic about committing suicide by vaccine.



      • Not going to argue most of what you say Dylan as I agree with about 99% of what you say, but there is some benefit from the clot shot. There is also some draw backs too, and everyone needs to make an informed choice. What you describe if the way the vaccine works is essentially taking poison to build up resistance to that poison. It works but I personally think the benefits of the clot shot are hugely overstated and am not getting it. I’m boosting my own immune system up.



          • Dylan, for many who get Covid, it’s less severe. If you think about it, the spike protein is the poison that causes a lot of the problems. By building resistance to them, it helps the body fight back infection. Personally, I think it was probable that it was more effective against the original covid variant since places like Gibraltar are an example of it failing on a spectacular level.



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