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Police continue to intimidate Licenced Firearms Owners




Posted by Waikanae watcher

Posted today on rightminds.nz,  One wonders if the police have any interest in actual crime any more.  Who compiled this list of questions, which is sure to be a standard one for all suspected Jacinda government opponents? The location isn’t stated, but is probably somewhere in Auckland.


One of my friends and moderator on Right Minds, Matthew McCluskey, received a visit from the friendly local neighbourhood cops on Saturday night at 9pm. He’s allowed me to use his real name to provide some weight behind this bizarre story, as he usually performs his limited online activity under a pseudonym.

He was cleaning his Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 when the doorbell rang. There was a police detective at the door, with an armed escort waiting in the wings. He claimed to be doing a “follow-up check” on vetting, as Matthew had recently had his firearms licence approved. Which is rather strange, as protocols require proper vetting prior to a licence being issued. Matthew had just recently been through this process, including having his employer give a reference as part of the licence application.

They asked to look at his firearms storage, which has been recently inspected, and proceeded to take photos of, and document details on, all his and his step-father’s guns. The rest of his family arrived home and the police took him to his bedroom, closed the door, and told him to sit down.

The interrogation began:

  • Tomorrow is the anniversary of the March 15th terrorist attack, would you describe it as such?
  • Are you active on social media and what’s your username?
  • Are you a member of any political groups?
  • Does the “right” in Right Minds stand for right-wing? [We had to pause our conversation at this point owing to my needing a full minute to laugh.]
  • Do you donate to any political parties or other organisations?
  • Do you know what New Conservative’s immigration policy is?
  • Do you know any representatives of the New Conservative party?
  • What are your views on immigration?
  • Do you have a storage container (what’s in it and where is it)?

On it went.

He protested against being asked questions in private, but they ignored him until his step-dad opened the door and told them to come into the living room. They asked him a few questions about religion after noticing his Bible and rosaries.

He was told the M&P15-22 was “very scary” and the detective checked it over several times to make sure it wasn’t centrefire.

After 45 minutes, they left.

All this to harass a young man with virtually no online presence, mere months after they vetted him (which included interviewing both his step-father and his employer) just because it was the day before March 15th. Or perhaps because it was several days after the founder of Right Minds filed a lawsuit against police in court? Or maybe it was just a slow crime day and they wanted to pop in at a random house for a friendly visit.

Do you feel safe yet, comrade?

Advice from the Council of Licensed Firearms Owners was in this post. Don’t let the police get away with anything illegal (although they may think the law doesn’t apply to them, it does); it’s strongly recommended that you video any visit for use as evidence. —Eds

Legal comment:

2. If you are a firearms licence holder – standard.

The police cannot enter your home uninvited to inspect your firearms or gun safe unless they have reasonable belief an offence has been committed. This requires a degree of evidence to support it.

At no time can the police photograph your firearms.
At no time can they record the serial numbers of your standard firearms.
There is no requirement for the police to examine your security at any time; it is up to you to comply with the requirements.

You need to produce your firearms licence on demand, but you have 7 days to do this if it cannot be located immediately (s 26 2 of the Arms Act 1983).

My reading of the above story is that that young man’s rights under the bill of rights were well and truly breached by the police.


And then we see this. What gives the police to right to harass any potential member of an opposition party?

Late Night Police Visits, Raids on Conservatives, Increasing


According to an article released this week, late Saturday night on the eve of the commemoration of the Christchurch massacre, a firearms licence holder was visited and interrogated by armed police at his home, and segregated from his family when they returned home later.

He was questioned on political beliefs, social media identity, religious affiliation.

He was also asked directly about New Conservative:

  • “Do you know what New Conservative’s immigration policy is?”
  • “Do you know any representatives of the New Conservative party?”

The questioning style and content has chilling similarities to what kiwis have read in history books covering socialist governments, departments with historical identifiers such as ‘secret police,’ ‘political officers,’ ‘Ministry of Public Enlightenment,’ and social environments with suppressive speech laws and militarised police.

“Farmers, families, firearms owners are being raided by armed police. Conservatives are interrogated in their home and segregated from their family, questioned on personal beliefs such as politics, religion, who they know and what they believe,” says Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei. “This is not happening in faraway nations or dystopian novels, this is happening in our homes, in our schools, in our workplaces.

“We are losing the greatest nation in the world, and the brutality of this increasingly authoritarian government is being ushered in with hollow words such as “kindness,” “transparency,” “us.”

“The targeting of conservatives and their families is causing a growing number of New Zealanders to recognise the deliberate destruction and replacement of New Zealand’s founding values with an ideology that should never be allowed to infect our society,” concludes Ikilei. “This election year, we either take back what we have lost, or we lose the rest of what we have.”


I can be thankful that I do not hold a gun licence. In the past I have had a cyanide use licence, a firearms licence and an explosives licence (in Auz)

If I get a knock on the door, the gopro is at the door waiting.


  1. That’s pretty scary. If they cops were obviously interrogating him, they took him to a separate room for 45 minutes, why wasn’t he read his rights? Who are these police members, what is their political affiliation?



  2. This POS Ardern will use this coronavirus as a means to gather more information and curtail even more of our freedoms, its just what communists do.
    And because any protest may get you a visit from plod people will not kick up a fuss,this is a well used scenario that fascism always use,intimidation and fear gets the job done
    I’ve had personal experience with this,I had an agreement with plod to get one of my firearms modified because it held 1 round to many ,they tried to change their minds and have the gun destroyed and only relented when I went down the “lawyers” track.,There are probably 10 or 12 top plod pushing all this shit but they are being directed from above.



    • Posted a couple of days ago but worth repeating.
      The application says the Crown has breached Te Tiriti o Waitangi by failing to work in partnership with, consult, or even inform Maori about the trial.
      Julia Whaipooti is one of the claimants.
      She speaks to Philippa Tolley. …..
      “….. as the police reponse squad only patrol maori and pacific island communities. …..
      ….. police note “unconcious bias….
      ….. putting lethal weapons in the hands of the police….
      ….. putting racist policies into systemic practice of police ……
      …. so maori lives do not matter ……

      ….because of that white supremacist terror attack …..”
      Just some snippets.

      Can play it 3 minutes 30 seconds
      Just listen to the flow of words that rattle of the tongue, all in English, but one could swear it is another language of verbiage. 🙁

      plus also the same based on the rnz report. and supported by Kim Workman.



      • If it’s all police racisim and unconscious bias how come white males are being interviewed on their political views by these thought police? 🙄

        “…. as the police reponse squad only patrol maori and pacific island communities. …..
        ….. police note “unconcious bias….
        ….. putting lethal weapons in the hands of the police….
        ….. putting racist policies into systemic practice of police ……
        …. so maori lives do not matter ……

        ….because of that white supremacist terror attack …..”



    • Some commonsense here, but the media still look to divide.

      deputy police commissioner Wally Haumaha said in the last five months of the pilot, no armed response teams had fired any shots.

      He said the communities which ARTs are in will be consulted before police decide whether to continue their deployment.

      So the Police seem to confirm, they need to do further consultation, and so seemingly with the Waitangi Tribunal.
      Or is it the media stirring people?

      Is it the media backing the stirring pot, Waitangi Tribunal,
      when is should be ““He iwi kotahi tatou” “we are all citizens”



  3. When do we start fighting back? At what point does the tyranny of Jacinda Ardern’s regime push Kiwis to get rid of this corrupt regime? I wonder what the trigger will be for our society – at what point we’ll stop being sheep and protest being sheared.



    • The police are setting a highly dangerous precedent with this kind of intimidation and may be surprised when their identities and address’ s become public as they will and they discover what is feels like to be a pariah when their neighbours and local community choose to demonstrate their disgust. It may not be violent but its most unpleasant to feel the hostility to your presence, their families will also feel the pressure. Do the right thing Plod and Plod management desist in future, apologize in person to those subjected to intimidation while you have time, which may be very short.



  4. The police on these jobs often work in pairs.
    That way they can seem to naturally verify each other, and as a rule write up their note books, noting things about you, like smiles, laughs, aggressive, loudness, hostile. etc… in what was said and done, so it appears to be an open & shut case if they so wish.
    If things go to court, or need full assessment, then the police have the weighting of being honest with integrity.

    The courts have the weighting to consider the accused as a victim.
    Many ways of doing this, as being oppressed by colonizers, white supremacists, etc….

    How ever some will be considered by the judicial system to have homophobia, misogynist, genderist, racists, supremacist islamophobia, xenophobia, etc..and the system knows how to collect; making it right to make a better contribution to society via fines, penalties, compensation, legal costs to the judge’s ‘charity’ system. 🙁
    As well as to be de-licensed.

    In a sense the pressure is to buckle under as any official accepted complaint mentioned above, becomes a hidden official doxxing system, as then banks, mortgages, credit rating, etc. may be altered, affecting tenancies, jobs etc..

    That little “go pro” “smart phone” as some have seen in the brave people putting those up, really does seem better than garlic, or wooden stakes, to keep those vampire officialdom at bay. 🙂



  5. Holy crap!
    I believe it, but it sounds unbelievable.

    Media won’t care, since it will be targeting genuine ‘Far/Alt-right Neo Nazis and white supremacists’.
    (i.e as per the definition of Nazis a few days back, anything from fiscal conservatives to people who like Mike Hosking).

    This should be being raised in question time in parliament, to highlight this – confirm or refute.
    Where is this instruction coming from?
    How does a person get to be targeted like this? (what is the rationale?)
    What is the meaning of the very specific questions?

    Something for David Seymour.
    Cov-19 seems to be burying a lot of genuine interest stories.
    e.g. NZ first Foundation. How the government fails on housing, poverty, etc. etc.



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