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Dear SSANZ members,
We are unable to verify the following story, but if true it is totally unacceptable behaviour by NZ police.

A shooter was just raided at dinner time this evening by TWELVE armed police.

They were there for…


They confirmed that the only reason they knew the family had it was because the gentleman in question put a picture of it in his submission to Parliament.

To be clear, Im not leaving anything out.

There was no other incident of any kind.

This gentleman is the single most measured voice in New Zealand’s conservative movement.

That made him a target.

If he still HAD the rifle – he doesn’t – then he would have gone to prison for YEARS.


This man had to watch his baby – only weeks old – his wife and his other small children feel unsafe in their home.

As it was searched by twelve thugs.

Because of a bunny gun that he had once owned LEGALLY and used as an example for parliament during the law making process.

Demonstrating his intent to STAY lawful.

Meanwhile we cant get our useless cops to act on gang members posing with stolen guns on Facebook.

To anyone who has suggested that the Kiwi Gun Blog is anti police – we fucking are now.



So the cops got a warrant to search for a legal gun.

Because it MAY now be illegal.

Despite the user’s obviously lawful intent.

Do you like THAT precedent?

So if you ever HAD a .22 with a big mag – legally – you could be raided tonight.

A picture showing you being lawful that was taken a decade ago gets you raided NOW.

What has become of this nation?

I warned of the cooling effect of police being left to decide what was an ‘extreme’ political view.

250,000 licensed shooters – one in ten voters – afraid to comment on social media if they want to keep their gun license.

Now – Police want us afraid to speak to our lawmakers.

Tonight’s raid was a political action. A targeting of a citizen for ‘wrongthink’.

What does that make our already highly politicized police?

How many other legal gun owners can expect this soon?

This is the person who was raided
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  1. We knew this was coming. We talked about it after armed police visits on Sunday mornings to those who voiced on line their disquiet at the reaction of Socialist Cindy and her police after 15 March 2019. This is not NZ, this is not our police force. They are no longer us.



  2. Article says
    ‘To anyone who has suggested that the Kiwi Gun Blog is anti police – we fucking are now.’

    The NZ Police are not your friend.
    Not now. Not tomorrow.

    These are the same police who lose guns (Gore; Palmerston North) for which ordinary citizens will have their life ruined but no real penalties for these house invading thugs.
    Life is not fair and it is biased against you.

    The NZ Police provided a gun licence to a nomadic person – Brenton Tarrant -who had been to the world’s notorious hot spots like Pakistan and North Korea and Tarrant had no standing in the community.

    There is only one of two conclusions to draw here
    1. The Police do not follow prescribed rules (which we know)
    2. The NZ Police issued this licence to a soon to be multi-murderous person on instructions from higher powers (outside NZ, Globalist powers)



        • When can we expect the “enforced holiday” to be lifted? It has been quieter without him but he does come up with some clever insight among his obessession.



          • Of course Kea was right.
            The police are free to turn your life upside down, at anytime, if the Prime Enabler says it should be so.
            She acts dumb…….she is a conniving, evil hench woman.
            She preys upon the decent to fund her indecencies.



            • The Police and Politicians are setting very dangerous precedents and we really need to know the names of those actually making the decisions so we have a truly honest & transparent Governance of NZ.



  3. Would anyone take a friendly wager on the likelyhood of this being picked up by the MSM?

    It is disgusting what has become of New Zealand since the authoritarian Jacinda Ardern took over. We are moving rapidly towards a police state, as predicted and Kiwis don’t see it yet because the media are covering for her in the hope of being state funded and because they are primarily in agreement with her authoritarian regime.

    Ed, where did you get that from? Was it an email or a press release on a website? I’d like to link it on public channels, please.



      • “A shooter was just raided at dinner time this evening by TWELVE armed police.”

        The cops wouldn’t turn up with bibles in hand to quiz him about his firearm.



        • The guy was a law abiding, licenced firearm owner. The correct police action should have been for the arms officer at his local station to phone and ask him about the rifle in question. Of course Jacinda did away with local arms officers as part of cost saving measures long before the events at Christchurch. Yet another example of her f*cking up badly.



          • I think this is Nash shaking down a public figure to show he means business. Wanker. They were always going to make examples of people, and not much use targeting Joe average from the boonies to get your message out. What fucking arseholes. Anyone is going to shit themselves if a team of armed cops raids their house. I sure would. Plus every chance they’ll shoot you by accident.



        • Here is the story from the person who lived through it. You can see the person really does live in New Zealand here. He is quite public; you’ll find him on a few places online. His public submission on “Tarrants Law” is here.

          Not hearsay when it comes from the person who experienced it.



          • What is wrong with the item? Well for you a start, you opening line says it all “We are unable to verify the following story, but if true it is totally unacceptable behaviour by NZ police.” Like I said, unverified hearsay. Then you sex it up with a photo of a swat team from another country. That is what is wrong with the story!

            Now you spit the dummy and tell me to go away. Pathetic!



            • So the fact that there is a link to the actual victim is not enough?
              It was on email sent to me by a member of the association.If you look at all my photos on this blog, most if not all, are sourced from the www. It was the effect I was after to demonstrate what was happening here since the police fucked up by giving Tarrent a gun licence without a face to face interview. Your beloved Cindy did away with this requirement. So put the blame for the Christchurch shootings where it belongs.



            • It was stated to be unverified at the time it was sent out as a private e mail to SSANZ members. Thereafter it was quickly verified and the original source of the report made public. What more do you want?



            • If this kind of Stasi stuff continues Nash should be shitting his pants in case another deranged Aussie has him in their sites, a big knife can do as much damage as an AR15 with less noise.



  4. That is very concerning, why did someone not contact him by phone and ask what he was up to.Those loaded weapons mishandled could have had disastrous results.



    • But they have had full training in gun use. ///
      That’s why in Hamilton a few years ago, they had to get the local home kill chap to shoot a steer that had escaped out on the streets in Frankton. Cops couldn’t do the job.



    • I’m surprised they didn’t leave then guys house to discover their cars and contained guns had been pinched. Seems to be a recurring theme with the NZ Police.



  5. I admit I hadn’t heard that the police had finished their crackdown on gang pads searching for the prohibited and illegally held firearms that gang members announced publicly that they would not be handing in and now have started raiding licenced, law abiding shooters. Funny that the press and TV haven’t mentioned it and I am left wondering if their seizures from gangs were as “successful” as the “buy back.”

    I do feel a lot safer knowing that my friends and fellow shooters may now be harassed by armed thugs of the state at any time of the day or night. The Stazi used to be fond of calling at 3 o’clock in the morning I believe, I hope our police will phone first if they are going to raid me at 3am, I might be staying over at the girlfriend’s place 🙂



  6. This is disgusting. Our police force appear to be political pawns now. The gun register will not get off the ground. The loss of goodwill to the police from the firearms community cannot be repaired. All this damage in nine months. Guns now everywhere out of secure storage. Meanwhile the mongrel mob are overrunning and terrorising Tarawera campground at New Year. FS tossers.



  7. Hmm, not good. Nash can go and fuck himself, preferably with a grenade. Fortunatly, I don’t have firearms and don’t have a license so I am off their radar, (except that I post here and at Kiwiblog). Coming from South Africa I always respected the police here, unfortunately that has changed over the years. My beef is not with the cop on the beat but the Nazis that infest Gestapo Headquarters under the thumb of that bitch, Arderne. Maybe 250,000 gun owners need to take to the streets, preferably armed. Then let’s see what Top Plod does…..



    • Leave their guns where they are hidden, but I agree Socialist Cindy needs to be reminded who pays the piper. I’d take part in a street march protesting even though I’ve never owned a firearm.



    • The best and most startlingly simple and effective thing 250,000 licenced gun owners need to do is get their act together and Party Vote ACT at the coming election.



      • But Act only got 13,000 votes at the last election for 1%
        So if all of those 250,000 gun owners voted Act they would do very well. Even half of them, and their wives.
        But in the last CB poll I think they only got 1.6%
        I have a bet on that they will not get 4% at the next CB poll.
        Remember we here at YSB are only a small blip in the NZ electorate.



        • Gun owners could help ACT to its biggest electoral victory ever but for one thing, apathy. As usual I fear that apathy will win the day.



  8. I got this email from the New Conservatives this morning.

    “Unnecessary Waste of Resources on Firearms Ideology”

    Last night twelve armed police officers raided the home of a young family with a newborn child.

    No police record and no criminal convictions.

    The reason for going to the trouble of getting a search warrant and sending twelve officers? A photo from a year ago that showed the young father with a lever action .22. A rabbit rifle.

    Not an assault rifle, not threatening anyone, not militarised, just an ordinary everyday .22 that wasn’t illegal when the photo was taken. Gangs have openly said that they will not hand in their firearms, we have record drug busts at the borders, and we struggle to get police to attend to burglaries.

    Yet somehow twelve armed officers are justified in searching through a law-abiding citizen’s house for a .22.

    This is not good policing, this is not efficient use of resources, this is political puppetry of the police force and must stop. What is wrong with a simple phone call asking if he still had the firearm and if so why had he not handed it in?

    Five minutes for one officer rather than one hour for Twelve.

    New Conservative are alarmed that the police are being utilised politically as this person is a conservative blogger and there is no other reason to target him. Police are losing their hard-won respect with law-abiding New Zealanders when ordered to attend such cases, with not only the absolute waste of resources, but the clear abuse of power.

    We are losing our freedoms and our democracy.

    And fyi…he no longer had the firearm…

    Stand for Freedom, Stand for Family.

    Stand with New Conservative.

    And let’s fix this.

    Leighton Baker, Leader New Conservative



  9. The other issue this story raises is that people who lodged submissions against the firearms reforms are now having their submissions used as a basis to target them with police harassment.

    What the fuck sort of government and police force is this? Is Ardern really a totalitarian wolf in bobble headed sheep’s clothing?



      • Socialist Cindy’s version of socialism will work, She is the leader to bring about nirvana for the little people or so she believes.
        What does Socialist Cindy’s father, Ross Ardern, former police member say about his Marxist daughter’s use of the police force for her own agenda? Is he in favour of a totalitarian police state?



  10. Red Radio Saturday mid day News,
    Reports armed police left empty handed after raiding a “far right activist” suspected of having an illegal fire arm.

    Then went on quoting the “right minds” website.

    The doxing reporter also stated the “suspect’s” name and told of the area of where he lived.



    • Decided to post the whole article as sometimes these things are altered or dropped.

      Far-right activist’s house raided over suspected illegal firearm
      Matthew Theunissen, Reporter
      Armed police have left empty handed after raiding the home of a far-right activist who they suspected of having an illegal firearm.

      Dieuwe de BoerDieuwe de Boer Photo: Facebook
      It was one of the first police actions targeting firearms owners since the amnesty to hand in recently-outlawed guns and equipment ended last month.

      In an article posted to the Right Minds NZ website, the site’s co-founder Dieuwe de Boer said he was home with his wife and three young children when half a dozen armed officers swarmed through his front door while others ran around the side of the house.

      “They later called for more backup as the house was larger than your average state-house drug lab. I got the impression that they’d never had to raid a middle-class suburban house like mine before.”

      He said everyone on the property was detained, read their rights, and questioned separately.

      Officers believed he had a prohibited magazine for a .22 lever-action rifle, which he’d written about in his submission to Parliament when the Arms (Prohibited Firearms, Magazines, and Parts) Amendment Bill was being considered.

      “I had used the firearm as an example to prove the legislation was not targeting ‘military style assault weapons’ as the media, Prime Minister, and her cabinet repeated ad nauseam. The vast majority of firearms affected by the legislation were just like mine,” he said.

      “I thought nothing more of my little example to the select committee. It was no longer in my possession when the police raided my house. They departed empty-handed after turning the place inside out for ninety minutes and left me with my firearms and a visibly shaken wife who broke down in tears.”

      De Boer said he was left wondering whether the police action was politically motivated.

      A statement from police said they executed the search warrant on the house in Clover Park, south Auckland, on Thursday and armed officers attended as a precaution.

      The gun wasn’t found and police are continuing to make inquiries.

      “As has been well-signalled, the Arms Act has been amended and it is the role of police to ensure compliance with the new legislation,” the statement said.

      “This means we will investigate and act on information or concerns about now-prohibited firearms, to ensure the safety of our community.”

      More than 56,000 banned firearms were been handed in under the government’s buyback scheme, which ended on 20 December.

      Trust he is well advised, and also has some good support for himself and family.



  11. Go over to BDH to see other comments from concerned NZers.
    Dieuwe has written articles for them in the past. All those that I have read have well written, well researched where needed, well reasoned articles. There are not many MSM “journalists” I could say that about.



  12. ACT leader David Seymour calls police raid on right-wing gun owner ‘deeply disturbing’

    Seymour says is “deeply disturbing” and raises serious questions about how gun owners are being targeted.

    “How did Police come to identify this person? Were his political views a factor? Was he identified by the fact that he made a submission on the new gun laws?” he asks in a statement on Saturday.

    “If Police are politically targeting New Zealanders because they submitted to a select committee, the Police Minister’s position is untenable.”

    “Whatever happened to the Government’s goal of getting rid of semi-automatics? Police carried out this raid to search for a ‘bunny gun’ used to hunt rabbits. Why aren’t Police going after the gangs and criminals?”



  13. President Donald Trump backs Queen in Prince Harry, Meghan Markle resignation crisis

    “I think it’s sad. I do. [The Queen] is a great woman. She has never made a mistake if you look. She has had a flawless time,” Trump told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham.

    “I have such respect for the Queen. I don’t think this should be happening to her.”



  14. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/407097/far-right-activist-s-house-raided-over-suspected-illegal-firearm

    This online article by Matthew Theunissen, the victim of a police raid describes him as a “far-right activist”. This label is present in the URL, the headline and the introduction to the story. Quoted:

    “Far-right activist’s house raided over suspected illegal firearm”
    “Armed police have left empty handed after raiding the home of a far-right activist who they suspected of having an illegal firearm”

    There is no corroboration for that claim and the victim is a self-described conservative. It does not make him far-right, a term that is often associated with neo-nazis and other such people.

    It is not an accurate, fair or balanced representation of the victim or the events and I believe Matthew Theunissen and RNZ at the minimum owes an apology for this misrepresentation.

    You can file a complaint with RNZ for their lack of accuracy, fairness and balance here.



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