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Howitis posted this last night
It was worth reposting on it’s own

I’m in Epsom- Seymour’s electorate.
Assuming we have elections again it is the party vote that will get ACT with more seats.
Electorate votes will not matter much for ACT apart from Epsom.
Parliament is made up from Party votes.
Why give your once in three year vote to Notional when they have not stood up for us on anything.
Use your wisdom to look at what do they do for you, what do they do for your country, and what kind of future are they leaving your children and younger relatives?
Notional went against us on gun confiscation and voted for the Zero Carbon nonsense.
They did not really examine the gun issue.
These are professional politicians well paid to examine the issues. They have not.
The Tarrant event was a black swan event. It will not be repeated and was performed by a foreign national but NZ citizens were punished with Ardern point scoring for the UN. Notional voted emotionally – not on facts. That was hopeless.
Not only were they complete traitors on the Carbon Crap, they said they opposed it but would vote for it and change things when they got into power. Duh.
If a 5 year old said that you would look sideways and say nothing.
If a thirteen year old said that you would be compelled to school them.
Totally daft esp. given Notional never reverse Labour legislation.
Notional are about to get shown up again.
It looks like Labour will amend the RMA to enable more building. This was Notional’s swan cry for years and when they had a clear majority in 2008 -11 they did nothing. I dont want to hear excuses.
Notional passed the hideous thing in the first place under Bolger/Upton then whinged like little bitches ever since.
Minor stuff like end of life for a handful of people affected and only voluntary is not really enough IMO to hold a vote back from ACT.
It will be interesting to see their stance on immigration. The main justification was labour shortage. I cannot see this as an issue for years to come.
National never stood up for free speech when it was under attack in August 2018.
Conclusion: The thing that makes up parliament is the party vote for proportion. The local candidate stuff is just a popularity side show.
Party vote ACT.

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  1. National have been hijacked by financial wets & social conservatives. Other than the Pacific Islanders, who will always back free-spending Labour, National have every Christian conservative vote there is in NZ & it’s not enough.

    They will languish in the low 40s until they wake up to the fact that the average Kiwi isn’t a Godbothering control freak!



  2. If it were not for David Seymour we would be in a total communistic state. Simon Bridges reminds me of the last fight of Mohammad Ali, everyone was waiting for the usual skipping around the ring and final punch and zip nada he was done. Simon is very similar, I have been waiting and waiting. There have been numerous opportunities for him to come out strong but unfortunately he is sadly lacking. It seems he agrees with everything the mad queen says. It is all very well to blame the media, but the media hates Trump with a passion, but he gets his message out there constantly.
    Now was the time for National to shine but the sure needs a bottle or five of of brasso to shine them up, very sad to say. Party vote Act, I’ll still vote for my local MP he is OK and a member of National, Act don’t have a candidate as faros I know standing here, but voting for Simon is a totally wasted vote, you may as well vote Liebr



    • I too have waited for Simon to become a leader. Simon can show the fire and belief in his belly on occasion but those times are far too far apart to matter. He is therefore seen as a spineless woke soyboy. Not what the silent majority of Kiwis want in a leader.

      As for the msm and Trump. They are like all the rest with TDS and have failed to notice that President Trump 2020 is not the same bombastic Trump who stood for president of the USA. Candidate Trump was there to stir up the political system, the presidency was a goal but not something he was completely sure he wanted as a job. Candidate Trump was using as mask, he hates to let anyone know his next move so he completely threw the lefties, including those msm decrying him down the camera a false curveball. They still haven’t caught on he played them, and now has “fake news” media and the swamp by the balls bigly…



      • President Donald Trump has done a great job exposing the shallowness, the bias, the lying, the selective reporting, the prissyness, the arrogance, the personal vanities, and the bias emanating from their professional coruption. It is indeed fake news. Well Done Mr President.



  3. ” Party vote Act, I’ll still vote for my local MP he is OK and a member of National”

    That is exactly the right thing to do Lizziep. If National win all the electorate seats they currently have ( and maybe a couple more) they do not need all the party votes as they are essentially wasted when the divvie up happens. As I have said before just look at the number of list seats National has vs Labour. Labour has many more.



    • In my case I think the National candidate is a wet.
      But he beat the labour one by a wide margin!
      The rest of the candidates were also runs.
      So depending on candidates, it looks like I will do National for candidate and ACT for party.



  4. Pragmatic National betrayed their supporters in many ways RMA reform was promised and all they did was set up a Technical Advisory Group ( sound familiar?) and then blamed Peters for their inaction.
    Too pragmatic and bloody short on principles.



  5. A leading pollster suggested earlier this week that the National Party may be best placed to win this year’s election if it just stays quiet and lets the government wear all the criticism for the inevitable rising unemployment, business failures and massive personal dislocation brought on by the Covid-19 outbreak and its aftermath.

    Whether that musing is any way true or even likely of course remains to be seen. But in the meantime, the National Party seems to have taken the advice to heart and gone to sleep early, just in case.

    In part, this is because the government’s initial way of responding to the Covid-19 outbreak was to effectively shut the National Party out of any role whatsoever.

    When the Leader of the Opposition reacted to this in Parliament – in the days when we still had a functioning Parliament – his response was widely criticised as churlish and striking completely the wrong tone.

    He clearly took the criticisms to heart, quickly ordering his MPs and candidates to suspend all overt political activity for the duration of the crisis.


    It all begins to beg the question of whether he has been politically snookered by the government – cleverly backed into a corner of support from which he cannot readily escape, while allowing it to get on with its job, without too much critical scrutiny.

    Exactly what they have done. toothless and inept.

    If so, medium term, this is not likely to be a winning strategy – unless, of course, National, ever mindful of being careful about what it wishes for, has concluded that in its own long term interests, the next election is now one it should not be trying too hard to win. Might be.



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