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Winston Peters lashes out at reporter for probing NZ First-linked company’s dealings

Peters, the Deputy Prime Minister and New Zealand First leader, described the reporter as a “psycho” on Monday when asked if he’d be comfortable with the Auditor-General taking a closer look at it.

“Yes, I am calling you a psycho, because you can’t even make out the case,” Peters said. “You’ve got to be psychologically maladjusted if you can’t make a case for an investigation you think is sound.”

Last week RNZ revealed that forestry company NZ Future Products had applied for money from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) and the One Billion Trees programme, despite Peters’ lawyer Brian Henry being a founding director of the company.

Both the PGF and the One Billion Trees programme are led by New Zealand First MP and Cabinet Minister Shane Jones, who says he sought conflict of interest advice and removed himself from ministerial discussions.

Official documents say government officials engaged with NZ Future Forest Products “at various times” between March and October 2019 in relation to the PGF application, which was declined this month.

It was also revealed last week that Peters’ partner, Jan Trotman, was appointed as a company director five days after the first application was rejected in August.

The revelations prompted National MP Chris Bishop to call for an investigation by the Auditor-General into the company’s dealings.

Neither of the applications for funding were accepted, and Peters told reporters on Monday that shows the “system works”.

He defended his partner Trotman, reiterating how she wasn’t a director of the company when the applications were made.  

“The person you’re attacking, in this case my partner, was not even part of the business when the application was made or when it was finalised,” Peters told reporters.

He then lashed out at Newshub’s reporter when asked if he’d be happy with the Auditor-General investigating Future Forests Products’ dealings with the PGF, suggested by Bishop.

Newshub asked Peters why he wouldn’t just open up the books if he’s confident there was no conflict of interest. 

“If it came to the question of whether there was a conflict of interest, well in the case of one person who wasn’t even then a director and became an executive director after the failure, how would that person be in any way caught by conflict of interest?” Peters said.

“We’re not going to have you running off in a psycho case of attack on a political party without any grounds whatsoever.”

Oh dear that’s rich coming from our worst ever perpetrator of innuendo and bluster. “Listen here sonny, I have proof and if it is proved wrong, then I have more”

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  1. Wheres David Fisher and Matt Nippet when you want investigative Journalist’s, they were to ready to create dirt on John Key and after that Simon Bridges on National over Donations. But no they are trying to do hit jobs and trying to link White Supremacists to the National Party while Labour and NZ First lie and decieve NZ on sexual assaults and how to hide political donations.
    This would be front page news in all papers over NZ if National were caught like Winston Peter’s has been but no the silence is deafening and only the minority seem to want to release some facts.



    • You forgot the other lefty journo Paddy Gower to put his low brainpower investigative abilities up against Winston Peters! Does NZ have any real investigative journalists who can ferret out once and for all if there is corruption in NZ First? I heard Peter Williams ask Simon Bridges about the NZ First funding and the secret trust they operate. Simon said nobody involved talks. Surely the Auditor General and the IRD must be able to investigate whether there are any anomalies, IRD must know and have the power to investigate where others are unable.

      Winston Peters is protesting too much when he calls a journalist “psycho” for asking a simple question. Something to hide Winston?



      • WG, the NZF Foundation is a matter for the Electoral Commission and if he has derived benefit from the Fund personally it is a matter for Parliaments Privleges Committe to determine if he has lied in his declaration of pecuniary interests. If it is undeclared income, then it is a matter for the IRD.

        All in all he could be in a complete bog all of his own making. Brilliant!!!



  2. Apparently Jack Tame did a good interview on him last night.
    I usually dislike Jack for his sickly white liberal use of Maori all the time.
    But he can be a bit of pitbul sometimes and tries to get an answer.



    • Don’t forget cowards if this pathetic old soak spoke to me like that i would right in his face trying to provoke him even further yet these wimps just stand there with their mics out letting him rant on & on abusing anyone that dares question his lordship or is it the high powered lawyers that Peters likes to have around that intimidates the wee petals into silence & yet they still wonder why the legacy media is all but dead



  3. Simon Wilson has been getting his own back on Whinney for including him in his courtcase, with daily carry ons from the trial!
    What will happen now with the tree saga and foundition?
    Will Whinestone and Shane be on the back foot?
    Has it all ruined Shanes chances of joining Labour?
    Will the media hacks be circling a rotting corpse?



  4. I am not a psycho, well fairly sure of that, and I would welcome an enquiry by the Auditor General. My feeling is that Winston Peters will, despite his stock reaction bluster at a reporter, also welcome the enquiry to show all is well.

    The issues raised by RNZ seemed serious to my reading and clearing the issue up early on seems a most sensible solution. Doubt festers in such matters as speculation mounts. Removing doubt is important for credibility. Fair enough that Chris Bishop raised it. Such is the role of opposition.



    • You’d think the front foot response would be to say enquire all you like, all above board.
      Instead there’s a personal attack with accusations of insanity.
      Hmm. What is the drunken dwarf covering up this time?



  5. Peters accuses the reporter of being psychologically maladjusted for not putting a case together correctly. Sorry, but I think I may have missed something over the past three weeks, so please correct me if I’ve got it wrong.

    For the past two years a certain Toxic Gnome, at every opportunity has tried to stick the knife into National without any facts to back up what he was saying, and over the past three weeks has wasted $millions of taxpayers money on a court case (that will fail) to recover some of his dubious reputation.

    Even this morning, the Toxic one couldn’t resist sending a rant of a tweet to RNZ about the NZF Foundation. The man really is unhinged!



  6. Ten years ago, how did this guy get back into Parliament.
    A nice short article, concise timeline

    documents include reports and notes from meetings that appear to have been prepared largely by Mr Meurant. They provide an insider’s view into dealings within NZ First – including criticism of some party members and its MPs – and Mr Meurant’s description of the work he did for Mr Peters.


    Showing the corruption and deception, and again showing Peters arrogance.
    Needs bringing up and often!



    • It seems like a well used, regular system, like the old “pay to play”.

      * July 15, 1998: Ross Meurant enters contract with Philip Vela and Peter Talley to lobby against MAF rules costing the fishing industry and recommend “a better and more effective” way to deal with politicians and government officials.

      * July 22: Mr Meurant’s report warns Mr Vela that Mr Peters’ support may be “merely a play for campaign funding”.

      * July 1, 1999: In the first of numerous reports to Mr Vela, Mr Meurant says: “Another” $9999 would help for a meeting with Winston Peters’ “backroom advisers”.

      And now in hindsight, very beneficial for everyone, when everything lines up!



    • * August 11 report: Cannot find Mr Peters but got his adviser, Sarah Neems, to get NZ First’s MP on a select committee to oppose a United Nations policy on sustaining fish stocks.

      History does not repeat, but sort of rhymes,
      and within 10 years, over the Kermadec Marine Reserve.

      Very deep water there, very suitable for guys with concrete over shoes, to walk on water.



  7. Winston Peters says his party has always obeyed electoral law after new revelations about foundation


    How many times can Peters wriggle out of the same serious questions? He refuses to answer any concerns in a forthright, honest manner. We all know he is shifty. The man couldn’t lie straight in bed!




  8. NZ First Foundation dodging electoral rules? Records suggest breaches

    “One legal commentator, public law expert Graeme Edgeler who also saw the records, believes there would be different consequences under the Electoral Act depending on whether the party and foundation are separate entities or connected.

    In either scenario, Edgeler concluded the Electoral Act had likely been broken.

    “If the foundation and party are separate, it is likely a corrupt or illegal practice occurred because donations from the foundation were not declared,” he said.

    “If the foundation is part of NZ First, then the party secretary has likely committed offences around declaring donations or failing to keep records.”

    All those caught up in this are not going to be happy with the Electoral Commission asking questions.



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