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Was a pleasure to meet LizzyP , WG and Rachael today at the Freedom Protest at Claudelands Park in Hamilton. Over 2000 like-minded people attended to show their displeasure at the latest edict from the useless Cindy.

It was organised by the followers of Destiny Church and there were all sorts there.

We will eventually owe the gangs a big debt of gratitude when all this is over. They started the ball rolling by ignoring the stupid lockdowns that are costing small businesses millions.

Couldn’t get a better day for a protest. All that sunshine was good for Vitamin D production, social distancing was observed, and not many wearing masks.

Of course, Plod was on hand, masked up and taking photos for later use no doubt. The noisy bike parade was very well received.


  1. Excellent Ed, lovely to meet Lizzie and see Rachael again. A pleasant way to while away a couple of hours in Claudlands Park, Hamilton on a beautiful spring morning with a decent crowd of like-minded kiwis, and feel like NZ isn’t totally lost yet.



    • Lovely to meet you and Ed and Rachael at todays gathering. It was a peaceful time, plod were there but they were taking photos and nothing else, no arrests or anything like that it was all very good, lots of noise of clapping and hurrah at times very well run so thanks to the Destiny Church (never thought I would say that) and lots of motorbikes in a drive past, they were all quite magnificent and they all parked in the park and came to the protest. We did hear there were 6,000 at the Auckland protest which was great.



  2. Remember, if the police come calling,

    “The sun shine was everywhere that day.”
    “I do not recall”
    “No comment”

    Less said, often best.
    They either have a case or they are looking for self incrimination to make their case.
    If you do speak, just ask questions, Why? What? What do you mean? Get them to repeat themselves.
    Finally maybe Can I have a full copy of that?

    Some better may

    Record them if you can.
    Maybe, If you do wise crack them, record it, but be careful out there, 🙂
    Best let them fall into their own stupidity.

    I am sure others will be able to put this better than I can, as this is escalating into a serious and costly business.

    So the police promise, but is it just a Commissioner’s promise, that is not kept, that they are double jabbed when turning up on citizen’s property?

    It is all on now, and in play.
    We need to support each other much more now!



  3. In spite of everything we still need our Government to succeed, and it’s fair to say they need all the help right now.
    Yesterday I appeared on the The AM Show with Jacinda Ardern, Judith Collins Marama Davidson MP and Debbie Ngarewa-Packer, MP to promote one thing politicians from the left and right world wide have been able to agree on. Vaccination is the single most important tool available to prevent severe illness from COVID-19.
    In the interview I quote this paper from the The New England Journal of Medicine, the world’s most respected medical journal. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2114114
    The paper’s critical finding: Effectiveness against any severe, critical, or fatal case of Covid-19… reached 96% or higher in the first 2 months after the second dose; effectiveness persisted at approximately this level for 6 months.

    Signed. Dear David.
    Off Fbok. Interview with Bryan this morning.

    Lost the plot the fool.



  4. Thousands at Auckland lockdown protest, Brian Tamaki speaks, police keep distance

    Police have announced they plan to prosecute numerous people who organised today’s anti-lockdown protest in Auckland Domain which drew a crowd of thousands.

    There are an estimated 2000-plus people tightly congregated on an Auckland Domain field – many without masks.

    Police officers are observing the rally today – some on the edge of the protest and others from a distance.

    The protest comes on the same day as the Government is making its vaccine push in the national Super Saturday campaign.

    Auckland City District Commander superintendent Shanan Gray said the gathering of around 2000 people at the Auckland Domain was in breach of alert level 3 restrictions, which limits gatherings to weddings, funerals and tangihanga with no more than 10 people




    • Lits of those were teachers who are organising to fight the Jab Mandates. There are hundreds if not thousands of affected teachers and I have never seen so much anti Jacinda rhetoric in the teaching profession. Same with Midwives and nurses. For many teachers they feel shafted by the govt they voted in and deserted by the unions. VFF are doing an amazing job organising stuff including hundreds of teacher rallies in many major centres, all ignored by the MSM. Evidently a car protest brought central Auckland to a standstill at 1 pm today.



  5. Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Melbourne embraced zero-Covid, now isolated as world bounces back

    It’s a bright cold day in October and the clocks are striking nine. That’s the time when residents of my home town of Melbourne, Australia, must obey a curfew or face crushing fines for breaching health orders. It’s not quite Orwell’s Oceania, but Australia’s second city shares some alarming similarities with the totalitarian regime from Nineteen Eighty-Four.

    Melbourne holds the dubious record of being the most locked-down city in the world: 260 days and counting. Watching television footage from Italy, India, New York and even London at the peak of their outbreaks terrified many Australians into relinquishing all their civil liberties.




  6. Well done for going to the picnic guys and thanks Ed for the heads up.

    The Freedom and Rights Coalition are reporting 6,000 attendees in Auckland today and 30,000 nationwide (almost totally ignored by the media) and they have a press release up on their website here:


    This information doesn’t seem to be widely available however, because their website is pretty disorganised and it doesn’t seem to have coherent links. I only found this because I’m signed up to get info from them.

    I wish I could have been there in Auckland – but I’m incapacitated at the moment. All power to you Brian Tamaki and thank you for being a force for good and a beacon of light in the darkness.



  7. The police took a lot of photos. One of the cameras had a large zoom lens. Since the police didn’t interfere or get ID’s from anyone, are they going to use facial recognition to fine several thousand people? Compare to drivers license photos or passport photos? Is that even legal?

    Will those affected be able to have a day in court to claim they were only picknicking and not involved in the protest?

    Seems to me that the police aren’t actually going to be able to do much about the protest.



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