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Protest trumps Treaty process in possible Ihumatao deal




A possible $30 million deal over land at Ihumatao after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern became involved in the dispute shows that protests over-ride negotiated agreements, Hobson’s Pledge spokesperson Casey Costello said today.

One News said the Government plans to buy the land under the Housing Act to circumvent the Treaty of Waitangi settlement process, and will set up a board comprising the Government, Auckland Council and Maori organisations to administer the land.

“Any deal at Ihumatao involving Government intervention in private property agreements places all ownership and development initiatives at risk,” Ms Costello said.

“The facts remain unchanged: A deal was reached in the spirit of true leadership by the mana whenua in the interests of achieving positive outcomes for the iwi”, she said.

“Disaffected individuals then intervened to turn the land into a protest zone and override the lawful property rights of the landowners”.

In 2015, Fletcher Residential bought a 32-hectare area on the eastern side of the Stonefields reserve designated a special housing area and proposed to build 480 homes.

The land was part of an area that had been confiscated in 1863 and held in private ownership until part was sold, in 2001, to create the historic reserve, and part was sold to Fletchers in 2015.

Te Kawerau a Maki received $6.5 million in 2015 to settle historical claims against the Government related to that land, then entered an agreement in which Fletchers would give the tribe 40 homes.

Other groups with grievances to do with that area have gone through and are going through the Treaty settlement process.

Pania Newton of Save Our Unique Landscape started a protest and land occupation in 2016, which came to a head last July when Fletchers served eviction notices.

“The reality is that Ihumatao will now serve as a warning to any developer who may consider partnering with Maori to develop land and provide positive outcomes for their iwi”, Ms Costello said.

“This sets a precedent that it does not matter with whom negotiations are entered into as the risk will remain that a younger, more organised and externally funded lobby group can be established to override any agreements reached by Maori, developers and private land owners”, she said.

“Te Kawerau a Maki received $6.5 million in 2015 to settle historical claims against the Government related to that land, then entered an agreement in which Fletchers would give the tribe 40 homes.”

Do they have to pay back the 6.5 million they got for the land in 2015?


  1. Princess Thunder Pants personally poking her nose into the treaty settlement!
    She should be told to cease and to go away. Its got nothing to to do with her!
    National should say that they will reverse anything she agrees to!
    That’ll set the dat amongst the fat pigeons!



  2. The “most transparent government ever” has probably already paid over the $30m via the ACC or some other tricky financial chicanery?

    Winston Peters’ reckons a settlement with Pania Newton and her protest isn’t going to happen.

    According to the PM’s office, the crown limo seen making an exit from the TV cameras at Ihumatao was “charging a flat battery and just happened to be at Ihumatao during the drive to recharge it”.



  3. What a lot of people don’t seem to realise is that it isn’t about the $30 million Jacinda is using to bribe these feral protesters to keep them quiet at Election time.
    It is about the precedent it sets.
    The consequences of this for all lawful landowners are utterly chilling!
    Every shitbag Activist and Professional Protester now knows how to get what they want from Saint Jacinda-be it cash or land.
    And it may be your land next…



  4. HEY ED: Why don’t you ever acknowledge your bloody sources???

    This article is a press release from the good people at Hobson’s Pledge…. and yesterday’s cartoon was directly lifted from their latest newsletter.

    Your consistent unwillingness to acknowledge your sources is a serious defect on this otherwise excellent blog, mate.

    Shame on you for your blatant plagiarism.



    • If You read instead of spouting off on a rant, this was in the article

      “Hobson’s Pledge spokesperson Casey Costello said today.”
      All the way through the article there is the reference to her “she said” more than once.

      The cartoon was from Facebook that someone else posted. How do you know hobsons pledge didn’t get it from the same source?

      If you don’t like the way I run this blog, you are welcome to fuck off.



  5. Just heard Shaun Plunkett interview John Tamihere who said the Imhumato deal was done some time ago to circumvent the convention of an outgoing Govt not passing deals in last 90 days of office that would bind a future Govt. Shaun commented that arderns govt is so transparent you can see right through them and that they where just waiting for the right moment to announce the waste of more taxpayer $ on effectively topping up a treaty settlement. 2020 is proving to be arders Anus Horiblis I sincerely hope her party and support parties sink with all hands lost.



    • Did not hear that interview. This seems a whole lot more than topping up a previous treaty settlement.

      This is more like a fairly dumb move by an incompetent government to unwittingly undermine previous treaty settlements and property ownership generally. Also looks like the opposing views of Mr Peters to such a deal has been shoved aside in the futile rush to gain votes for a rapidly failing administration.



      • The Maori gurl Newton (obvious English Name), was interviewed by Tame. She declared the job was done but couldn’t tell anyoine what the deal was.
        somebody is either lieing or hiding the truth.

        My money would be on lieing and hiding the truth till after the election when it will all be done and dusted.



        • Too many people are in on this secret. The drunken dwarf says no deal has been done and every one else says it has. The trouble with a secret is the more who know about it, the more chance it will be leaked.



          • The real question is will Winston stop it? He is going to have to conjure up something fairly impressive before the election or put the house on the fat buffoon to win the Northland hurdles. This could be the answer.



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