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Public Rise Up Against ‘Pandemic Genocide’




  1. Vaccinators in New Zealand Fear for Their Lives As Public Rise Up Against ‘Pandemic Genocide’

Thousands of nurses in New Zealand say they now fear for their lives as the public begin rising up against the genocide committed against them during the pandemic.

The names and details of over 12,000 vaccinators in New Zealand was recently leaked online. The Te Whatu Ora data breach has left nurses who administered the deadly shots fearing a backlash from an angry public.

One nurse, who did not want her name used, said she was shocked to receive an email from Te Whatu Ora on Friday telling her her name was on the list.

Nzherald.co.nz reports: She was not sure what else to do to feel safer, and so far had asked her landlord to fix her fence.

“I just worry that someone will come to my house and threaten me and my children,” she said.

The email to the vaccinators said their names were found on a document on the US site on January 25.

“To the best of our knowledge, your name was removed from the publicly available file on 29 January,” it said. “In saying this, I also need to acknowledge that the information is still held by one or more parties outside of our control.”

The nurse worried people might track her down years later and wanted Te Whatu Ora to guarantee it would support any nurses with safety help long-term.

She felt let down by the breach. The importance of privacy was drilled into her and her colleagues in training and she had expected the same from Te Whatu Ora, she said.

“I assumed that their standard of confidentiality and privacy would be top-tier, pretty much everything sealed so nothing like this could happen,” she said. “I’m quite frustrated they haven’t upheld their side of keeping us, as nurses, safe in New Zealand during a pandemic.”

Union the Nurses Society represented about 6000 nurses, and its director David Willis said they had heard from a lot of worried people. They were also concerned that they could be approached.

Wills said he had not spoken to anyone who had been threatened or harassed, but the union had emailed advice to all its members on what to do if they were.

“Of course, people are mindful that [the data] is still in the hands of people outside their control and that is concerning and disturbing and hopefully Te Whatu Ora has taken steps to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”

In a statement, Te Whatu Ora chief of people Andrew Slater said any unauthorised release of data was a gross breach of trust and they were very disappointed.

The agency understood staff and the public trusted them with sensitive data, and it was working to improve internal controls and strengthen data security, he said.

He apologised to all those impacted.

The agency had set up a helpline the vaccinators can call, and its letter suggested other services to go to as well if people wanted advice.

Former Te Whatu Ora employee Barry Young was due in court on Friday, accused of accessing a computer for dishonest purposes in relation to the leaked Te Whatu Ora data.

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  1. Fear for their lives????????? One nurse who does not want to be named? REALLY? Oh so it’s the jabbed that are on the war path now is it? Goodness me they were all so fucking compliant and against us all who had the brain power to work it out for ourselves after reading all the information. Guess what………. I really do not care, you were all so nasty to us (other than those who were forced to take it due to work etc) you split families who are still pissy about us not taking it. Oh FFS.



    • I know of many vaccinators that jumped ship once they saw what it was doing to the recipients. Some are receiving counseling for the trauma of having healthy people drop their clogs after injecting the vaccine.

      I know of GPs and clinics that refused to get involved in Covid vaccinations because they did not want to be a party to inflicting suffering and death.

      The rest were happy to give the middle finger to the Hippocratic Oath. “Who the fuck cares if people die or are crippled by the vax. Our cash-flow has never been healthier.”



  2. These Nurses can fix their anxiety and fear very easily actually ,just come out now and parrot the bullshit they told millions of New Zealanders for years even though they may have known better ( you’d damn well hope they’d have had some apprehensions as supposed medical specialists) that they are ,
    SAFE ,
    No they won’t repeat the lies because now they know they were lying and want to be forgiven for their tyranny. I went for a regular check up and was asked by a nurse “you haven’t had your covid shots ,I’m going to go ahead and give you one now” , her response to me telling her “ excuse me, no you’re not” was hilarious, in fact more than once that directive was mouthed to me in the same centre not to mention the endless unwanted txts and fcuking emails.




    No one blames the nurses nor the chemists nor many others. The blame is sheeted right back to the top slags like Cindy, cur Ashley and other politicians. Its shared by the money collecting arsewipes at Te Wipe Your Arse trust and Dr’s outfits and other hori health providers who saw the money and ignored the ethics.

    As I understand the information it was all annonymised so this has to be lies. well unless of course they have put it out there and I wouldn’t put that past them. and who cares anyway.

    Do we think this lot of lying deceiving pollies will do anything? Not fucking likely. There’s no ethics among them.

    Luxflakes and all will ignore the issue until they think everyone has passed away and its safe to come back out again. Waiting for a pollie to cark it. Collins is the only one so far. That in itself is bloody suspicious.
    why hasn’t bitch cindy fallen over or that arsehole Mallard and so many of the jab oushers from the house of control.
    Plenty of brown bros dropping of and my lord the numbers of people with cancer that I’m hearing about almost everyday now. going into peoples houses daily you soon get the gist of whats happeneing.

    And most you all voted for these shit pieces.



    • Viliking ,A lot of folk on this blog could see through this plandemic with a lot less information than a qualified nurse should possess, the “I was only doing what I was ordered” didn’t work out to well for a lot of Nazis after WW2 ended aye ? maybe you weren’t tut tut tutted by your doctors nurse ,I was and many others were also subjected to a fcuking nurse looking down their noses with disgust at a person not wanting the filthy poisonous snake bites injected into their bodies, the ones who knew better but were just following policy are scum IMHO.



    • ….And most you all voted for these shit pieces….
      Mr O.L.D. Coot formerly of Tauranga but now living in a sea of red mist because you did not vote for King Matt of [now deceased] Democracy NZ has shown strong signs of disassociation.

      Mr Coot has been seen aimlessly wandering the empty shops of Tauranga mumbling about bloody Anne Tolley and bloody Winston and the bastards that cast 2,876,612 for parties other than Democracy NZ [now deceased]

      Mr Coot has been scheduled to do a Fakebook course on how to do Tiny URL but doubt remains if he will attend. His grasp of timelines is tenuous,
      Mr King of Northland has been asked to do a welfare health check on Mr Coot and his staff have been asked to lock up the curtain cleaner liquids and stop swapping out his pills for placebos.

      The NZ Herald has offered to sponsor Mr. O. Coot of Tauranga on the Fakebook course as Mr. Coot has been a loyal and generous promoter of the NZ Herald with his/her/they frequent line of ‘youse are a pack of tight arse bastards not paying for the great and wonderbubble gnews of the NZ Herald. ‘
      The NZ Herald appreciates Mr. O. Coot of – currently a sea of red mist -posting 6 links to the Herald in under 15 minutes, on a regular occasion, even if this is not reciprocated by the readers of YSB.



  4. They were happy to take the jab money while the going was good. There are consequences for the things we do.

    Second anniversary for the jab mandate protest at parliament on Feb 29. The nurses could go along to say sorry for their part they played in the worst health catastrophe this country has ever suffered.



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